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  1. goddaamnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn interstellar was good. I never saw it when it came out because I wasn't interested back then but I don't think I would of had the attention span to sit through it when I was 11. It was really good and I saw some additional info about how the wormhole and black hole depicted in the movie was very accurate to what you would see (supposedly).


    I also watched Inception yesterday. Christopher Nolan is an amazing filmmaker I gotta say

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    2. LunaP0n3


      It was good. I had the fortune to watch it in theaters when it came out, then grabbed it in 4K bluray when that was released.

    3. mxk


      @dizmo definitely give interstellar a watch I thought it was amazing.

    4. dizmo


      @mxk Have you seen Pandorum?