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  1. @Mark Kaine -Allowing the site to be visited / made use of. -A bunch of generic games I have never heard of. -No games get downloaded, they play in-browser. -the games are named: slope, 1v1.lol, basketball.io, run 3, no AAA titles here.. -That's part of the reason I asked about this here, there is no discussion I could find online about the legitimacy and safety of the multitude of these subfoldered sites. The intent seems to be to a "resource" for children to play ported flash-style games in-browser with not being blocked by the school's firewall - because of the domain used being a subdomain of google. My mind (because I had the additional context of what was on the screen) instead went directly to trojan-horse-esque weaponization of pages being used to infiltrate [and thereafter exfiltrate] school networks, which are in-turn connected to government networks. One such scenario could play out as a specifically crafted cookie hijacking a school computer's browser (internet explorer) because the budget gets spent on network level security, yet the computers themselves go un-updated - which is the case especially in smaller school districts. I am expecting someone in-the-know to either say "calm down boomer" or say "this is a risk that has been under the radar for too long". Reddit has mentions of these types of subfoldered unblocked pages of games for years, but only in the context of: "Here's a new URL to play games at". In moving to a zero-trust online culture, it strikes me as odd that there has been no conversation in either direction about these sites.
  2. thanks for the insight. i've put the full url through several webpage scanners, and run a full scan with A/V locally. a browser config normally alerts me to child's pc activity, but the school's browser-level login had broken that. young kids being turned loose on the internet at school without guidance snuck its way in to usage at our home. up till last week the school district had all children on a shared password, despite my objections. they had to change that finally because an elementary student altered classmates' tests for the 2nd time this period.
  3. My child recently came home with a sites.google.com/.. URL for "unblocked games". What are the risks of allowing this? Can't run a whois since the site is in effect a subfolder. Did run the full URL through virustotal.com - to an "all clear" result. None of the footer contact requirements are enforced. Any insight would be appreciated. Searches for "malicious unblocked games" and variations thereof yield no results. Could be benign as someone making ad revenue by hosting scripted ports of games.. Or it could be a lot worse.
  4. @AbydosOne yes that works, just as using the unitek usb->multi(using sata) adapter between a tertiary host computer and the ide->sata adapter does. The ide-sata adapter works exactly as it should when not behind either the inateck fd2002 dock or the orico enclosure. But as stated, using the sata port of a motherboard doesn't facilitate an offline clone of the drive, UNLESS there exists some distro which I am unaware of which would basically operate the motherboard as an offline clone machine (i.e.: clone the drive sector-by-sector WITHOUT mounting it, duplicating the boot sector and all). When I try to clone the ide drive as mounted as an external drive - the result is not usable. Your mention of "IDE layer in SATA" aligns with my theory as to why adding the fd2002 to the mix fails. Thanks for recommending the troubleshoot, and perhaps someone knows of a offline clone distro that I do not, which could be a viable change of direction. It is just puzzling/frustrating that the drive is momentarily properly detected with the "suspected-incompatible-to-scenario" dock in place during power-up/power-down. I would expect that a dock [chipset?] based incompatibility wouldn't be able to provide for such actually happening. EDIT: Or based on what you experienced, Perhaps I can find a dual dock with an offline clone feature, which also supports optical drives (to gain that suspected-missing "IDE layer in SATA"). I will do some digging. EDIT 2: the inateck fd2002 dock did not work with an optical drive. the unitek Y-3324 did work with an optical drive. so my 3 current roadmaps to move forward are: A.) find a offline cloning dual dock which supports optical drives (using 'optical' as an oversimplification to ferret out the "extended chipset" necessary to recognize the adapted drives). B.) find a distro that would operate [a pre-OS computer with two of the unitek Y-3324 adapters] as an offline cloning unit. C.) otherwise solve why specifically the fd2002 dock containing the adapted pata drive only gets detected momentarily at power-up/power-down.
  5. if it is not the CHKOSDA clock, it is a close facsimile. got in the ch3387-r i ordered, and it has clock, temp, countdown, alarm, and videos well.
  6. I have a hitachi 44pin pata (ide) drive rated at 5v 1A, which I am trying to clone offline. all the parts mentioned below have been individually tested to work on their own. I have used this adapter to adapt the drive to sata https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B085DJD9SQ Then from there, facilitated by this sata extension cable (with slight trimming of the housing of the dock-end) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FK63BTV I am trying to use the adapted drive with this usb dock fd2002 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N1KXE9K but with the fd2002 it is only momentarily detected [yet detected correctly] during power-up/power-down. If i use this usb dock's ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NAUIA6G ) sata connector instead of the fd2002 dock, the drive is detected as expected (yes i know this unitek dock has a 44pin pata connector, but that is irrelevant to what I am attempting to discover/learn). I bought this sata-data extension cable https://www.ebay.com/itm/12-SATA-7-Pin-Male-to-Female-Extension-Cable-FIA-L12R/280645965548 to be able to [with slight trimming of the housing of the extension cable end] use a secondary power supply to power the pata-to-sata adapter immediately connected to the pata drive (thinking that low amperage from the fd2002 to the pata-to-sata was the issue). which yielded the same symptom of the drive only appearing briefly during power-up/power-down (while also attempting every variation of power-on & connection ordering). so then I tried disconnecting the 3.3v line coming from the secondary power supply (being that neither the inateck [not working] nor the unitek [working] docks provide power on those pins), thinking it could be overwhelming the pata-to-sata adapter somehow, to no improvement. so I have ruled out power/connection-ordering, and ruled out low amperage. Voltages check out, and each item otherwise individually works. my current theory is the unitek adapter can access the adapted drive because it is otherwise able to connect pata drives. To support this, i have tried this external usb/sata enclosure https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M08LCXW in the roadmap of: enclosure > sata extension cable > sata-data extension cable > pata-to-sata adapter (powered by secondary power supply) > pata drive.. yielding the same result as seen with the fd2002 dock. Thoughts? The endgame is pata to pata offline cloning. This is necessitated by equipment that can not natively accept the addition of [cloning] software, and cloning the bootable drive outside of original equipment has yielded unusable results which are attributed to the drive/OS configuration. I do not know of any offline clone capable dock that is also pata. I would expect that not many have encountered this use-case before, but I would welcome any ideas. And no the original equipment cannot boot off of anything other than pata, and the original equipment cannot be upgraded. should amperage need to be revisited, that capability has been worked out here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1253066-the-meter-that-doesnt-exist-for-upgradingreplacing-old-drives the confrontation of this use-case may increase as owners/operators of specific systems realize that their equipment depends on drives of which the rate or mortality increases exponentially with advanced age.
  7. @mariushm you understood the posed challenges and offered a perfect solution, thank you!
  8. I have been upgrading some specialized systems (upgrading the mobo & OS is not an option) from older drives such as pata/ide/DOM to m.2/sata/DOM (with adapters). Often the challenge is getting sufficient power to the original drive (outside of its original equipment) to be able to clone it. Most any connector can be adapted to sata. The only meter that i can find which inline meters the amperage draw of a sata power port is the passmark inline power supply tester for $350. I can pick up a nifty little inline usb meter for $10. Now i realize that the usb meter is only a single pass of 5v, and that a sata meter (or multiple meters on a single cable) would have to meter 12v, 5v, and 3.3v. I have plugged old drives into adapters thinking that I had killed them (spin up yet unresponsive), or had instability during a cloning, or even had instability of the new drive/adapter in the "now upgraded" system post-clone. I am looking to measure amperage, not just voltage, so it will have to be an inline device which is separately powered. I would prefer to meter the draws of equipment rather than blindly throw a secondary power supply inline and just hope for the best, or perhaps I am being overly cautious. Here is an example: pata drive > 44pin to sata adapter > sata extension > inateck fd2002 > sata extension > 44pin to sata adapter > 44pin gender changer > DOM. offline clones have a higher success rate of the new drive booting, and don't get me started on embedded OS.. removing the lock state, cloning, adjusting partitions, reinitiating the lock state. Any direction on meters, or similar success stories would be appreciated.
  9. my best guess, one i hadn't purchased yet is CHKOSDA CH3387-R . I have one coming, so we'll see.
  10. Thanks, that video proves they are what I need, but I could not find a frame to lead me to a brand. I got all excited when i found the link in description for production gear, but the clocks weren't listed. Hopefully someone from LTT grip will find this thread.
  11. found this ultimate peripheral on craigslist, should i buy it to work from home? that keyword cloud though.. https://jackson.craigslist.org/eld/d/clinton-live-controllable-ai-hybrid/7194703838.html would love to see what actually got delivered. admins, i could not find where to put interesting finds, so let me know if/where i need to move this to.
  12. Where can I buy exactly the red led clocks used in background of some LTT videos? They are large, bright, and have a duty cycle that films well. I have bought and returned many that fell short. Thanks in advance. The cardboard pc case video uses them.
  13. so in a deep dive of the 1903 registry, searching 'amd' or 'ati' is madness. searching 'overdrive' yielded many lines similar to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework\v2.0.50727\NGenService\Roots\C:/Program Files (x86)/AMD/ATI.ACE/Core-Static/CLI.Aspect.OverDrive5.Graphics.Dashboard.DLL] "Status"=dword:00000005 where in the 1909 registry, the dword values are 00000002 or 00000003. so any AMD guru's out there that can help me plan an adjustment based on compare?
  14. correct, MSI AB extend overclocking is not working. thanks for your help. nothing remarkable from the registry compare of the HKCU\Software\ATI\ACE\Settings key and children. making an attempt at the whole registry now.
  15. @xAcid9 DDU'ing both the AMD and the INTEL drivers didn't improve the situation. I have a bootable copy/drive of the old 1903 install. I guess I can do a registry dump comparison old vs new unless there are better next steps/suggestions.
  16. i did not, will try that now. and yes catalyst 15.7.1 is what i am seeing as the latest driver available, and is what i was using in 1903. thanks will reply with results.
  17. and using msi afterburner itself.. well in 1903 afterburner was flaky - which is why i chose to use overdrive instead of afterburner. now in 1909, afterburner cant increase limits.
  18. running a HD 7690m (laptop), after updating from windows 10 1903 to 1909, radeon 'overdrive' is missing from the radeon settings panel. I have tried DDU from safemode, and reinstalled the exact driver and CCC i had running in 1903. I tried deleting the registry key of HKCU\Software\ATI\ACE\Settings so the settings could rebuild. Also made sure the user account has permission to HKCU\Software\ATI\ACE\Settings and its children. tried using MSI afterburner to enable "extend official overclocking limits". seems that 1909 has effectively neutered overdrive on this older card.
  19. tried another that did not work. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K4W62R4
  20. I need a vga to hdmi adapter that will actually output the bios and boot screens to an hdmi monitor. this will be used for server maintenance and pc bios/boot troubleshooting - when the only monitor available is hdmi. servers only have vga out, and typically run headless. PCs: some have only vga out, or the bios/boot is only sent to the vga port (and bios doesnt provide for bios and boot to be shown on hdmi/dvi/DP port. I have bought so many adapters that do not work for this specific use case.
  21. using windows mail app in windows 10. adobe reader DC is the default pdf software. opening a pdf attachment in windows mail opens the file in reader UNDER the windows mail app window. How do I force/enforce reader DC opening on TOP of the message that contained the .pdf? i do not see an "always on top" option in either reader DC or in windows mail.
  22. @GoodBytes the issue persists. And I am assuming it has been long enough for the Photos App 'Preview' version to kick in, though I am unsure of how to confirm that. It looks like i might have to enroll my computer in the insider program and then choose the preview ring - however I get stuck in a select/register account loop at enrolling for insider.
  23. I have enabled the preview version of Photos App and will update here once it has kicked in. FWIW, i had to fullscreen the current version of Photos for the 'settings' option to be available in the '...' menu. now that preview is enabled, 'settings' is available at any size via scroll of the '...' menu. I ran microsoft store update and windows update and nothing new was available, so apparently preview versions deliver across some other subsystem. So I'll wait as you said. Regardless of whether it works, thanks for this incredible info i didnt realize existed.
  24. that image locally on my machines presents the same issue. All machines are: Windows 10 Pro Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.449) some were upgrades from win7, some from win10 home, some were fresh installs, all recently moved to win10pro. varied hardware.