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  1. Hello Everyone, I have a bit of an issue and I'm having trouble finding a solution. A while ago, i pulled the dual device hybrid drive out of my old HP ENVY 15t-J100 to swap for an SSD (strangely enough, dual device system uses a hybrid HDD and a separate caching SSD. Double hybrid) . I now need to dig through the the HDD portion in search of a lost file (I never made an image of the drive, just did a fresh install of Windows 10) I tried connecting the HDD to my PC using a USB transfer cable but Windows calls the device unreadable. Do I need both parts of the drive to read it? Can I use an mSATA to USB adapter in conjunction with the HDD to USB adapter to read the whole drive? How would I configure that in windows?? The original hardware was given to a family member months ago so I can't simply reinstall the drive components and retrieve the file. Many thanks in advance for help! 1TB Seagate laptop SSHD 24GB LITE-ON IT mSATA SSD
  2. Even if the PSU wasn't the problem, it was probably a good idea to change it. It was the cheapest, lowest rated 500w unit EVGA makes. An open box budget build special.
  3. Followed your instructions word for word. While that did make startup a little smoother, the main issue still persists. I'm stumped. Could be a bad motherboard?
  4. I had an RX570 before the 2070. I used DDU to wipe the AMD drivers before I installed the Nvidia ones
  5. Upgraded the PSU to a Corsair RM750x and reseated both the graphics card and the RAM with no change. The problem persists. Could the issue have something to do with ASUS Aura Sync and Gigabyte RGBfusion interfering with each other?
  6. I tried reseating the components to no avail. I kinda figured the PSU could be the problem and I guess now is the time to try and upgrade it. Will update when done.
  7. Hello all, I was hoping I could get some help with an issue that has plagued my PC for a while. I installed a Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme RTX 2070 and while the gaming performance is stellar, my rig tends to lock up for a few seconds every 30 mins or so. It doesn't matter what I'm doing; gaming, web browsing, working, whatever, it keeps happening. More specifically, the screen freezes and the lights on the graphics card and ram sticks turn off. A few seconds later, they come back on and everything returns to normal. Here's what I've done do far: uninstalled the display drivers using DDU and reinstalled, installed an older driver, and removed all overclocks. I'm at a loss and any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Hardware: Ryzen 5 1600 Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming mobo 16gb of G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM Gigabyte AORUS XTREME RTX 2070 8gb (I know, a gold spec card in an otherwise bronze spec PC. It started out as a budget build) EVGA 500w PSU (bronze rated) 128gb SSD (boot) 2tb HDD
  8. This was a good idea! I rebuilt my whole system on the website and it confirmed everything was compatible. Thanks!
  9. I recently received a Gigabyte AORUS XTREME RTX 2070 as a pretty big upgrade to my existing Radeon RX 570. My question is do I need to upgrade my PSU to support it? If I do, what should I get? I'm currently running a pretty budget friendly EVGA 500w bronze unit paired with a moderately overclocked ryzen 5 1600 and a bunch of RGB components. Thank you!
  10. Honestly my budget is pretty tight. I've only spent around $350 USD on the whole system (good luck and bargain hunting). I'm not opposed to moving up to Ryzen or even something from intel, but if I could get away with using the DDR3 ram I just bought, I'd be happy
  11. You both were absolutely correct. Running Afterburner, all four cores were pegged at 100% just trying to load up Forza Horizon 3. Figures the only parts I got for free would be the limiting factor lol. Would dropping in an A10 5800K make much of a difference or should I just pony up and invest in a new motherboard and CPU? Would an Athlon X4 880K do the trick??
  12. I recently finished my super budget build (based on an old HP Pavilion p7-1414) designed for 1080p gaming at 60 fps+. Problem is, it performs like hot garbage. Forza Horizon 3 has wild fps fluctuations and never gets to 60, Fallout NV doesn't crest 30, Final Fantasy XIII is almost unplayable, etc. System Specs are as follows: AMD A8-5500 AMD Radeon RX 570 8gb 16gb Patriot Viper DDR3 (1866MHz) RAM EVGA 500W PSU Kingston 120gb SSD (boot) Seagate 2TB HDD (game) MSI MS-7778 Jasmine (stock HP motherboard) My graphics card should be more than capable of running these games at medium/high settings at 1080p and 60fps, so what's wrong? Is there a bottleneck in the system? Is it the CPU? The max the motherboard can take is an A10 5800K. Any help is greatly appreciated!