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  1. cretsiah

    Why do good girls like bad boys

    in this day and age im not sure if its a good thing to be either a "good boy" or "bad boy" i mean if the stories are true about US uni students having to sign "stat decs" before sex, hope they got sub sections about good and bad sex, given what happened to that other bloke with a women trying to claim assault/rape after having bad sex. goto a sex worker/whore house or get a new bot at least then you will know what your paying for.
  2. would think you lucky if you got android x86 to work on an aspire 1 honestly. the last 2 i had running on one of those was Q4dos and mxlinux, Q4dos was quicker, bu had an issue with the keyboard mapping for some reason.
  3. @Nena360 you said "old Acer Laptop" and "nothing works after 16.10" in this case im going to make the following suggestion - your machine is 32-bit capable not 64-bit capable. Ubuntu and most of the others have officially dropped 32-bit Support and THIS is probably your issue. https://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-drops-32-bit-desktop/ on this basis something along the lines of Void Devuan (32-bit / net install) MX Linux (32-bit) Puppy? (unsure) ReactOS (not fully developed) Gentoo (maybe but it will take awhile as it compiles from source on system) LFS (build Linux From Scratch)
  4. cretsiah

    Project Fi Expands Its Reach

    @79wjd just clarifying i think your "/line" = our "/mobile" for arguments sake this would mean line 1 = my mobile line 2 = my wifes mobile line 3 = my sons mobile line 4 = my daughters mobile then all data is shared between the 4 of them.... if so that really sucks the above plans i gave were for a "post paid plan" ie pay for X allowances in advance and everything else above that gets billed in the next month. our pre-paid plans (middle tier day-to-day same company) (non shared - i dont think we really have them anymore) - unlimited calls and texts - 8gig data currently costs US$21.8912 so for the above we would get 4 lines = US$87.5648, 32gig data (non shared), unlimited text and calls on all 4. same tier most expensive single line cost = US$43.7798 38gig data unlimited text and calls (local/ national) but landlines are seperate again
  5. cretsiah

    Project Fi Expands Its Reach

    I dont get this does this mean 12gigs over 4 mobile phone numbers? this sounds expensive if you have to pay $20 per mobile?? currently one our most expensive providers is giving us 15gig (+15gig bonus data) calls and texts included local/nationally for US$35.8115 per mobile phone. and 60gig (+30gig bonus data) calls and texts included local/nationally for US$65.0441 per mobile phone. i dont know if that means we are getting a better deal or not though, because i dont quite get how they are billing you.
  6. query? "The PC also seems to be freezing and locking up for 30 seconds at a time a lot due to this issue" is the PC doing windows updates? as i have found that win10 becomes sluggish when it wants a reboot after updates installed.
  7. cretsiah

    Emulation Topic

    Gosh Darn it, when they said emulation topic i was thinking cool maybe something on - bochs - Qemu - Virtual Box
  8. cretsiah

    Android apps you can't live without?

    apps I could sorta live without BUT would be severely annoying not to have 1) our groceries - once your initial lists are made up its great. 2) local/state emergency warning system - tells me of fires, car accidents, road blocks. 3) ES File Explorer - local and network storage access. 4) kodi (or similar) - dont need a massive noisy computer (with full codecs support) to play local content, on tv.
  9. @dgsddfgdfhgs could you clarify 5 and 7 for me, just incase im not on the same page. user interface? like when you have to switch screen to get something out of inventory? control issue? i didnt suggest this because of the blue tooth and OTG connectability but they would still affect 1 and 4.
  10. 4 problems with mobile gaming VS pc or console gaming: 1) power drain. 2) user storage capacity. 3) screen size. 4) heat dissipation. Power drain: unless the phone/tablet can last a week at 10-18hrs/day without a recharge or has at least 2 ports (1 for charging, 1 for external accessories) with heavy gaming, its just not going to happen. User Storage: yes you can add sd cards but how quick you can burn them up with some of the bigger games is ridiculous. (some of the pc games i have, have an initial download of 15/ 20/ 30gigs before even adding updates to them). My current games folder uses 432Gig, only 10 of them are from steam, 21 from GOG and some others. Screen Size: Phone is a bit to small, 10inch tablet you might get away with. as someone else you could screen-cast but then you adversely affect both power drain and heat. Heat Dissipation: unless you can counter the heat created from heavy gaming sessions + recharging, your phone tablet is going to have blackscreen death.
  11. cretsiah

    Problems with windows 10 time

    @Day Fish try checking your "Outlook" settings. Outlook controls calender and emails, see what servers it is referring to and if you cant you may need to talk to microsoft support to fix it.
  12. I liked what @duncannah said. not sure if it means the same thing, the way i thought of EFI, because to me EFI seemed to be setup just like VHD's.
  13. I hope the OS isnt that intergrated to the boot loader, thats scary.
  14. dont know how you feel about command line work, but this might help for Arch/ Manjero/ other Arch based distro's https://www.maketecheasier.com/netctl-network-connection/
  15. My understanding of Manjero was it was supposed to be based on Arch. As far as I was aware Arch is more Bleeding Edge (so more likely to have hiccups) and unfortunetly some of those hiccups do make it downstream to their forks or derivatives.