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  1. cretsiah

    Are you surprised by smartphone specs still?

    nope because i dont think of them as smart phones anymore but spyphones. Im more annoyed at developers being like kiddy scriptors and only developing for either android or apple.
  2. cretsiah

    Looking to get into Linux

    depending on the age of your system and whether its 32 bit or 64 bit i would suggest trying out these as a newb https://www.ubuntu.com/ https://linuxmint.com/ https://mxlinux.org/ https://q4os.org/
  3. This CoC's thing is just as bad as the SystemD crap/BS as far as i'm concerned, which also caused a major fall out. as for the crap about homosexuals in this thread, i dont give a crap about your orientation, being called a faggot insults you well why dont you look up the definitition of faggot and realise its something useful? Faggot = bundle of sticks now depending on the size of those sticks you could make anything from a fire to shelter to a bleedin boat. stop getting offended by incompetence or lack of education What I dislike about homosexuals is their misappropriation of words like "Gay", do you know how hard it is to listen to beautiful old music and constantly get images in-appropriate for the meaning... Gay means happy not homosexual. SJW's and the politically correct do have something to answer for at least in Australia. In Australia it is usual to shorten words examples of such are: Afternoon = Arvo Petrol/ Service station = Servo so along these lines Homosexual = Homo Lesbian = Lezo will people use them in derogatory terms on occasions yes ignore them FFS. otherwise your feeding the dengerates
  4. this doesnt surprise me for 2 reasons, unfortunetly 1 of them is likely to get me into trouble, the other has to do with the exchange rates before and after Australia's near equal rate to the American Dollar. i think they said its working down towards US$0.60 in the last couple of days.
  5. I can never get my head around the American system.... my 16yr old could get paid $10/hr working at KFC, my sister in law as a 2 IC was earning between $21-35/hr depending on shifts at macdonalds. It makes me wonder when Amazon said it was going to start up in Australia, if Jeff Bezzo's nearly shit himself and decided he might be better to start paying better wages in other countries. I also wonder how much of hard time he would get if there are too many call-outs for ambulances to his work premises.
  6. for the most part I think the laws are fine, its the clarity of the law or lack of a guiding scenario, that is my main issue. as an example trying to get your kid to eat proper food, Child Protection Services says you cant actually try and get them to eat or force them to eat, meat and vegetables. the 3 main ways of doing this are 1) make them sit at the table till they finish it. 2) give it to them for breakfast and then dinner the next night. 3) force feed it to them. According to Child Protective Services all 3 ways are illegal, only one of them is actually questionable or actually irrelevant ( no 3 ) in modern times. Their answer is to give them what they will eat or like to eat!!!! I am not going to give my kids Macca's, KFC, Pizza or chips and gravy every night. The next issue they had was medicating the child, and how do you propose we do this? oh here is the theory of tried and tested methods such as: hiding it in their food, coating it in their favourite spread putting it in their drink. BUT what happens when your cluey little kid just spits it back out, or refuses to take more than 1 bite?? answer: they dont know we gave the worker all their devices and said show us how its done.... they couldnt get it done either, they left befuddled and left us to our own devices. but of course if we dont comply we can lose our kids. @mr moose I do wish you good luck with your kids. @Mihle I try a process of elimination, this process tends to be very restrictive, because of the school and Child Protective Services, it also changes based on their ages as well.
  7. cretsiah

    XP Kernel32 Error

    I dont know if this would help you. for starters XP is considered way to outdated now, even those of us running win7 only have till 2020 for support. Maybe you could try seeing if there is a linux version of the program for the engraver, you may or may not have better luck with that. a review about a backup solution that supposedly will deal with winXP. https://www.lifewire.com/aomei-backupper-standard-review-2617893 but just incase here is a bigger list with reviews https://www.lifewire.com/free-backup-software-tools-2617964 anti virus list here: https://www.lifewire.com/best-free-antivirus-1356634
  8. um yep ok ?? either you dont have kids or you have been lucky with your kids, and not all kids react the same way. " Like if it's a problem the kid does regularly, for example give them a bonus when they dont it, " my aspie turned this into an extortion racket. ie give it to me or i play up. also if you tried to punish by removing the toys, he would help you throw them in the bin/ charity bag. (ie if you threatened it, he would do it of his own volition). the idea of effective consequences or behavioural control was mute on him. "Also, no one should ever be allowed to do anything physical punishment at all against their kids," "Because when I think of that I think of people hitting their kids which isn't ok so I am unsure what else would fall under that. " there is a severe difference between punishment and abuse, I do not advocate for abuse, physical or mental. mental abuse usually is the constant running down of a person.
  9. Whilst I can feel sorry for you @DaPhuc its probably hipocritical of me to comment. If your DAD is considered a heavy smoker at 8 per day, then im a bleeding factory at 20-40 per day. you do have several issues to try and compete with: 1) its addictive 2) its legal 3) governments get lots of money from this product through taxes and levies (well they do here) 4) his age + mentality, some would consider him to have lived a good life to reach 60-70 and therefore why bother changing. counter arguements to non smokers: 1) im an adult not a child, so while it is still legal its my choice. 2) non smokers - the medical cost: well i cant speak for all countries but our levies on smokes a few years ago actually covered about 75-90% of the state based medical system, the government is looking for new sources of income because the loss of the smokers has seriously impacted the cash flows of the government - we are talking in the billions. 3) when you finally get everyone to stop smoking, where is the governement going to get its major income source, they cant get it from the multi-nationals, because they refuse to pay *morally correct taxes, they will take it out of the hides of the people through income taxes. *morally correct taxes is not the same as paying legal taxes. legal taxes can be reduced through various schemes, including over-priced Intelectual Property, dodgy loan schemes, off sore account systems
  10. this doesnt always work with kids, it might work with "normal kids" but doesnt always work with autistic kids. i know in one particular case the kid lost his motocrocross bike + gear and his 3DS + games as a consequence (but hey they have money to an extent at least). given that in some countries the rights of parents to discipline their kids has actually been taken away, to the point for basic actions can see them have their kids taken off of them, or be charged with abuse, or even taken to court.
  11. given that i know a few parents who are considered reasonably responsible, it didnt help them when there kids just a) took their credit card from their wallet, while they were sleeping in the middle of the night. b) bypassed both the password and fingerprint security options to validate a micro transaction and/or lootbox purchases. these kids ranged from 5-16 (i believe there was even a case of a 3yr old in America) the arguments with the banks took several weeks to complete. not all gambling is about making money
  12. cretsiah

    Questions about extending a home wi-fi network

    @beersykins havent noticed this with our setup
  13. cretsiah

    Linux Mint flashing cursor

    Could you try one one of these and see if you have the same result? https://mxlinux.org/ https://q4os.org/
  14. cretsiah

    windows 7 installation stuck with black screen and cursor

    I wonder if its like some of the dreaded Dell computers, no matter what changes you made in bios/ uefi it would revert back to original settings. which meant you couldnt dual boot amongst other things
  15. cretsiah

    Linux or Windows

    @pranavanchan first of all good luck with your coding course. just please please dont fall into the I only develop for apple or android camp. I seriously get fedup of going to sites saying i need to download an apple or android app to continue. Without the specs of your computer build its going to be hard to say, there are still those of us that use like to use either live linux systems (ie just boot from a usb) and some of us still like using our VM software like virtualbox and such.... as @INX said you could go for windows + cygwin for your needs, its up to you. If your going to be coding anything for linux please dont take the easy way out and make it only systemD usable. (i say this because i have gear that just doesnt perform well with systemD and same system running OpenRC generally runs smoother and faster, with less wifi issues.