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  1. So guys which gpu block would you recommend for my Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme 11264MB GDDR6?
  2. As title really guys, I'm looking at building my first custom loop in the next couple of months and trying to gauge which is the best fan to slap onto a radiator?
  3. Personally after having several AIO's over the years I honestly think in future I'd either go high end air or a custom loop, I've found them to just be too problematic over the years with pump failures, trapped air and even a leak on two separate occasions. A custom loop while more expensive, configured properly will smash even the biggest high end AIO's in terms of cooling hands down.
  4. LOL Dude! That high pitched whistling sound you keep hearing is the point you keep missing, flying about at break neck speeds ? I'm not sure if you don't get what I mean by a 1%low in games or not. In regards to any FPS increases it may not make you a better gamer but it can make your experiences far more enjoyable. Do you have 9900k envy or something?
  5. Dude you keep telling people, including myself not to OC, people specifically buy unlocked parts to be able to have a go at overclocking and want to have a go. Solving any issues is part of the fun. @Coopermar I'm having some difficulty getting stable on a 360mm AIO mostly down to tests in synthetic benchmarks. Yes it is worth OC'ing your 9900k I've seen a good increase in average FPS with better 1% lows in most games I'm playing... Plus an almost 600 point increase over stock config in cinebench R20... I've not won the silicon lottery though and have a pretty high vcore at 1.35v to get stable producing a heck ton of heat. You might be luckier than me though!
  6. Thanks, I may give this a go. Though am really not sure how much benefit I'll get on this AIO.
  7. So tried updating the bios to 11c as there was apparently a voltage fix from f10... now it doesn't hard lock it just instantly reboots lol I didn't specifically need a fix, I just like to keep up to date with all my updates etc. I'm going to go back to F9 and see how I get on. Definitely need some more robust cooling, wondering if it's worth going push pull on the rad as I guess my next step is a custom loop which is going to get pricey.
  8. Turbo boost is on, XMP is on. While my PC is a beast I got a lot of these parts with the intention of having a go at overclocking. @Jurrunio Thanks but on the f9 Bios I was 5ghz stable
  9. So what do you think is going on? As I say I'm a complete novice with this stuff.
  10. Thanks for the reply but Cinebench r20 runs no problem, and while p95 is designed to be extremely taxing I shouldn't be getting an instant hard lock and and bsod. Something just doesn't seem to be running right
  11. Okay guys, I'm having some issues with overclocking and system temps while stability testing etc and looking for some help please. Specs:- 9900k Be Quiet! Silent Loop 360mm with 3 high speed Silent Wings 3's Z390 Aorus Master (F10 Bios) 32gb Gigabyte Aorus RGB ram 3200Mhz dual channel (whoops) Gigabyte OC 1080ti Seasonic Focus Gold 750w PSU Phanteks P600s with Mesh panels with 4 140mm High Speed Silent Wings 3's Temperature wise I'm having issues with my AIO when stressing it, even at stock speeds it will regularly hit 97c during Prime 95 Small FFT's within five minutes even with all fans running 100%. I know that the 9900k is a furnace but is this normal? Everyday usage at stock speeds is okay I guess, at the high 70's or Low 80's. Overclocked at 5Ghz on the the F9 bios and it was barely hanging on in the high 80's under load. I've reseated and re pasted numerous times. The pump seems to be running fine so I'm really not sure what's going on. Is it really just not quite enough for the 9900k? Overclocking now I just can't seem to get stable and could really use some advice. My settings are:- Enhanced Multicore Performance - Disabled CPU Clock Ratio - 50 AVX Offset - 0 Intel Turbo Boost Tech - On Turbo Ratios - all @ 50 Hyper Threading Tech - Enabled Speed Shift Tech - Disabled CPU Vcore LLC - Turbo CPU Vcore - 1.3 Okay so this will happily chew through several passes of Cinebench R20 with around a 600point increase over stock. However the moment I try to run P95 or something similar the system will instantly hard lock and BSOD. Web browsing etc will work fine but gaming will randomly BSOD. I'm really not sure what's going on as I've already increased the Vcore higher than on the previous bios. I'm a complete novice with this stuff so am wondering if there is something I've missed. Can someone please help me get this figured out?
  12. Anyone know what's causing this?
  13. And it just happened on Vulkan at stock speeds...
  14. Based in the UK I believe the place I bought it from has a deal with Gigabyte, if not they'll hopefully be able to speed things up for me a bit as vendor reps frequent their forums etc...
  15. I'm trying to arrange an RMA via the retailer at the moment. Haven't got access to another GPU at the moment. The rainbow light glitch only seems to happen in DX12 titles, previously contacted Gigabyte and they claimed it might be my monitor. Though that has just been replaced, within the last 36hrs. Drivers have been updated, removed, ddu'd multiple times over the past year to no effect! That 85c was a split second thing and doesn't seem to be related , I've also bumped it up to 100% to test and it still happens even when temps are considerably lower. As I think I've already said this problem persists with or without the OC on the card, the OC just seems to increase the frequency otherwise it's been perfectly stable and benchmarked into oblivion to make sure.