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    Superior, Colorado


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    470 tachi
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    16 gb (2 sticks)
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    1080 zotac amp
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    crystal rgb corsair
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    500 gb ssd, 1 tb hard drive
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    Dell 60 hrtz 27 inch.
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    Roccat force +
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    windows 10

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  1. Finally ripped out everything from the crystal case I had, and installed the new 140mm fans with replacements for the AIO cooler. So far could not be happier with temps and how quiet the 140 fans run. Is there any obvious cable management I could do? Trying not to buy a whole set of cable mods. PS: I really hate the AIO cables
  2. My goal is to get a hybrid gpu next time, this case being a stop gap until i can afford it
  3. View 71, it's a chonker Got everything in about a hour ago, this is my new gpu temp in stress test, alot better then staying on a incline up then hard crashing I'n still configuring fans, since the noctua ones are loud as crap
  4. Hello! I'm not 100% sure if ill have positive airflow, but my plan is 2 140mm ring fans in front, 1 140mm in back, and 2 120mm fans going through a 240 rad. As for the fans spec, the 140s are Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressures and the 120s are Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 3000 PWM. Any help or tips anyone can provide I would love. Also running some games ill have hard crashes, i think due to temps. Not sure what's crashing though, since cpu never really goes above 60 even while benchmarking, and GPU being a 1080 gets up to 85 degrees, abit with 2
  5. Btw got the blue screen of trying to write to read only memory a few hours after, I guess that's from it being at 3200
  6. There was some Jay video about memory voltage, is 1.4 really high? That's what it's at base. Would that be causing issues with higher speed? Also it appears to be stable for now running at the xmp speed now, but time will tell due to it not failing immediately last time
  7. is it normal to have to flash multiple bios? the x470 tachi updates seem a bit strange
  8. not a option, its written as the combined total, just windows 10 task manager shows it split and most programs can as well
  9. Never actually looked into it, running 1.10 so I bet first released bios, do I need to download it and flash to update or can I install it like a video card driver?
  10. Motherboard x470 tachi Cpu 2700x of 4.2 Gpu 1080 Ram ripjaw 3200 8x2 Need anything else?
  11. So my memory is rated at 3200, running at 1333, however its duel mode so i guess its running at 2666 then? When i tried to set it to 3200 or even 3000 in the bios it became rapidly unstable and would blue screen while not running anything other than chrome, temps were fine and im not sure where i went wrong. Setting the xmp profile sets it at the unstable speed of 3200, and auto makes it crawl at 2133. Do i need to increase the voltage also? and why would i need to "overclock" the recommended speed?
  12. yeah id be spending upwards of $1200 us for at least a 20% upgrade, maybe more, since of the bad market prices atm
  13. the website says pretty much 80c with major games is normal, but right above 83-84 i thermal throttle or blue screen, so either the temp from HWmonitor is off some degrees, or i got something a bit wrong reason i wanted the view 71, was because of the thermal performance for GPUs from gamersnexus, for the price at the time it seemed hard to beat. I like the Idea of a massive full atx case personally also the zotac 2 fan cooler has to be worse than the founders blower fan, at least i think it would
  14. I did it once i bought it about a year ago, just because i heard that retail doesn't put amazing quality thermal paste. as for cases, would this be a bad upgrade? "CA-1I7-00F1WN-00"
  15. Cpu runs around 63-65c, on a AIO GPU runs around 72, though if i try to run at 3440 by 1440 instead of 2560x1440 it will start to climb and overheat. case fans i know i need 1 rn since one of the og case fans wire got clipped during a cleaning. Though this was a issue before that, since temps were the same before and after as for the case, SKU CC-9011101-WW