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    Ryzen 3700x
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    ASrock x470 Taichi
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance
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    EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Black
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    h100i Pro
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    Razer Huntsman
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    Beyerdynamic dt770
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    Windows 10/Linux (Ubuntu)

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  1. Planning to build a friend a PC for under $100 Attempting to build a PC for a friend under $200 Nothing too crazy, just league I have been looking into a couple prebuilts, but I've pretty much settled on a couple specific models, namely the <strong>HP z420</strong>, and the <strong> Dell Precision t3700 </strong>. Both of these can be had for around $150~, bit I was wondering if anyone else had some input on what we should use, I was looking into a couple older models like the <strong> HP Z400 </strong> because we could t
  2. I have a Sony PVM 2020 at home, it's an old CRT monitor, I believe from the mid 80's. Apart from that, I have a Sega Genesis first gen.
  3. Yeah I was leaning towards the t495 but my employee discount drops off when I customize it bringing the price up to the same price as a p52
  4. I'm a strong guy I'm perfectly fine with anything as long as it's 8+gb of RAM and I'd like a brighter screen over a more accurate one. I've actually been looking at used a used p50, 16gb of ram Quadro m1000m 4k matte display and i7 6820hq. It's big and heavy but it could honestly double as a backup desktop lol.
  5. I want to know what the communities thoughts are on this. I need a new laptop and I want to know what you guys think I should get, I'm completely open to any advice, everything from chrome os to windows is fine. I will primarily be using this device to consume media, and I type a ton. Budget is $1000, and I'm open to the used market as well. This is my current choice but I want to see if you guys can change my mind. Lenovo x395 (I have an IBM employee discount so I get this for about $680) Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 5 Pro 3500U (2.
  6. I think it technically is possible, I mean even the rPI4 can do dual 4k, if she is just doing office work anyway. As soon as she wants to do literally anything graphically intensive it may fall apart.
  7. Basically they are like cherry blues but L O U D E R
  8. That's super neat! I'm glad someones doing it, I may make the plunge in the future. Is this similar to the unicomp situation, where they bought out all the stuff and are basically making it from the same factory?
  9. 95c is quite hot, maybe some kind of corruption is happening here, I think if it gets much hotter than that the system just turns off, is it still under warranty?
  10. PS/2 Can do N-KEY rollover so that's pretty lit, CPU interrupts are also lit too. The M just can't do more than 2* inputs because of it's membrane design, it uses buckling springs over a membrane pad, so it can't do too many inputs at once sadly
  11. I loved the model M I was using, but I can't use it for games like Warframe where I have to press ctrl+shift+W+A/D+SPACE at the same time, I think it's still in my closet though, I would actually not go for Cherry blues, I would actually recomend the Kailh box jades right now, I got to try them out last night
  12. Sounds like either a bottleneck, or you placed the monitor plug into the motherboard instead of the GPU
  13. I had a 5450 on a server, it's good for minecraft beta 1.7.2