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    Gaming, Streaming, Hardware Geek, Graphic Designer, Cats
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    PC Builder


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
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    Corsair Vengeance lpx 16gb 3600mhz
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    Zotac GTX 1070 Ti Mini
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    Cooler Master MasterBox NR600
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    Gigabyte P550B 80 PLUS Bronze Certified 550W Power Supply
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    Hp z23i x2
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Turbo
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    Redragon Kumara 552
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    Windows 10

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  1. if i put a pair (8x2) and run them at 3600Mhz, they run 100% stable. No matter if its hynix or samsung. But when i put both pair (4x8) at 3600Mhz, i get BSODs even with XMP on/off or manuall setting DRAM Freq to 3600 and voltage to 1.380. Im stable at 3200Mhz on both pair (4x8).
  2. Any leads? I'm stable at 3200Mhz. Is there anyway i can achieve stable 3600Mhz? I get Blue screen when i turn on XMP or manually set 3600. Right now i have set 3200Mhz manually instead of Auto.
  3. I'l need ot check that. I updated to the latest bios before the bios version which says support for 5xxx series. Even with the latest bios i cant hit 3600Mhz on all 4 sticks. Im running stable at 3200Mhz. Can help on this?
  4. I have 2x8=16GB Corsair Vengeance lpx 3600Mhz ram in my system. Today i added 2x8 more (all have same frequency and timings), but now I'm getting random Blue screens. Running all rams at base speed (2133 Mhz) works fine no BSOD. I have tried XMP profile and it does set it to 3600Mhz. Only thing that is left is to update the motherboard BIOS. Can anyone help me which one should i use from MSI Tomahawk Max Bios Update page, as one of its bios update is for 5xxx CPU which if it get installed, older CPU wont work like i have ryzen 5 3600 now. Please help. This is what bios ver
  5. Warzone does not have good optimization. Play something thats more stable. Also with your specs, you dont have to worry about bottleneck. The issue right now i see is 8gb ram. go for 16gb minimum atleast for games like warzone.
  6. on Machine 2 (workstation) i have ram in tri-channel module positions.
  7. Hi, i wanted to know how can i improve or fasten the batch processing in photoshop. I'm testing 2 machines with identical photoshop files just to compare the results. Machine 1: ryzen 5 3600, gtx 1070 Ti, 16gb ddr4, 128gb kingstone ssd Machine 2: Intel xeon w3690, gtx 960 4gb, 24gb ddr3, 128gb crucial ssd So while batch processing i see ryzen is only 2,4 images ahead when it comes to results. I want to know technically how can i improve this, what hardware do i need to upgrade in order to fast the process overall. If we talk about the resources of both machines
  8. if it works in safe mode then its a driver issue. Use DDU and do a clean driver installation. Use old drivers if possible.
  9. I fixed the issue. My motherboard has 6 ram slots, i was using 8gb x3 in wrong configuration. so whenever my ram usage was going above 16GB it restarted my computer. played around with the ram slots, got the right ones and now even with ram usage 20+Gb i never had any single crash.
  10. Hi, I'm getting this weird issue. Does cold affect the power cable restricting the PC to Turn on? This is happening for the second time, the first time I simply replaced the power cable (a week ago). but this time again, when I start my computer in the morning, it does NOT turn on. If I change the power cable to the new one it works and after that, if I put the old power cable back, it starts working. Power Supply is Gigabyte P550B 80 PLUS Bronze Certified 550W Power Supply. (under warranty)
  11. Im also using the 3600 Corsair vengence lpx. You need to turn on the XMP profile 1 or 2 in bios See which one gives you the full speed.
  12. Your current rig is intel based and you are choosing ram based on ryzen Build. As intel does not need high frequency rams to shine, its in there architecture that they perform well with 3000mhz or under where its totally opposite with ryzen, the more MHZ you feed ryzen chip, the more they perform good.
  13. Having high core count does not promises good performance. Look at xeons with higher core counts and check how they perform against newer CPUs with less Cores Its all about IPC and arhitecture improvement how they handle instructions and how they perform work loads. Check the gaming benchmarks of both of these CPUs, they are almost identical. Infact the TDP on 2700x is higher (105W) as compare to ryzen 5 3600 which is 65W.
  14. Played on different response time screen 8m and less but havnt noticed any big difference, the only difference and impact is when we jump from 60 hz to 120 or more then you gonna see difference