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    Love building PCs


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    i7 5930k
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    Asus x99 deluxe
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    16gb Corsair LPX ddr4
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    2x 1080ti
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    NZXT h440
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    2 x 850 pro 1tb in Raid 0
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    Evga supernova 1200w
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    LG 34gk950f
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    razer blackwidow chroma
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    Razer deathadder chroma
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    Razer kraken chroma
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    Win 10

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  1. I also suffer from the artifacts, they're very minor and haven't prevented me from getting wins at all. Using the Titanfall 1 sli profile i get 144fps on 3440x1440 The artifacts tend to disappear after a couple minutes of gameplay.
  2. I had problems with the titanfall 2 sli profile back when titanfall 2 was released which is why i prefer using Titanfall's one.
  3. To those who are still having issues, the game may be defaulting to the integrated gpu rather than your Nvidia cards. I haven't experienced this issue because of my cpu lacking integrated graphics. To quote the poster who discovered this issue: "For some reason Apex was defaulting to my integrated Intel graphics rather than my GTX 1070. Forced Apex to use my GTX under global settings and I am now back to regular FPS expectations." Hope that helps
  4. If you read my post in it's entirety you'd see that I was not on my pc on the time and replicated the screenshots on my laptop with images from google.
  5. Ello again, I'm going to export my profile for Apex, hopefully it'll work for you guys. Bare in mind that G-SYNC is enabled in the profile so if you don't have/use gsync then disable it. Follow the screenshot to import said profile Good luck after.nip
  6. Hello, Glad I was able to help! That is such an immense FPS gain! What gpu's are you using?
  7. Have an SLI setup and tried playing Apex Legends but got poor performance? Then look no further! So I have a 1080ti SLI setup and when i first launched the game upon release, i had immediately noticed that the utilization of GPU2 was minimal (Had the MSI Afterburner overlay enabled) I immediately recalled a time where this had once happened to me before... TITANFALL 2. Anyway the default SLI profile that nvidia runs on the game sucks. Maybe they'll release a driver update in the future with a profile that increases gpu utilization but for now you can try this: 1. Download Nvidia Inspector https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/nvidia-inspector-download.html 2. Extract all the files in the Zip to a folder of your choosing 3. Run the nvidiaprofileinspector.exe (make sure it's ran as administrator) 4. Click on the settings box located next to the driver version (image shown below) 5. Click on the Profiles bar at the top and locate Apex. As there's no profile currently defined for the game, it'll be named via it's directory such as: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Apex Legends\r5apex.exe 6. Now on the SLI compatibility bits line, click on it's SettingValue (should be 0x00000000 by default) and change it to the above. 7. Once done, click apply and you should be good to go! This gave me a huge fps increase in the game and hasn't given me any issues thus far. Let me know if this does/ doesn't work for you, I'm curious! P.S Sorry about the poor quality screenshots, I'm not on my home PC as I type this fix out and mostly recalling the steps from memory Hopefully this solution works for you as it did for me
  8. Third drive down is the 970 evo 250gb, I'd safely assume that the 500gb applies the same in terms of compatibility, did you try applying the fix i mentioned above?
  9. Okay, I think i've found something that may be helpful and hopefully shouldn't require changing out the board. http://asrock.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com/Manual/Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6.pdf On page 77 of this manual for the board you should be able to change the operating mode of the drive in the bios. You'll need to go into advanced mode on the bios, then look for Storage configuration . Once you've found that look for the following options: >M2_1/SATA_0_1 SWITCH >M2_2/SATA_4_5 SWITCH Click on both of these options and change them from AUTO to FORCE_M2 Hopefully that should solve the issue Also if you know what m.2 drive slot (1 or 2) you populated then just change that one option. Good luck, and if that doesn't work then attach some pics of the storage configuration in your bios.
  10. Funnily enough even this board claims to support the 970 evo, but is acting extremely erratic in it's behavior as you mentioned. I'll have a look for what board would suit you best.
  11. Hi, I know this isn't too helpful but there are certainly issues with specific model of motherboard that is causing an array of issues with windows booting on your drive. A simple google search shows that a fair few owners are having issues with m.2 drives in the board. It may be worth trying to get the board refunded and purchasing one from a different manufacturer. Also, here is a compatible drive list for the motherboard
  12. New year, new me. Thought my profile could do with an update so here we are!

  13. DVD does also work, just burn a windows 10 disc