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  1. I was thinking about a Bykski rad. The all-copper ones look decent but I haven't seen any reviews, comparisons to more well-known radiators. How are your temps? Was considering this 60mm on bottom and a 30mm on top. About $70 / 40 shipped respectively. I don't know much about radiator design, they all look like they should perform similarly if constructed with similar materials / fin density etc but idk. Might just get 2 or 3 HWLabs Black Ice Nemesis 360GTS, they cost more than the 60mm Bykski though.
  2. Thanks this is helpful, I've decided to go with these fittings in silver. Is that 14mm tubing? I'm still trying to decide on 14 vs 16. Have a 011d XL. AliExpress has a sale today, going to try to order later. Just wondering any particular reason you have two reservoirs? Also curious what rads you're using. I don't know if this is any help but there's a video here showing there's like a push-release on the wolverine and there are a handful of comments about the fitting that may or may not be useful. I couldn't find much about it either...
  3. If I get silver fittings would they have that issue? Not sure if they're painted/coated I just assumed that was the color of the metal
  4. This Bykski fitting also looks decent, looks almost identical to the Barrow anti-off. I slightly prefer the look of the Barrow fittings because less visible branding but not a big deal https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000773115630.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.ddf239b5OWJGWj&algo_pvid=12203056-f585-464b-bc7b-87a1219cd309&algo_expid=12203056-f585-464b-bc7b-87a1219cd309-1&btsid=0bb0624116045706413212928e5353&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  5. I'm going to need for my loop I think 18 rigid compression fittings, 2 right angle fittings minimum, maybe some fancy rotaries. The main thing I'm deciding right now is the compression fittings. I think I'm going to use Barrow fittings (Chinese brand), or BarrowCH, since I can get these for like $2 to $3 each and they are apparently decent quality. There is this classic Barrow fitting that looks pretty good, has 3 O-rings. Also this newer "anti-off" style fitting, I *think* it's a compression fitting but instead of a second (or third?) o-ring uses a speci
  6. You can get some reasonable kits for like $200ish on AlieExpress using lesser known but still okay brands like Barrow and Bykski.. e.g. this product. Shipping might be expensive depending where you are. I'd be very wary of any kit < $100 There's one here for $135, 240mm rad cpu loop, for $250 you can get a 360mm rad cpu/gpu loop. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001621399294.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.2dc45d491Nrv9n&algo_pvid=900a590d-f44b-4cdb-96b9-e5027621ee0b&algo_expid=900a590d-f44b-4cdb-96b9-e5027621ee0b-4&btsid=0b0a555e16045620582147464ea51d
  7. It's all borosilicate glass. Idk how accurate the specifications are but I'd guess probably just as good or better than mayhems / alphacool / etc..? I assume it's just super marked up because enthusiasts pay way more than things are worth especially in niche markets. I'm pretty convinced against glass though. Can't find inexpensive right angle pieces, don't want to use a zillion fittings, just seems not worth it for now Would you recommend acrylic or PETG? Is optical clarity significantly better with acrylic? Worth the extra bending difficulty? Though...prebent acrylic
  8. Why so expensive? Would something like this not work? Chinese generic glass < 1 dollar per meter. Pyrex about 2 dollars a meter. Haven't found cheap angled glass yet... https://www.mountainglass.com/Import-Heavy-Wall-16mm-x-2-5mm-56
  9. I don't care about bragging rights, but one of the glass tubing videos I watched the guy (who uses no facial protection, maybe not best source) compares his acrylic tube to the glass and it looks very, very noticeable. Granted he'd been running that tubing 5 years. The main thing that attracts me about glass (aside from the optical clarity) is once installed it should last basically forever...I think?
  10. Would doing this in the garage wearing safety goggles and N95 mask be sufficient or A) do you need like an active full face respirator B) is there persistent danger from glass dust in garage? If so I'd think just clean it up with a shop vacuum? I'm definitely leaning towards "not worth the extra hassle" now. Though I'm pretty sure I could do it, nothing described so far seems beyond my skill, but probably better to err on side of caution for the moment.
  11. Haha no I am just thinking about it and I appreciate the warnings I'm just trying to check if there's ways around these hurdles. Believe me I'm not dismissing anything but I appreciate specific reasons not to use glass vs "it's really hard". I get a little overambitious planning things sometimes I just want all the information, but I'd guess there's still > 70% chance I use PETG (or maybe acrylic). Actually the best idea is probably to do PETG and run that a while and if all goes well and I'm able to just do right angle bends, maybe replace with glass in the future (
  12. Also I saw this other video from jayztwocents He ditches glass because the primochill 13mm PETG fits but the 13mm glass does not. But...I *think* this is just because Primochill 13mm tubing is not actually 13mm, it is 3/8" x 5/8" for an OD of 12.7mm, not 13mm, hence the Primochill 3/8x5/8 fits but the 13mm glass does not. If I bought exactly 16mm (or 13mm or w/e exactly matches the fittings) I would not run into this issue...I would think?
  13. Can you not file down the length (slightly) putting the glass in a drill and spinning it against a file? Jayztwocents made it look pretty easy anyway. I also have a dremel and diamond cutting wheel which is how bit tech does it. I dont have a blowtorch but if I needed one they're pretty cheap. I understand actually working with glass like bending it is extremely difficult but if I buy 90 degree pieces and use a front distro plate I shouldn't need any bends, just scoring / breaking it and filing the ends smooth, right?
  14. I might be getting too ambitious but how hard would it be to do a custom loop with glass, for a first time water cooler with otherwise high(ish) technical skill? Case Lian Li 011D XL silver. Full specs below. This is my first loop, but I've watched videos on scoring the glass and since you buy it pre bent it doesn't look hard at all, especially if using a distro plate like this front plate by EKWB. The only thing that might not perfectly line up is the bitspower monoblock but I assume I can just use some right angle rotaries to connect the CPU out to VRM in amd then VRM out is abou
  15. EKWB Vector block lists that PNY card as compatible. That would seem to suggest it's a reference design (if that's true you have a lot of options), but Watercool's compatibility chart says it isn't a reference design so I'm not sure beyond the EK block... I don't see why you wouldn't be able to vertical mount it if your case has room and you have a riser... https://www.ekwb.com/configurator/step1_complist?gpu_gpus=4837