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  1. Hey! I have an AW2518Hf (240hz, FreeSync) and a P2419H (60hz, No FreeSync) running in a dual monitor setup. Everything works perfectly fine until you try and run the AW2518Hf at 240hz, where there is just a blackscreen. It works perfectly fine when running at 144hz. I've attempted to see if it's a hardware bottleneck but running my 60hz and lower and even some interlaced refresh rates, but I doubt it is given my specs. I've also tried disabling FreeSync etc. No idea what the problem is. Any ideas? Running the Ryzen 7 2700X with a Vega 56, Adrenalin 2019 Drivers
  2. You are correct, but don't push it. Your professor knows more than you in this subject and arguing doesn't solve anything in a case where everybody got it wrong.
  3. If you're super concerned about doing something wrong, prebuilts are the way to go. Not much to screw up there.
  4. You can make a PC capable of 720P gaming with a Core 2 Quad and a GT 1030.
  5. Screenshots capture the framebuffer that is being sent from your GPU to your monitor; in most cases this is what you're seeing. The only thing I could think of is that if a controller on the card failed, meaning the display would be full of artifacts but the framebuffer would be fine.
  6. Hej bror! Det ser godt ud. (little rusty on Danish, it's been a while)
  7. Professional program known as Copy Paste.
  8. I've gotten IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL from kicking my computer. Don't ask. It may mean you've physically dislodged something.
  9. T H A T S O N E H O T D E A L T H E R E C H A M P
  10. oVeRwaTch heArtHsTone Sadly, we have been abandoned. Diablo doesn't bring is as much money as Loot Box Galore games such as their other titles. Development is dying for the series and this is a nail in the coffin. Hopefully we get something soon but I doubt it.
  11. 2.2 part slot means it will occupy 2.2 PCI-E bays in your case. It will fit.
  12. Kodiak.

    GPU Glitches?

    Not always. Refurbished cards have limited and typically far shorter durations of time warranties from most manufacturers. ASUS and others will offer RMA cards (refurbs) with extended warranties. Either way, there is no need to hang onto a GT 730. Low end GT 1030s or RX 550s are getting more affordable and it will take much less time to just buy a new one. Even if OP does get his card working, the time he will have put into it will be of similar value to just buying a new one. Also, nice play you're living, eh?