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  1. happens even on machines that dont have any special color profile installed, and tried your instructions to remove the custom profiles on machines where they existed to no improvement. excellent suggestion though.
  2. When viewing an image with transparencies, the Microsoft Photos App, the default viewer in Windows 10, images look washed out or otherwise display incorrectly. During active resize of the Photos App window, the image shows correctly, but as soon as the resizing stops, the image is back to its washed out look. This is a major problem for designers proofing to unaware recipients whom just think that the image looks poor. This is not Switchable Graphics issue, as was able to reproduce on machines with Switchable Graphics, with Discrete Graphics, and with Integrated Graphics. I created a bug re
  3. an answer sent to me a bleepingcomputer fixed it. manually downloading the cumulative update KB4522355 which deprecated KB4517389, got windows update to the point of "up to date", ergo usocoreworker no longer persisting, which was preventing sleep.
  4. recently found that my computer hasnt gone to sleep on its own in days. noticed fans were not at idle either. opening task manager performance, found that cpu is at constant use, ranging in about 20-30%. opened a command prompt [Win+R, cmd] to run 'powercfg -requests' and found that usocoreworker.exe was preventing sleep. usocoreworker seems to be part of the latest windows update subsystem. opened windows update to find that KB4517389 was stuck at 98% downloading. in command prompt, i ran 'net stop wuauserve' and 'net stop bits', then i emptied the contents of the %windows%/softwaredistributi
  5. My kid got me a wireless headset for my birthday. They're great. They only connect to one source at a time. The better bluetooth adapter is in my main machine, so I hook the headset to it. While the main machine is busy chewing on projects, I have a 2nd machine that i use for netflix. I currently use a 3.5mm audio patch cable from the 2nd machine headphone jack to the mic-in on the 1st machine. System volume is at 50% on the 2nd machine, and on the 1st machine the mic level is at 1, with boost set to 20, with 'listen to mic' enabled. That gets 95% of the crackle out of the line between the mac
  6. i am looking for real world recommendations on a 6+ port usb 3 hub. prefer externally powered. the ones ive tried either work great for about 2 months then fail or have major issues from the beginning, such as ports not working above usb 2 speeds (even when only a single drive is in use). i have an inline usb power meter ive used to verify i am not overloading the hubs ive tried. so many RMAs..
  7. my kid wants to play games on steam with me, but finding a kid friendly (pre-teen) games has become a larger challenge than i anticipated. To the parents out there, what games do you and your kids enjoy playing? I know that disabling all in-game voices is a must, and would have to NOT have in-game chat, or the ability to turn that off. we've worn out the wii games, which we didnt have to worry about the titles we had purchased. Specifically looking for no nudity, scant-clad skins, innuendo, foul language, horror, gore, excessive blood, or death focus. Nothing like having the pit-chief AI of th
  8. greenshot - screenshot and editor getgreenshot.org ultraedit (suite) - code editor, code comparison, code find, a really powerful suite ultraedit.com filmora scrn - screen recorder and lite video editor, great for tutorials wondershare.com snipboard.io - ever been in support chat and the other side "doesnt have email or file upload"? , drop images on snipboard.io and copy the link to chat. traystatus - simply see in tray what your numlock status etc is, no ads or nags. I HATE logitech Options and also my keyboard didnt have a numlock indicator li
  9. i recently installed filezilla 3.45 and thought the queuing seemed slow. so i did a queue all of my server and timed it, repeated this several times. it consistently took about 30 minutes to queue it all. i uninstalled 3.45 and installed 3.6 (oldversion.com) and ran same test. 3.6 consistently queued it all in about 20 minutes. a 10 minute slowdown to perform a single site download is awful. can some settings be changed to get the 3.6 queuing speed out of 3.45?
  10. It's not a knock your socks off rig, but a max out of what we started with, an education project, and my kid hasn't taken an interest in gaming on steam yet. Hp 505B MT (Narra6 mobo) Athlon II x4 645 3.1Ghz 8gb (2x4) DDR3 1333Mhz (HP bios shows 0, but windows and memtest86+ find it all) Asus GTX 750Ti 2gb GDDR5 [Aliexpress.. VGA, Hdmi, DVI] (had to cut down shroud) [mV +31, limit 100%, Core Clock +201, Memory Clock +200] Kingston V300 120gb ssd [boot] Toshiba 2.5" 1TB 5400rpm 128MB 7mm sata III [storage] WD 3.5" 1TB 5400rpm 64MB sata III [local net share] TP-link Gigabit PCIe N
  11. I have had the best experience thus far with VirtualBox out of the many VM solutions I have tried on Windows (despite its XP-esque GUI styling). But please, change my mind - what is your go to VM solution, and why? Which one gives you the easiest snapshot, restore, and network isolation.
  12. I have an HP envy that included a Kleer (KleerNet) audio transmitter. I have not been able to find any headsets (headphones + mic) that say they will connect to this laptop. I.e.: sennheiser makes Kleer headsets, but they are configured to use only the sennheiser transmitter which is externally powered with an audio line-in. I would like to buy a headset that connects to the Kleer transmitter in this laptop. I have tried bluetooth headsets, but there is too much delay in the audio for gaming. Alternatively, if i could find a bluetooth 4.0 module to fit in place of the bluetooth 3.0 module that
  13. The always vibrate route may help some folks. I've tried it, but even with custom vibrations per notification type - for me it was difficult telling things apart and i couldnt hear it from any distance beyond being on my person - if I even noticed it then. But that's a ME issue. The smart watch solution is a good idea. I've watched several LTT reviews of bad android watches, but dont recall any as being recommended. Is there a particular brand or model you would suggest looking at first? I do plan that in time we will gather a voice large enough to get the android dev team's attention to r
  14. Understood, however not all devices can be rooted, some folks lack the capacity to root their device even if it is possible. The stance of "it's not important to me therefore it must be irrelevant" is exactly the challenge that users affected by this feature omit are up against. There are many forum posts at many different vendors' sites about this very issue, but with no support channel in place to actually reach the android development team, there is no way to quantify how many folks are actually affected. i.e.: people posting about this at samsung dont gain any traction: it's an android iss
  15. We're not asking for an either/or setting, youre correct some folks will want the sound in headphone only. we are not asking for feature add, but for a feature reinstatement that existed in past android versions. Here are some use-case examples in response to your question: When working, i do not constantly have my earbuds in, so that i can hear my child, but i leave the earbuds plugged in so that i can quickly take a call in-ear while being able to continue to work a keyboard. This in effect silences my device, and i miss timely messages. I am loosing business because my alerts will
  16. I do not disagree with you there. The issue is not that the sounds play through the headphones. the issue is that with Pie the sounds can ONLY play through the headphones. In previous versions of android, the routing could be specified to: 1. headphones 2. device speaker 3. both . Everything is good when you have headphones in, or are sitting in your car, or are near your bluetooth speaker. But if you lay your phone and earbuds on the counter, or get out of your vehicle, or walk yourself/device away from the speaker - the notifications are inaudible. The problem is with the inability to set th
  17. Android Pie severed the ability to have notification sounds (sounds other than a call ringtone) play over the device's speaker when corded/bluetooth headphones/vehicle are connected. So if say you have headphones connected, any notification (other than a call) is inaudible if the headphones are not in/on ear. There is no support channel I can find to submit this OS fail to Android, and I have started this petition, but in my limited circle, it hasnt gotten very far yet. http://chng.it/4WV6Dsdr I have likely oversimplified the explanation of the ramifications of the issue here. It is a major p
  18. I am trying to find a single partition tool (paid isnt an issue) that can handle setting primary, active, boot, and can properly modify extended partitions. I have a quad boot setup: (xp, win7, win10, cublinux). I have some hardware that requires the older OSes for their software and i am trying to get rid of some older failing pcs and put everything on one pc. if win10 isnt on the drive, xp will boot. if all installs are on the drive, if i use grub2: win7, win10, and linux will boot. if i use win10 bootloader, all technically boot, but xp halts at the splash screen. standalone sector by secto
  19. What is the black tape used in laptops to cable manage wires to the board? When doing laptop repairs, mainly re-doing thermal paste, the tape that is used to cable manage on the motherboard doesn't re-stick well. They seem to be fabric backed. The best guess i can find is automotive wire loom tape. electrical tape will not stay adhered, and i refuse to use scotch tape. My concern using the automotive tape is the adhesive being too strong during later removal, damaging the board or leaving residue.
  20. why isn't bluetooth 4.1, 4.2 or 5 mainstream in usb dongles? there are 3.5mm transceivers and pci(e) cards that spec up to 4.2, and headphones that spec 4.2 . I have found nearly zero bluetooth 5 peripherals.
  21. found how to get msi afterburner to unlock the core and memory clocks 795/925. now i get 17fps out of furmark, and a full 30fps out of just cause 2. oddly enough, despite the increase in the memory clock, the actual memory clock usage only goes up to about 270Mhz. Is this normal for built-in gpu to not use the full memory overclock?
  22. wow, so after accidentally finding a post in another forum, it seems that the setting for "powerplay" must be turned on in catalyst control center, otherwise the radeon locks the card down to its minimal settings, way below the default. now running furmark, i get an "astounding" 14 fps, and gpu-z shows the gpu core running at 600mhz, but the memory clock only gets up to 216mhz. So now i just have to find a way to force the memory clock up to the default 800Mhz, and I should be in business. I am searching for memory clock tools for this radeon, which may be an ATI instead of an AMD..
  23. @Tristerin yes the drivers are loaded for the radeon, the driver in use is 8.882.2.3000 and the radeon bios (which i'm not sure can be upgraded), is BR41055.001. In the computer's bios, i have things set to fixed switching, meaning that per the selection made in catalyst control center in the OS, either the intel or the radeon is in use for everything (the other option in bios of 'dynamic' would be auto-switching per program window in the OS). so for the screen shot tests above, i select the intel card, confirm the card is the only one in use via device manager, and run the test. then i select
  24. @Tristerin attached is screenshots of afterburner after running Just Cause 2 ingame benchmark for just over 2 minutes. intel on the left (setting up steam was logged prior to the benchmark run), and radeon on the right. just watching the fps numbers, the intel stayed around 9fps or better, where the radeon stuggled to stay at 6fps. the intel was much further along in the benchmark at the 2 minute mark than the radeon even got to.
  25. @xAcid9 the gpu clock is set to 600Mhz (which is the default) and the memory clock is set to 800Mhz (which is the default). i additionally found and ran FurMark, and the intel and the radeon both averaged 3fps, with the radeon temp occasionally bumping 50 Celsius, but spending most of the time at 49 Celcius.