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  1. oh thanx @Giganthrax i forgot that one about the VR.... dont try Elite Dangerous standing up, whilst putting the boot into the thrusters lol
  2. Gone back to older games (not quite pre-dos or pixelated ) that have open worlds. back then one off purchase price expansion packs continued the story (mostly not always). now: pay to win pay to advance (you have to buy more slots to keep gear you may have earned, that may or may not comeback) unfinished/ buggy bad support that refuse to believe they have issues with their games that get you life banned for things that didnt actually happen. attempting to cross-lock you into a dictator-ship. you no longer "own a game" but purchase a "right to use" a game.
  3. cretsiah

    My games will not run.

    Um yeh..... you wanna try again??? 9600K = CPU so whats the motherboard its attached too?? because I cant see how you would have a display of a windows desktop without either A) onboard GPU /intergrated graphics B) external GPU (slotted into a PCI Express slot). because otherwise at this stage it sounds like your running a headless server, or your actual video card drivers ( see above) are not installed.
  4. cretsiah

    New RX 580 8gb wont display after Sleep

    A couple of things i can think of are: 1) windows didnt like you changing the hardware, instead of just adding extra hardware, so considers it not activated/genuine and is now causing you issues. 2) have you plugged the power supply into the graphics card, to run the graphics card? 3) a little thing called Link State Power Management under the pci express heading under advanced power settings. if this is set to Moderate/ Maximum try turning it off. (this allows constant power to the pci express which is different to the power saving mode for display.
  5. cretsiah

    Does anyone remember Star Wars Galixies?

    I believe you can still play that game both pre-NGE and NGE variants .....providing you have a copy of the original game.... there were communtiy / not for profit servers created awhile back... not sure if they are still running. you had to download a patch to be able to enter the servers. my understanding of it was the pre-NGE version meant you could become the best crafter of anything in game, and you didnt have pre-determined options for your character/s .... but i have been known to be wrong on occassions too. https://topg.org/swg-private-servers/ https://swglegends.com/ https://swgawakening.com/portal
  6. cretsiah


    depending which MMORPG's you are playing, 180-250ms should be playable, anything above 250 is not. as for AU servers, most "AU" servers are actually in singapore, and the direct line seems to have a bad habbit of being chopped up every 2-4 weeks. @Arbyops1 depending which isp your with and what dns servers your using, you may be at the best you are going to get. alot of people are suggesting DNS for gaming but cant say ive tried it myself.
  7. cretsiah

    The conundrum of multiple PC gaming storefronts

    Im a little bit old school when it comes to DEMO's A true demo isnt an Alpha/Beta release (like current releases), its a portion of the finished product. in other words there wont need to be major fixes to actually make the game playable. Personally I cant get the experience/value out of watching someone else play a game instead of playing it myself. Ive downloaded games that according to websites, reviewers - both written and video, only to find that during an update somewhere along the line, the posted system requirements havent been updated to reflect the new requirements. there has also been the issue that Minimum requirements are so out of whack that you need to look more closely at the Recommended to Max as the Actual Minimum.
  8. cretsiah

    Best game launcher?

    then maybe have a look at this one https://www.launchbox-app.com/
  9. i would triple read the instructions before attempting, but this is I think what your looking for hiding files in win10 you could also hide user accounts on login screen
  10. That comment isnt really helpful.... I mean pretty much everything seems to be in an Alpha or Beta state on release right now or from this year. everything from windows to games and everything in between. its kind of pathetic really, it suggests developers are getting lazy or incompetent, by your suggestion. ogranisations expecting to get highly paid for their work shouldnt be releasing sub standard software, or expecting users to find all their issues free of charge, or because they havent done proper testing analysis.
  11. I dont think you can be a Mechanical Keyboard Purist unless your using an: IBM Model M 1984 Made in the USA Part Number: 1391401 I. D. Number: 6406891 Date: 09-06-90 which im currently using on win7 64-bit home premium No windows Key No MultiMedia Keys 3 lights Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock PS/2 Port connector PMSL
  12. we hadnt had any problems till now and i was more interested in if people could tell me what those issues are about?
  13. yeh well, if the tech support actually new what they were doing, it would have been fine. Or at least talked you through what they were trying to do, it may have helped..... next time it will be via instruction only. oh I havent re-installed nortons looking for something that may actually be able to deal with 32-64 combined systems (as i beleive this was the tech supports problem this computer wasnt a true 32-bit OR 64-bit only machine.
  14. i'll try not to start a flame war here because im more interested in knowing if anyone has had similar issues, with other software companies. for reference requirements this happened on a: Win7 64-bit Home Premium (the one that comes with 32-bit biniaries and compatibilty mode) 8gig ram 1 terabyte spindal drive (seagate i think) geforce nvidea GTX650 running Nortons Internet Security Suite (supposedly fully updated) Just before Christmas i had a couple of issues prop up so i contacted Norton Support to ask about them: issue 1: Actor PID: 916 C:\winodws\system32\svchost.exe Target: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\current\controlset\enum\root\Legacy_BHDRVX64\0000\control Action: Set Registry Key issue 2: Actor PID: 1832 C:\ProgramFiles\commonfiles\Microsoft shared\Clicktorun\officeclicktorun.exe Target PID 916: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)Norton Security\Engine32\\asOELnch.exe The claimed Solution was to do a remove and install: the Tech had suggested at least one of these issues is an old one that was supposedly fixed (dont know which one). Tech wanted to do a Logmein.Rescue to clean/fix the system. i said ok, let them have access to the system, supposedly did the uninstall and was requesting a reboot. HOWEVER : (next issue) after the reboot, the Tech was supposed to be able to reconnect and complete the re-install. what actually happened 1) Logmein.Rescue wouldnt reconnect. 2) all browsers except for Internet Explorer V8 could not access the interenet. 3) could ping any site from command line. 4) nothing could be installed either from downloads or already existing in folders. 5) only non installed exe files (aka portable programs) would execute. 6) anything with a heavy java usage (aka other antivirus software and such like) could not connect to the interenet, when you ran their launchers. By the way it only affected this one computer the other 6 computers were working still quite happily from downloading/playing games, searching the web, watching youtube. The only solution that appeared to fix this dilema was to do a complete fdisk and re-install everything clean. im now trying to re-download all 400+gigs of games that i had on this system.
  15. cretsiah

    Best game launcher?

    could you clarify a "good game launcher" for me please. if it means what i think it means then i'd probably say GOG.com, as i dont have to actually run it when i launch a game. as opposed to steam where it launches even in offline mode. the draw back to GOG.com is it may not actually have the games you prefer to play. My only use for steam is because i can buy steam voucher cards from my local store, which means i dont have to add my bank details to the account.