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  1. Ross Siggers

    October 12 2018 - WAN Show Document

    Is it just me that finds the language in this post needlessly confrontational/derogatory? Particularly the latter snippets. If you wanted to make a point, you could have A. tagged Linus himself and B. toned back the potentially offensive comments.
  2. Ross Siggers

    Help with fps and graphics

    Is your friend selling you the 8700k by any chance...
  3. Open it manually then from the start menu...I can't remember if it has an option to start with windows, but mine does. So it must be a tick box somewhere.
  4. Make sure it's running in the system tray, then plug your wheel in. It should calibrate i.e. spin left, right, and return to centre. If you open up the profiler from the system tray, and wait for it to load(it may look like it's frozen, don't worry), it should show your wheel automatically.
  5. Ross Siggers

    Used 1080TI vs new 1080

    Will the 1080ti still be in warranty? Could be a scumbag and try to replace it
  6. Ross Siggers

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I was trying to buy some body panels for my car earlier, and the seller was being a real 'wheeler dealer' if you know what I mean. A bit of a Dell boy... people in the UK probably understand what I'm on about. Anyway, he was going on about great the condition of these part were...even though he'd already sent me pictures and I could see surface rust like a KFC chicken breast But even though I mentioned this he kept going...in one ear out the other, he was like a broken record. I cut the conversation off as politely as I could...very annoying person.
  7. Ross Siggers

    Dented subwoofer

    Put a penis pump onto it, a few goes on that and the suction will pull the indentation out. Speaking from experience...?
  8. @Daniel644 In both cases the customer is asking the company to provide something that they are under no obligation to. You seem to be focusing on the monetary aspect of the situation, so lets do that; The replacement cost to a company the size of ASUS is hardly going to worry them. And whilst you're going to say "it all adds up", consider also that their reaction to this situation also means that OP will probably not buy ASUS products again, potentially losing them more in profits than a single 'warranty' replacement would ever have. On the other hand, have you ever heard of a company digging into schematics for a card that's been out of production for several years, to help a customer that didn't even buy directly from them? I don't think I've heard of any company doing that even for a current model. Bad business practice? Or maybe good, because through no cost outlay from themselves, they've secured themselves a future customer? I feel like I'm echoing my previous post, but CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IS IMPORTANT(Look, I can use caps too). The problem is larger companies tend to care less about this. I mean the exception is Apple...who manage to give shitty customer service, whilst simultaneously emptying your wallet. But then, it's almost the customers fault at that point, you know what you're buying into... At the end of the day, it always comes back to the question "Can we make more money out of this customer, depending on how we handle this situation" And ASUS have done poorly here, in my eyes. Could they have helped OP? Yes, at the click of a button. But they didn't, and they lost a customer.
  9. I mean, the software is not the issue I suspect. I've been using that exact version for the past 6 months on my wheel, and I suspect it's the same software I've used for years. It freezes for a second loading the 'game database', but Logitech Profiler has done that for as long as I can remember.
  10. Ross Siggers

    DIY CPU Keychain

    I feel like this is a pretty delicate thing to have as a keyring. I mean, it sounds awesome, but I'd be worried about it getting messed up almost instantly
  11. Ross Siggers

    Sleeper PC or PC wearing a PS2 overcoat

    I currently have a dead Dreamcast on my shelf...conveniently, the dimensions fit a mini-ITX motherboard beautifully... I spy a media box build coming soon...I did a little research and the shape of the console means storage can sit snugly underneath the board, Pico PSU for power, and when you open the lid the cooler will stick through the GD-ROM drive cut out, like the hood on a hot rod Literally just looking for good deals on hardware. Can't fit a gpu though, unlike say an og PS2 would. The volume just isn't as large.
  12. It thinks it's a G25? That's very strange... you're using this version of the software right? Logitech Profiler 5.10.127 (latest version) Windows 10, 64bit It's a direct link, taken from the Logitech website. Make sure to entirely uninstall all the previous drivers, unfortunately I can't remember if the installer gives you an option to clean old versions. You may have to just use add/remove programs in windows.
  13. Ross Siggers

    Just bought a Nintendo Switch! [Help / Tips]

    Probably just needs a good dusting and a repaste then... Mine is strange, it won't lift a finger at say GTA or Horizon, something taxing...but Life is Strange 2, it goes mental in short bursts. Not given me issue yet, but I may do some maintenance soon.
  14. Ross Siggers

    shifters compatible with g920/g29 (on pc, not as an add on)

    I know that rFactor takes seperate devices, and I'm pretty sure Assetto and Project Cars does as well. I remember using at least two of them when I had my own seperate gated shifter. Honestly the only one I'm not sure on is Forza.
  15. Ross Siggers

    Smartphone attachment to attach gear

    @iKingRPG oh I assumed the light would be attached to the phone itself, that's why I was concerned about weight. Surely it'd have to be, if it were mounted to the gimbal base the lighting would change depending on the direction of the handle?