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  1. Yuno

    Weird Problem with my RX Vega 56

    as soon as im home again (im in belgium rightnow) im gonna DDU and Reinstall my drivers
  2. Yuno

    Weird Problem with my RX Vega 56

    over an hour of bolth 100% and 99% GPU Load without any crashes
  3. Hello everyone, im writing this since I recently started having issues with System Instability while instability normally is a PSU issue that is caused by either having a faulty PSU or by overclocking to high my issue is different since it's not easy to reproduce so yea... im just gonna list the problems: It crashing without restarting, there also still is an imagine of some sort on the screen (a color that matches the window theme on my secondary monitor and a black screen on my main monitor it happens onces and after that its fine for a few days to multiple weeks even at a 100% load stress test it dosen't crash I already had to send back my RM750x onces because the fan was broken oh yea and before i forget it here are the detailed system specs Ryzen 5 1500x @ 3.50Ghz Strix RX Vega 56 @ StockSpeeds 16GB of some not sure what brand but running at 2400 Mhz 980 Evo M.2 SSD 3TB WD Red HDD
  4. i should probably have included this in the original post but the error message says "File Format not supported"
  5. After recently finding my old burned copy of After Effects 7 and Premiere Pro 2.0 I found a problem: even after installing the correct version of quicktime (2004 version) it won't let me import mp4 files generated by AMD ReLive any ideas on how to fix this?
  6. Why does Asus say that you need a 750 Watt PSU minimum? I think its weird that they would do that
  7. are you sure? the Thread Ripper CPU like to succ a lot of power... and the vega 56 already uses 500 - 600 Watt's
  8. I was asking to know if I'd also have to buy a new powersupply (probably a 1200 - 1500 Watt one)
  9. Whenever a new generation of processors is released the older gen will get cheaper because of poeple selling their old gen cpus and because theres a new one so the stores have to sell them cheaper
  10. Hello everyone, since the new Ryzen generation (3rd gen) will come out this year I was wondering if my Power supply could handle a Ryzen Threadripper 1920x and Vega 56 OC Combo I currently have a 750 Corsair MX Powersupply my other components would be WD Red 3TB Samsung 980 Evo 256 GB 2x 500gb Samsung Spinpoint Nano 120GB Random SSD
  11. I just put in my Installer DVD into the DVD drive and installed windows like normal
  12. I was talking about the connector in this case but I guess I should have said SATA Connector
  13. So... where to start?... a while ago I finally got an SSD for my Laptop and it's was one of the best upgrades ever windows boots in less than 3 Secs the problem is that sometimes when I leave my Laptop in its dock for to long without using it it crashes; I managed to fix these crashes by disabling defragmentation for my SSD in Windows Drive Settings I think that is a major problem because it uses up drive cycles on SSD's. I think windows should only defrag SATA Drives and not M.2 Drives What's your opinion on that topic?
  14. Yuno

    Extreme Coil whine (Vega 56)

    Update: I managed to fix the coil whine by buying a new power supply (Corsair RM750x) in most games its even silent now