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  1. LMAO. Yeah I tried logitech 2.1. tghen tried the 5.1. and the best 7.1, all where crap. I added an old grounding box to the outlet and it knocked out most of my hum. Then 2 day ago, the spidif on my amp failed. They all seem to be slowly failing. I may be on the last out of the 6 on the amp. It could be the heat. I will move the printer. Thx all
  2. Not sure,. Its a low hum I hear. It goes up and down when I turn up, or down, the volume.
  3. lol yeah I have them mounted on tv swivel mounts. and This is all good and well. as I would do the same with whatever else I get. But I'm having a hard time finding anything better. Is there a smaller amp that would work? This would also need to help run my 15inch sub that the stereo is currently mounted on. Like I said this system is Great, and you can hear it 2 blocks away. but.... I do get ground interference noise . which is annoying. My budget can go up to 300. but I'd prefer not to lol.
  4. That's what I'm running. Its great but. I want to clean this up some. And another reason. Id like to get away from spdif. and be able to use 3.5 plugs to the pc. I can do with this. But. Next mobo I get might not have the spidf plug
  5. So I really want some good sound. Im currently running through a nice pioneer receiver sound system. to bose speakers, and a power sub, via spidf. But I want a more compact system. Any ideas? I've tried Logitech surround systems and their best 2.1 systems and I felt those were cheap and not good enough for the occasional loud Music day. Is there a simple but good system anywhere? I would like to eliminate the Big sound system and don't mind large speakers. I just want a simple clean system. Any ideas?
  6. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/noobiedork/saved/#view=JWhDxr quick intel version
  7. You can build a pretty kicking system for that budget. AMD and Intel both have good options. Watch some vids. You can build just about any top spec rig for that $. What do you need in the way of help? I mean, you can go to new egg and basically build a system before you buy it.
  8. I have the 2600. Yet I am in need of a 3rd pc in my home. TBH I like my 2600. Im just super pumped about this 3k stuff. With all that said. The prices of the 9900kf are dropping, and if they get any cheaper. It just might kick me back to Intel. Either way. This is all good news for pc's. and my 4$ amd stock is doing just awesome. Might fund my next intel system. lol
  9. So I am impatiently waiting on the release of the new cpu's I cant wait for the unboxing/reviews, etc. Am I the only one that is creaming my knickers?
  10. I would love to see a good break down on affordable surround sound systems for pc's. I have been through 3-4 in the last few years. As I have yet to find anything I was satisfied with, I have settled on running my pc sound through a good home stereo receiver and a bunch of speakers. If there is something better at 5.1 that is affordable. I would love to see it.