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Ross Siggers

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  1. Ross Siggers

    The Kessel Run - a Star Wars near-scratch build

    Man...now I wanna watch T2...
  2. Ross Siggers

    The Kessel Run - a Star Wars near-scratch build

    Some kind of two part epoxy would be ideal I think, although total weight hanging off it would be interesting to know, it all adds up. As for the vent, it's on the underside of the Falcon right? So it'll be against the wall? I don't see an issue, it's like my Dreamcast build; I've been trying hard to keep all the venting to the rear, and underside of the console, to maintain the illusion. To be honest, I'd probably cut ventilation holes in other places that wouldn't be obvious. You even more so than me, will suffer from hot air 'pockets' inside that case...
  3. Ross Siggers

    I have a Dream...The Dreamcast SFF build!

    I may be getting carried away with this... Seller was a bit of a douche on the first one, refused to discuss anything at first, despite the listing being misleading(after investigating it clearly wasn't new, or sealed). Ended up giving me a pretty small refund... Second one had a sealed game, but pictures didn't show box damage, and the crack beneath the shrink wrap... I have purchased a third, on its way to me now. Really cheap, it had a battered box. But seemingly undamaged, sealed game. I'm going to mix and match parts from all of them(they're not numbered), and sell two of them on to try and recoup my losses. I should come out with only a small amount lost. But I'm relatively new to game collecting...and this is a lesson
  4. Ross Siggers

    I have a Dream...The Dreamcast SFF build!

    I'm not sure yet, the front I/O on the motherboard wil probably be inaccessible due to cable management. Which sucks because this thing has USB-C. I'm going to see if I can reroute some of it, but that's a consideration for much later on.
  5. Ross Siggers

    I have a Dream...The Dreamcast SFF build!

    So they released an AM4 board in the STX format. It had been rumoured, I'd even seen pictures of a prototype... BUT FUCK ME A RYZEN APU WOULD HAVE MADE MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER GOD DAMN.
  6. Ross Siggers

    I have a Dream...The Dreamcast SFF build!

    Okaaaaay update time, big progress made just before Christmas. I cut the standoffs down for the motherboard, as much as the RAM would allow me to, about 4mm. Remember, the memory is the tallest part of the motherboard, and I currently have it sitting physically as far down as it will allow. The hole in the floor will be 'plated over' using spare plastic saved from other spots on the Dreamcast, so hopefully once smoothed and tidied, it won't look too much out of place. As you can see, the board is as low as it can be. Obviously for more graphics card room, but it's also solved the issue with the lid mechanism, which I alluded to in an earlier post. Honestly the only reason I'm keeping the mechanism in is I can't really think of a good DIY way to make the lid open. Next up after cutting the RAM access hole, was fixing the incorrect hole i cut for the CPU cooler. Obviously i didn't freehand this as well as I thought. I moved it to account for the new location of the motherboard...but I overcompensated! Anyway, a little careful expanding and it's right as rain. A small, chamfered(angled) edge will be added later, to funnel the air down into the fan portion of the cooler. Here's a picture of the open test bench I was posting from before Christmas. You can see I'm using the KPMKT Dynamo 360 power supply that I was sent, like I said this has already been boxed back up and I'm getting a Dynamo Mini instead. there's no way it would have fitted into the Dreamcast looking at it now... I'm using a Samsung Evo 850 SSD from my old gaming PC that was sold, although it will have to be removed from it's casing for final fitting, at the very least. No onboard card for wifi or bluetooth at that moment either, so I'm using a wifi dongle, and a wired keyboard and mouse. Talk about cluttered!! It's a relief to finally get to boot the system, and to see that all the parts I bought work, especially as some of them have been gathering dust for a while!! Next up we have the sweet 3D-printed fan mount that I got my friend to make for me, from a design freely availalbe online. It'd designed for the regular dreamcast, to replace the super tiny high pitched original fan, with a 40mm noctua item. This is going to be a front exhaust port to try and get a bit of hot air out from such a confined case. The only problem is...fitting a bigger fan, doesn't make the vent on the case bigger!! It just looks so...restrictive. The shame is, to make them the vent the correct size would mean cutting accross the seam, where the top and bottom sections of the case join together. Not easy to do cleanly, aside from the issue of affecting the sleeper look. But that wouldn't be too bad...I'll have to think on that one. Anyway, time to whack it all into the case and see how those thermals are!! I attached the PCIe riser but didn't have any luck getting a display out of the GPU. Not to mention it's still without a cooler...I hope it's just a shitty riser, I'd hate to think I've messed up that card after the work that's been going into it to make it fit... Now this. THIS...was a satisfying moment. Putting the top half on, shutting the lid and having it fully working as a PC, with only the power cable and monitor cable out the back. Admittedly the power cable went to the Dynamo 360, but remember this will be onboard eventually. Right now, from the front, the only giveaway is the cables you can juuust about see through the controller ports. I actually used a steam controller for the rest of my testing time, to keep the clean wireless look going That's what it'll be like in the end anyway, I intend to use a wireless kb/mouse with this. As for thermals....well, they're going to be just as tricky as I imagined. Although honestly, not terrible considering the complete lack of any real ventilation, save from the rear I/O area. After running Aida64 for around 15 minutes, I was pretty sure I'd reached my ceiling hovering just between 80-85 degrees. And there was no throttling. Things to consider are, eventually there'll be a graphics card generating heat as well, so that front exhaust fan will definitely have to be in there and working pretty well to help. Also, the back corner of the case, where the CPU cooler is right next to? That got REALLY hot to the touch. So I think some exhaust vets low down on the side of the case are in order. Maybe on the angled bottom edge to make them less noticeable, but yeah, there needs to be somewhere for the heat to escape there, because even though the back is well ventilated, the air being chucked up against that wall is just making it too toasty for my liking.
  7. Ross Siggers

    Anyone try Mysterybrand for MacBooks, iPads, iPhones?

    If you're looking to make a quick buck, you'll have better luck getting one of those Amazon returns boxes, with a random selection of products in them. Although that's been highlighted by loads of YouTubers, so it may also have been looked into by Amazon since then. And personally I think that's fairly risky unless you're experienced at flipping used stuff. If you're specifically looking for an iPhone...well, buy an iPhone. New or used. This is a scam.
  8. Ross Siggers

    I have a Dream...The Dreamcast SFF build!

    NEEEERRRDDDDD!!! Turns out the birthday pack wasn't actually sealed, it was shrink wrapped by the shop in Japan prior to export. Still in very good condition though, seller is going to reimburse me a little for the misunderstanding. Now I just need to get white label(review) copies of the games as well... Update tomorrow, I promise! My power supply is in the mail as we speak.
  9. Ross Siggers

    Off topic chit chat

    You're welcome! I was thinking along the lines of one of the Dj-style ones that you could program effects to, not a twitch streaming one if that wasn't clear. They button style is just different between the two that's all.
  10. Ross Siggers

    I have a Dream...The Dreamcast SFF build!

    I spoke to Craig from KPMKT and I'll be getting the correct Dynamo Mini power supply sent out at the start of next week. So I'll try and write up a proper update tonight or Monday, so I can dive into the mounting of the power supply afterwards.
  11. Ross Siggers

    Precision M6700 (Re)Build and eGPU Setup

    Are you sure it doesn't just detect, but not actually use the card? If I tried hot plugging, it crashed the laptop
  12. Ross Siggers

    I have a Dream...The Dreamcast SFF build!

    Sonic's Birthday, not mine On his 10th anniversary, in Japan, they release a special big-box edition of Sonic Adventure 2, with a soundtrack disc, a booklet, and a commemorative medallion. It was available for only two days. Thankfully, they sold a lot because they're surprisingly affordable. I payed £65 for a fully sealed copy. You can get average condition ones starting at around £40, and there's always a few dreamers that have them listed for far more as well. The thing is because it's a cardboard box, they often get a big dog-eared.
  13. Ross Siggers

    I have a Dream...The Dreamcast SFF build!

    Oh, somewhat unrelated but @BLLDoesTech...I just bought a sealed copy of Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Edition :3 Question is, do I keep it sealed, or have the pleasure of opening it myself...
  14. Ross Siggers

    I have a Dream...The Dreamcast SFF build!

    Thanks Jermaine, I saw you and Brett live last year, epic gig I just got them on ebay. search for 35mm standoff, and they should show up. Mine ahve since been ground down very slightly to lower the CPU cooler nearer the opening on the bottom. ~~~ Regarding progress, I've not done anything on the build for the last two weeks or so because of the holidays, yesterday I tried to tap the mounting holes on my gpu cooler, and the tool just...stripped. Fucking cheap eBay shit Before Christmas, I'd done some more cutting/plastic work, adjusted component positions, I've even run a cpu stress test, shell on, lid closed! It was hot, but didn't throttle which was nice. Debating a small vent on the side, it'll slightly affect the sleeper aesthetic... but that corner of the case got very warm to the touch... proper update soon I promise.
  15. Ross Siggers

    Changing post code color on a motherboard?

    I wonder if it's possible to get some kind of film that will filter out the red light from the display? And just tape that over the display...