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    AMD FX -8320 Eight-Core
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte 970A-D3P v2
  • RAM
    2x8 G Skill Ripsaw
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 740
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    ADATA SU800 512GB, WDC WD10EZEX 1TB, Toshiba 1TB
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    BenQ 21 inch
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    Realtek High Definition Audio, Logitech G933 Gaming Wireless Headset
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  1. um ok well last time i checked there were 2 options for those afffiliate links (and no not everyone offered the same deal ) option 1 was what you state but option 2 was purely for getting people to click the link (no purchases required) i know because i had tried it a few years back...
  2. nah thats your imagination lol...... they had to upgrade the network so all the spyware wouldnt slow you down so much..... but then they used java to achieve it and failed...
  3. @Spotty thats an interesting take on things (ok maybe not the search engine ??) from Google's page you linked to ??? i wonder when that happened, i mean what are Affiliate links for??? I'd be curious to know what their outgoings are and where considering they are only claiming $134 million pre-tax .... especially when they also claim most of their stuff is done overseas and not locally..... they tried that with google pay and banking one other time.
  4. as much as I have loved the debate from @Spotty and i get it about the links. Problem is the links AND THE CONTENT of those links are quite frankly crawled/ botted by google and facebook and cant easily be seperated. Im trying to understand how you mind bendingly ignore the fact that both Facebook and Google have had Legal "Policy Conditons " that state in no uncertain terms "Your content created by you is considered your own however you hereby give us complete and duplicate and free ownership / copyright rights to do with your content as we please from
  5. i never said they committing tax fraud....... re-investment??? dont hink they done that for a long time...... buy out potential competition defintely, fake or bulldust inter country department internal copmany loans and payments? defintely singapore and ireleand come to mind dont think they have been innovative in a very long time...... in fact i think they gone and went stale partly because they fear the competition they bought out
  6. @poochyena yes agreed however......... companies like google, amazon, windows, steam have already beeen through the ringer about their " revenues" including GEO pricing for downloadable content, the questionable price and structure of their IP costs ......... if the aussie government wanted to get truly mean ... they could inform the likes of these companies that no longer agree to see IP value cost over $50 - $100 per person.......given nearly 50% of their so called costs goes to overseas tax havens this would have a much more severe impact on their revenues
  7. maybe if Google payed their proper dues on their incomes the Aussie governement might have been more lenient??? ' i mean $59 million dollars in taxes on $4.8 billion revenues is a tad bit skewed...... considering the going rate when i last checked was somewhere around 25-30% Parler maybe could open its own new servers there maybe... telegram perhaps!! maybe some linux phones could finally make it here too??
  8. yeh i dont know what im doing wrong...... met all deps, but cant seem to install per say.... that is.... no entries in the menu (using xfce) or a desktop icon, however i can launch / use it...... i spose it will do for now..... i just did not have any success with Linjux Mint Debian Edition in terms of install and wifi recognition..
  9. Ok so im wondering if anyone knows how or which option i should choose from the linux options from Multi MC 5 here is it the ubuntu version or the 64- bit generic tar.gz file to run on Debian Buster?? if its the tar.gz file how do i do it?
  10. yeh you got me...... seems to work fine on this old system .......... my kid is playing it on a ryzen 5 3400g with 16gig 2600mhz ram on one of those crappy tier motherboards too so i am at a complete loss........
  11. aaawwwww hell I think the only thing i have more powerful than you is the Power Supply a 750watt power supply 1600mhz 16gig ram G.Skill AMD FX 8320 Gigabyte 970A-D3P v2 motherboard Radeon RX550 (4gig) Red Dragon and i just recently had to replace the coolmaster CPU fan with a DEEPCOOL cpu fan (the mount broke from age i think) re-installing the java edition now says 16.5 but it is taking its sweet time to download and update
  12. what are the specs of the system?? because it sounds a bit odd.... but now that microsoft owns minecraft (yeh it has for a bit now i know) .... it wouldnt surprise me if it becomes just as buggy as their OS ... ive just had to do a re-install of my win10 system..... changing it from MBR based to GPT which currently seems to have had an affect on the updates and whether they install on this old box or not or go into a stupid update loop ...
  13. ie the CPU cooler out of alignment.... not seated properly over the CPU chip... is it only shutting down specifically when you play minecraft.... if you just leave the OS (presume windows) running it stays running?
  14. didnt knock your cpu cooler out of whack?? cos that would explain
  15. @nehakumari544 yeh but what happens when the guide fails you as well??? as in win10 wont let you un-install the update? the trouble shooter says there is nothing wrong? im pretty much at that the point of doing a clean install changing the system from an MBR set-up to a GPT just to see if that changes the stupid update screw-up that now affects 2 computers and has been a problem for over 2 weeks now... barring that wiping win10 completely and going for a linux distro..... i have had a reasonable amount of success with Linux Mint on another system and