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  1. Hy fellow readers, I`m not sure this is the right topic to post this? But i see a lot of topics about Random restarts of the Pc. Two weeks ago i unfortunately had the same issue, after upgrading to a Turing GPU ( i had a GTX 750 Ti). First I swapped the GPU (gtx 1660 S) to another one and the problem persisted. Swapped again to an GTX 1660 ti still to no avail. Then finally i replaced it with an RTX 2060, but as you would guess, still the same problem. So after some reading and different trouble shooting i replaced my 80+ gold 650Watt psu for a tier a 750 watt 80+ gold psu (Corsair RM 750 (2019) ). but as the issue was now far less it however still prevailed. I finally found the real culprit ....... in the bios of my gigabyte Z97 mainboard there is an option called DMI gen 2 speed, for some reason it was set to "auto" . should be no problem as assumed, but after setting it to enabled all the random restarts are now gone. just my two cents, ( hope for some with an issue like this it can help)
  2. I should better first read the rest of the reactions as i only did repeat you guy`s ??
  3. Hi Dijon, as far as i can find (and so could you by downloading the MB manual) is that your Mainboard supports DDR2 800/667Mhz with a maximum of 8GB with four dimms of 2GB each. (if it also supports two of 4GB each I can`t find that in a hurry) the E6750 does supports it for sure. as I had this in my old setup with the intel DG33TL MB and the E6750 ?