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    Superior, Colorado


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    470 tachi
  • RAM
    16 gb (2 sticks)
  • GPU
    1080 zotac amp
  • Case
    crystal rgb corsair
  • Storage
    500 gb ssd, 1 tb hard drive
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    Dell 60 hrtz 27 inch.
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    Roccat force +
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    windows 10

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  1. Getting the View 71 very soon, is there any mods that would improve the performance or help me build in the case? Appearance wise i like quite a bit of it, and if something isn't black, I can do the Jay's method and spray it with that black paint
  2. I know tracking my gpu heat in stress tests it would rapidly climb to 90c, then slowly but steadily go up, and for a 1080 zotac, that's alot of heat I feel like
  3. You would be able to tell pretty fast with cpu temps yeah? Or them being inconsistent
  4. Upgrading from a compact Corsair crystal case, my gpu would overheat with triple A games after a long play session, blue screening. This is with 1 case fan getting messed up after a cleaning. The new case is the view 71, my plan is 2 cpu fans on a AIO exhausted, 1 exhaust fan 140 ml 3 140 ml fans in the front, should I get another fan on the bottom for exhaust? I heard I should do positive pressure for this case, with the gaps on the side, top, and front
  5. I don't quite have the time to check it ATM, but there is a case review on gamer's nexus, ill check it after class, as for what I know now, they have pretty good clearance, about half an inch - 1 inch (2.54 cm) of space?
  6. He bought it about a month ago whole sale = no returns, Thermaltake View 71, But unfortunately for his use case he needed something else. Has everything the newegg post does, all retail packaging as well. As for what's going in the system, upgrading to a 2080 super FTW hybrid, as for pressure it would be 2 exhaust fans through the CPU AIO, a back 140 fans, and 3 140 in the front. and the hybrid 120 somewhere, no clue if it will be convent to place
  7. The new display + new graphics card is now requiring a new case, with my old one being the corsair crystal compact barely able to hold my zotac card. A buddy of mine wants to sell his thermaltake 71 case for 50$, and that seems like a really good deal, i have no clue what could come close to that price for the size Another concern i have is the 2080 super FTW hybrid gpu i wanta get, if ill have a good spot for the little 120 mil rad + fan, along with having the 2 ring coolers in the front with a back 120-140 mil fan in the back. The cpu will be a 240m aio on the top as well.
  8. The difference from the old m15 is a pretty big step forward, with much lighter machines along with much better cooling, other than that, I don't recall anything else. Usually time is money with rendering for work/school. So I'd go with the newer models anyway
  9. What does a VA panel have over the IPs for this kind of display? I'm guessing the corners don't have that IPs glow?
  10. Would you have a better alternative?
  11. I've heard really good things about https://www.amazon.com/LG-34GK950F-B-34-21-Ultragear/dp/B0798Q8KG4/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=paulshardware-20&linkId=c579489036c0b74b9881cd53e5f93326&language=en_US For my price range that's what I'm going to upgrade to soon The big factors for me was HDR, and the refresh rate "1" Ms response stuff LG does I think it is on the list of g sync compatible displays, though don't pin that on me, I can't remember for sure. If it is, it can't be at the same time as the 1 Ms response time, it would go back to 5ms response.
  12. Booting up my laptop before class it forced a update, after about 30 minutes I realised it didn't boot yet. Said it couldn't apply changes, and it kept looping. I went to safe boot, only to find my pin not work, nor any other password it could be on. Any hope other than completely wiping it? I'd prefer not to
  13. Gannam

    Sound cards

    My use case is streaming music anyway with Spotify, and very rarely using Reason 10 for a little bit of audio work
  14. Gannam

    Sound cards

    My motherboard is a z470 tachi, at the time it was better than most for sound, but idk at this point
  15. Gannam

    Sound cards

    What does higher bit rate do? It's still coming out of the same speakers or outlet I'm using a x470 tachi motherboard, idk where I'd find the sound card on it