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  1. I had a similar problem with my note 8 since i bought it. It sucks almost 10-17% of battery overnight with the AOD turned off from 11-6am, connected to wifi & data is turned on with full bars of my network. I m in canada with freedom provider. At first i thought it was the handset issue so i changed it with the new 1 but it was not. I tried reaching samsung & was told to do a factory reset, clear cache & also tried safe mode but nothing worked. I was frustrated with this issue as i dont use my cell phone regularly & it should easily take me through the day. Later i tried ultra power saving mode & 'vallah', it worked. I left my cell at 6% at night & it was exactly the same by morning. But no one wana switch back & forth on it's power saving modes. Samsung should really need to work on improving the battery life for its customers