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  • CPU
    AMD FX -4130 Quad-Core
  • Motherboard
    ASRock 980DE3/U3S3
  • RAM
    2x8 G Skill Ripsaw
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 740
  • Case
  • Storage
    ADATA SU800 512.11 GB, WDC WD10EZEX 1000.20 GB
  • Display(s)
    Acer K272HL
  • Sound
    Realtek High Definition Audio, Logitech G933 Gaming Wireless Headset
  • Operating System
    Win7, Win10 dual boot

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  1. @Michael Godoy So you have installed windows 10 what exact model vaio is it? I wonder if the graphics chip is the equivalent of either my Galaxy Geforce GT620 2GB or my Nvidea Geforce GT740 1GB. Windows 10 has a hissy fit with these 2 graphics cards, constantly loses/ screws up the graphics card driver. - The mouse is only visible if you move it - The Welcome screen is only visible if you move the mouse - as soon as you stop moving the mouse screen is black Windows 7 works fine, only Windows 10 has these hissy fits
  2. best bet would be to try and find a linux with "Hardware info" installed and find out all the chipsets running on the android box, after that see if you can hunt down the relevant (if any?) windows drivers or see if windows has them built in. with only 4gig of ram you probably want to look at one of those windows stripping programs/ sites that removes alot of gunk - cant remember the name. (however if your not careful you can also make it unusable) .
  3. Dont know anythign about MineOS specifically, but it might help if we knew what version of minecraft as a server and as a client you are trying to run (as these must match). If your trying to run the latest 1.15.2 then maybe ram requirement is an issue, (during one of the latest updates client side windows java edition, mojang said that 8gig of ram - for the game itself - is now preffered minimum) . we cant run a Local Lan Server on any computer with less than 16gig's of ram. hope this helps
  4. thanks @Shreyasb , i dont mind if its as low as 2Gig (so long as it is not lower than that). Ive just had to swap out a 1gig Geforce GTX 650 for a Galaxy Geforce GT620 on my current rig from 384 cuda cores down to 96 but at least its running smooth again lol
  5. yeh i get that it is a bad board but for the price i would be paying for a complete computer it would do me for 6-12 months. as for motherboards not having anything to do with shared memory??? ie gigabyte-b450-aorus-pro-motherboard goes upto 16gig if you drop 32gig of ram in.
  6. ASUS Prime B450M-K Motherboard ok so I know its in the tier F list but what i would like to know is what size the shared memory is as i cant find it even on the asus site, only resolution listed. I have seen/found one of these boards paired with a 3400G and id like to know what size the shared ram would be, is it 2gig can it go higher like some other boards)? im trying to determine if its gonna be a good buy or not the system comes with 16gig ram thanks
  7. based on the specs I would probably suggest https://q4os.org/
  8. I don't see a mention of the monitor type. it wouldn't be so simple would it? it wouldn't be plugged into something like a TV would it and need the appropriate setting on the monitor/TV selected specifically? you know like how you need to select AV or DTV or HDMI on a TV. just a thought anyway
  9. Difference in the base line Gamma setting maybe? there are same games I have to increase the gamma in order to play them, but then have to turn it down or get blown away with sun bright screen (especially if there is any white say in the browser screen)
  10. Win7 and probably Win10 (haven't checked win10 yet) have this stupid power saving mode in advanced settings that turns off the PCI Express slots on the motherboard. you need to go into advanced settings and disable this. (better yet switch it to always on) when it does what you said it usually takes several reboots to fix itself or at least did for me
  11. Motherboard: ASrock 980DE3/U3S3 AM3+ CPU: AMD FX 4130 (code name: Zambezi, quad core) System setup as dual boot So this computer boots fine with win7 but win10 is hit and miss. Win10 issue: when it misses, it loads up to sign in screen sort of, as in it constantly goes black every 1-2 seconds, you cant select user, type password. screen appears if you move mouse for those 1-2 seconds. i was hoping a bios update might rectify that problem. Currently installed Bios is version P1.20 (based on guides on the site, it is the "instant flash" done by setting in bios) Latest available bios is version 2.00 https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/980DE3U3S3/#BIOS questions: 1. has anyone else done this upgrade without issue? 2. can i jump a full 7 upgrade cycles? 3. should I just use the instant flash version or would it be possible to swap to the windows version? 4. anything else I should know? (this would be my first attempt to flash bios)
  12. so I have put together my puzzle build computer as per this thread. It appears to work fine enough just wondering about the ram speed and BIOS. completed build: - NZXT Phantom Red 410 Mid Tower Case - Cougar RS 750watt Power Supply - Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P motherboard (bios ver: FB 10/28/2014) - AMD FX 8320 Eight Core Black Edition CPU 3.5Ghz Turbo core upto 4.0Ghz - CoolMaster Dual Fan Low Noise CPU Fan and Heat Sink (although im not sure this is right as I only see one fan and it is a CoolMaster). - Nvidea Geforce GTX740 2GB - LG 24Speed Dual Layer DVD Burner - (2x8) G. Skill Ripjaws 1600MHZ DDR3 (currently running 667Mhz) - TP-LINK TL-WN751ND PCI Adapter 150Mbps - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX7.1 - Lenovo Seagate RoHs 500GB sata 2 5400rpm Laptop Drive - Western Digital 1 Terabyte sata 2 - Win10 home 64-bit (setup in MBR mode) - currently not overclocked questions: 1. Has any had experience in upgrading this motherboards bios? current Version is FD 02/03/2016 (installed version is FB 10/28/2014) as I haven't been able to find any info on the differences 1a. What issues did you have? Ive suggestions of Blue and Black screens on other motherboards this is why im asking. 1b. does it stay as dual bios? I wouldn't want to suddenly lose boot up because of a change from MBR to UEFI. 1c. would upgrading the bios fix the slow speed of the ram? or would I just be better using the xmp file or trying to overclock it.
  13. if part 3 isnt windows, then what operating system is it? part 1 OEM reserved kinda sounds like the recovery / repair tools as opposed to system reserved which is usually 100mg part 2 is to small for windowsto install too..... so whats on it? given the size of the drive, you really are only going to have enough room for 1 operating system with some minor breathing space (after you account for constant updates of every program/app).