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  1. I never had an issue with gaming, but I definitely struggled with scrolling in browsers. I suspect, like all things steam controller, it was an issue with my profile that could have been remedied. I just grab the scroll bar and drag these days.
  2. If they restock the UK store, I'm picking up a second one. I only use it for things like rts, where it really shines. I think trying to use it in a shooter would be tricky and not entirely what it was designed to do? It works especially well on my emulation box, instead of me buying a wireless mouse and keyboard edit: Oh look what conveniently just appeared on my local marketplace...
  3. Thanks bud! There were plenty of times where I though I'd bitten off more than I could chew, but we got there Definitely a bit too ambitious for a first time Small form factor builder though Honestly as long as it has airflow to the CPU fan on the underside, it's manageable. It's only when the temperature gets up to 75-80* that the fans really start to get obnoxious, and the lid is off for gaming sessions anyway. Had to compromise somewhere in a case with basically sero ventilation.
  4. Well this thread got bumped the fuck back up...
  5. And here it is, next to one of my other, real Dreamcasts; Yes I know they're different colours...Dreamcasts are notorious for fading/yellowing, OKAY?!? It's actually the real Dreamcast that's the faded one... The 'DC-PC' could do with the lid being spaced upwards ever-so-slightly at the back, and maybe mesh over the controller ports...but I'd say the sleeper look was 100% maintained, don't you? It now lives on the shelf above the TV, runs windows 10 and is loaded up with all manner of emulators and retro PC games
  6. I felt like this picture deserved it's own post;
  7. GPU MOUNTING The GPU ended up being mounted slightly off centre, which I'd like to maybe revisit. But it's sturdy the way it is now, with two fixed points on opposite corners of the card. It uses one of the corners of the motherboard, lined up with the riser card, for a bolt-through fit. The opposite corner is on the GPU itself, and is a bit more...custom. It's done using a trimmed piece of plastic, with a standoff...epoxied upside down into it. The little bolt you can see holding it all down from the top is actually the trimming from one of the long motherboard standoffs. Remember when I shortened them to lower the board? Well I saved the offcuts, because I figured tiny M2 sized bolts might come in useful, and whaddya know... The result is a GPU that doesn't slide out of place when the console is anything but perfectly flat...in fact considering it's only held in by two bolts, it's very sturdy! It also sits a nice distance from the motherboard. This could be a few mm smaller? with some insulation between the two, but this works great as it is. ASSEMBLY The assembly was.....a nightmare as you can imagine, most of it had to be done with the motherboard in place, removing like 99% of your ease of access. Lots of pushing tiny connectors in, with the tip of a screwdriver, and cramming wires into crevices. Adding the front I/O really did add to the cable clutter, with two buttons and a power led. These could DEFINITELY do with shortening as I actually had to double over all of these. Again, nothing is really designed with such short cable requirements in mind. The 3D-printed fan shroud ended up being a great place to cram stuff; there's a little cavity underneath it where you can route cables and not be in the way of anything. Unfortunately there wasn't space to put the front I/O through there, but enough was tucked that this wasn't an issue.
  8. POWER DELIVERY So the main thing that really needed doing, to get it all comfortably in the case, was finalising the dreaded power delivery. The bit that caused so much stress earlier on in the build. It all worked, but was a heap of incredibly long cables, or temporary wiring...the trigger wires for the PSU were twisted together by hand... First I modified my Add2psu; It came with a molex connector but instead I soldered on a fan connector. The trigger signal for the PSU is provided by the fan header, so I'm having to use a splitter from the motherboard. This was relatively straightforward, I simply had to wire power and ground, then used epoxy to stick the new connector onto the pcb. Here you can see the finished 'trigger' circuit. It's....well, it's a splitter cable. Nice and simple, and it happened to be the perfect length too! The motherboard header is right above where it sits, score. Green dot: Motherboard power lead Orange dot: PSU trigger/fan header Blue dot: Sata power for SSD and GPU riser. Next, I had to make the power brick actually plug into the Dreamcast itself, not trail halfway around the world, because there was about 25cm of cable length designed for larger cases. This involved mounting the female plug inside the case, as well as tidying up the wiring from there, to the PSU itself. He Helpfully, I'd saved all the larger plastic off-cuts that came from modifying the case, so I had a handy bit of the correct colour plastic to shape/epoxy over the old modem port. After that it was simply a case of drilling holes for mounting screws, and the power lead itself. Don't worry the thumbscrews will be replaced with normal, shallow headed screws, along with some Loctite for good measure. They were literally the closest thing I had to hand at the time! Although they're nice brass fittings, right? THIS was the nerve-wracking part...there used to be a plug connection, where I've now soldered. Not only was I modifying the accessory cables, but the PSU itself. I took a huge amount out, you can see how short the cable run actually is, it's nothing. I even had to re-solder them once because I was cautions, and didn't make it short enough. But now it all fits nicely in the ex-modem compartment, which clips shut as it should.
  9. Right in the childhood eh Still waiting for a straight remaster, the handling is better than I remember too. The bodykits are worse though... I'll add some pictures from the build...promise!
  10. I supooooooose I should revive this thread, and give you guys some kind of a conclusion *gasps from the crowd* The build hasn't reached it's 'final form' as previously described. You know, with the expensive low profile ram and a GTX1060? But given the thermal limitations with it's current specs, I don't know if it ever will get to that point, being realistic. It did however get to a very complete and useable state, so that's exactly what I've been doing with it. It lives in my bedroom next to my actual consoles, hooked up to the same TV, and it runs all sorts of emulators and older games. Paired with wireless peripherals and it works like a charm, I'm currently regressing to my childhood and using it to replay NFS Underground 2 I'll add a follow up post tonight with a few pictures, but i essentially just mounted the gpu, finished the front I/O and did some cable management
  11. So a few weeks back, I decided that I wanted to climb Mount Snowdon. That's a mountain in Wales, if you didn't know. I devised a long-ass route to get there, stopping off in plenty of places to visit friends on either side of the climb...that's right it's a god damn road trip The route actually ended up being considerably longer, with the oddometer saying 1019 miles when I got home last night. Mostly down to me taking the 'road less travelled' getting from South to North Wales. And my god, if it wasn't worth it Came across some of the best driving roads I've ever experienced(and I didn't even go to the evo triangle). Elevation, fast corners, slow corners, views... it had it all. On the off-chance that anyone is around the area, here's a little route for ya; https://goo.gl/maps/MyCd5qfCJW8GMyN48
  12. The E46 M3 is a better car, in almost every single way, as well as being a genuine M car which mine isn't... GAH they're so affordable right now! But I'm also poor af so it's not affordable enough If it were the same value as my car, then I'd strongly consider it, but even if I returned my car to stock and sold all the extra parts individually, it wouldn't be enough to get a good example. I'd probably want to put £8-9k into an E46 M3, which over here is enough to get you a very nice standard one...but not a modded one, or a 'garage queen' that you'd be scared to drive; It's a happy medium price. My car standard is probably £2-3k, and all my spares and parts total around £3k. But it's hard to put an exact price on the car itself, the market is a bit volatile right now; they're in that funny space, where they're starting to appreciate in value...but people don't want to accept that, so there's always huge arguments when you see a strongly priced example I'm always amazed at seeing high spec E38 7-series....I mean, electric heated seats, radio controls, TV's, tables, electric blinds on the side doors...and this is just the REAR. They're super baller, maybe I'll just get one of those and cruuuiise You'd probably be interested in the other electrical thing I had fitted. I didn't mention it on the other post because it's not finished, but it's an electric rear blind, which was never an option on the E36. It's a combination of parts from FOUR different cars; E31, E34, E36 and E46
  13. So being in the UK...we don't have any of those other chains you mentioned My favorite burger place is called Byron Burger, but i'm 100% sure they're just here, and mostly in London too. They do a mean vegetarian burger, the only place where I'll regularly consider it over the carnivorous options :3
  14. After having mine repaired, you just know I'm trying to find somewhere to garage it for Winter Also, controversial opinion; I like the hotdogs from Five Guys, more than the burgers