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  1. apurv1595

    VPN Issues

    Did a wireshark scan of the successful and the unsuccessful network and when connecting from outside the company network, the response is similar to what this guy mentions. https://www.pcreview.co.uk/threads/vpn-stopped-functionning-no-ppp-lcp-response-when-connecting-from-remote-lan.1574712/ Unfortunately after reading his solution I am more confused as to what he means by it. Can anybody please explain? Here's his solution - OK, I found the solution. It seems that a recent MS patch has changedthe way PPTP is handled: when the PPTP server receives protocol 47packets that originate from a different IP as the one used for the TCPcommunication (1723), the server simply discard them and do not sendany response packet back.I simply changed the way the protocol forwarder was configured on theFW so that it rewrites the source IP of the Protocol 47 packets andput the client IP (and note the FW IP address) and everything worksfine now. What does the FW mean in my sense as the firewall on the VPN is OFF so probably the Juniper router?
  2. apurv1595

    VPN Issues

    So the logging in the juniper router is turned on for the untrusted to trusted sources but no traffic is seen on that. Yup they do have a seperate Microsoft Server 2008 R2 machine as the VPN server. Did check the DHCP logs from the VPN server and there is no request for IP seen from outside of the organization, only from the people on the wireless network.
  3. apurv1595

    VPN Issues

    Hey, I'm new here and just started a job a local business in my city. I am an engineer here and IT is not what is in my job description but I like to get to know stuff and have some idea about networking in general. So that made me curious when the IT staff here mentioned me an issue they had been having. So this organization has had a problem with their network for months and no matter how much they tried it's still not fixed. The issue can be simply stated like this, the company's internal network is perfectly accessible through the LAN network inside the company building. The internal network and servers are also accessible via a wireless network in the building but for this after connecting to the access point, a VPN connection is required to access internal resources. The problem arises when somebody wants to access the internal network outside the company building, in short not using the company's internet connection. No matter what ISP or network, the VPN connection just simply refuses to connect on any other network. In windows, after checking the event viewer the problem shows up as error 806 or 807 from the Ras Client. Till now the fixes that we've tried are checking the Juniper router for forwarding port 1723, PPTP forwarding and GRE enable. That didn't fix anything. It also has a security policy for untrusted sources to trusted ones which have all of these rules enabled. I'm not the IT admin so I don't have access to any of the equipment and just stating what all I know. Any chance the problem would be on Verizon's side? Thanks for your help people. The organization network diagram is attached if that helps. The check-mark means the VPN is accessible through the wireless network but not through the wired one if from outside the company network. So the issue is got to be in something in the red box right? BTW the VPN server does respond to pings from outside the company network and ISP.
  4. Thanks a lot for the help.
  5. Would something like the massdrop O2 + SDAC DAC/AMP work? It just use a micro USB to USB A for power which the receiver seems to have at the back specifically mentioned for power.
  6. Okay so here is the situation. I could probably connect the amp to the reciever using maybe a 6.3mm to rca cable (if such a thing exists) or use a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adaptor and then plug the RCA in into the amp into the AUX in ports at the back of the amp. But as far as I can tell from your post, the DAC is gonna be pretty shitty as well and won't sound very good. Let me know if all this is right. Now I do have a fiio e17 which connects on top of the e09k and it essentially becomes a DAC/AMP combo. The problem is that this only works through USB and I don't think the reciever has any USB ports let alone even pass audio through it. So a follow up question, is there no way to connect a DAC/amp combo to the reciever and get audio from it without going through the TV? As that would be a great hasslee everytime some private listening is required. Is there something I could buy that would let me get the audio from the reciever? Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
  7. Hello good people. I am very new to this topic and a noob in home theatres. Recently I planned to move from a 2.1 setup for my TV (Logitech Z-623) to a receiver and separate speaker setup. Currently, I plan to go with the Sony STR-DH790 as my receiver and start off with a 2.0 setup with the ELAC's debut 2.0 b6.2 bookshelf speakers. My concern is as I never had a receiver before and I mainly used a wireless pair of gaming headphones for my Playstation 4, the Sony Reciever has a "Phones" output on the front and that got me thinking if that would be sufficient for driving the headphones I use with my PC as they are way better headphones. The headphones are the Sennheiser HD650. Even if it does drive the headphones properly, will the quality be any good? I do own an external desktop amp which is never used as I mainly use the soundcard in my PC which is a Xonar Essence STX to drive the headphones. The external amp I have is a Fiio E09K. If the amplification is not sufficient then can I use the Fiio to power the headphones? And how will I connect the Amp to the receiver? The amp has an AUX-in, a PRE_OUT and a LINE OUT on the back. Thanks for any input.
  8. I first subscribed to the linustechtips channel when I was 12-13 years old (don't remember), I am 19 now, and have been an avid follower of the channel. Over the years I have developed a tendency to believe only Linus on any review of a product no matter what the world says about it. Due to linustechtips I am considered a tech guru between my friends and all thanks to linustechtips for helping me develop my interests and being a part of my past, present and hopefully future.!! Keep going Linus YOU ROCK!!!!
  9. Hey Ssoele and Whaler_99, thanks for the replies Ssoele thanks for the link i will look into those things. Whaler_99 what are red sata ports? If you mean SATA 3 ports then yes 1 for ssd and 1 for the 2TB HDD. And the reason i was going for the ssd raid was to mainly increase my storage to 240gb and as it is raid 0 it might give me some non-noticeable speed increase. Thank you guys for the replies and I think this forum will be a great place for me to learn new stuff.
  10. Hey Ssoele, thanks for the quick reply.Your answer helped me a lot. Just two more things- 1)Can i run 2 simultaneous RAID? RAID 0 2 of the corsair ssd's (buy another one) for killer windows booting and loading times + RAID 1 the hard drives? 2)How can i get more SATA ports? All my ports are full or will be full. 2 for ssd ,2 for hard drive,1 for optical drive and 1 for front e-sata port.If you suggest some expansion card do give some good products that are gentle on my pocket (still a student) and it should be something that works on pci-e 16x as 1 pci-e 16x is being used for graphics card. the small pci is for adding a sound card in the future.That leaves the secong pci-e 16x. Don't prefer SLI and i think i still won't in the future due to the issues it causes (at least that's what i heard). Again very thanks for your quick reply. You have my Respect!
  11. Hey there guys, I am new here and just wanted to clear something.I know nothing about RAID except it's full form and what it does (increase speed or data protection). Now i need HELP!.I have two WD Green Hard drives.One is 1TB and the other is 2TB (the 2TB one is WD20EARX and the other one is the older generation). The older one is now 2 years old and i am scared of losing the data if anytime in future the drive fails. So i heard about RAID and wanted to try it out and liked the idea of RAID 10 (It will increase my chances of not losing my data as well as give me if any speed increase). I am not gonna buy an expensive RAID card.So i wanted to clear out few things- 1) Is Raid 10 a good option for saving my data? 2) Can I Raid with my mobo (ASUS Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3) 3) The hard disk are not boot drives.The boot drive is a 120gb Corsair Force 3 SSD. The hard drives contain Music,Videos,Movies and stuff. RAID 10 OK for it? 4) Will add more drives to the RAID in the future.Most probably WD Green's again.That's fine? I just want a way to increase my chances to save my data. Any suggestions are welcomed and dont hesitate to teach me as i am a NOOB when it comes to RAID. Thank you for your replies. Config- ASUS MAXIMUS IV GENE-Z/GEN3 Mobo Intel Core I7-2600K 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz Zotac GTX 460SE 1GB Just ask if any more details are required!