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  1. Note: I'm aware some games have an in-game option to do so, but it's causing stuttering or tearing on my monitor (I don't know which one of those two) When I play Warframe if I have my FPS unlocked it goes up to 400+ then my GPU fans begin to make a bit of noise, quite annoying, I tried to cap it within in-game settings but it begins to stutter / tear, so I used the program NVidia Inspector to cap my frame rate at 61.7, works like a charm. The problem is for some reason League of Legends has a delay whenever my frame rate is locked (weird, right?), so I have to open NVidia Inspector, unlock my frame rate and the delay is no longer there. So, is there any program that would automatically cap my frame rate to 60 whenever I open Warframe, then unlock it when I open League of Legends? Thank you
  2. Hi P

    DSR and DLSS

    Nice, how do you know it'll be available in 1440p? have they said anything about it?
  3. Hi P

    DSR and DLSS

    I see, so does DSR fake that resolution on any game? or is it an "exclusive" like DLSS?
  4. Hi P

    DSR and DLSS

    I was reading about DSR and DLSS on reddit and apparently DLSS is only available in 4K resolution, right, a couple users said to enable DSR 2.25 at 1440p to enable 4K and therefore DLSS, but I'm a bit confused by this. 1.- Doesn't DSR virtually multiply your native resolution by that factor? which would mean DSR 1.5 at 1400p would be enough for 4K? (2560 x 1.5 = 3840 --- 1440 x 1.5 = 2160) 2.- Why do most people leave DSR Smoothness in 33%? Thank you
  5. OS: Windows 8 I was looking for a program to turn off a laptop display without putting it to sleep / shutdown. 1.- I found this one, do you think it's reliable? https://www.thewindowsclub.com/screenoff-turn-off-windows-laptop-screen 2.- Do you know of any other alternative? Thank you
  6. Hi P

    Windows 10 - Dark Theme

    Yea I know, but I already have dark themes on my other apps, like you mentioned in Chrome, I use the "Stylish" add-on to skin other websites, the only thing that bothers me its the white on Windows File Explorer
  7. Hi P

    Windows 10 - Dark Theme

    No to both... I wasn't looking for a 3rd party program to bypass the restriction, I was looking for an alternative to achieve something similar to dark theme, I wasn't aware OS Skins were a thing
  8. Hi P

    Windows 10 - Dark Theme

    Personalization settings are only available to users with an active Windows license. I don't have it, so I was wondering, is there any 3rd party program to achieve a dark theme in windows? (to reduce eyestrain)
  9. Hi P

    GPU - 1 or 2 PCIe Cables?

    Yea I have the Standard setup, and I have enough cables for the image just left from it (the third one from left to right) But my question is, why is the dual cable recommended besides the single one? (standard) Does it make a difference in my case? Thank you, so it doesn't make a difference for me to go with either setup?
  10. Hi P

    GPU - 1 or 2 PCIe Cables?

    Sorry I may not understand what you mean (I'm super dumb) A single PCIe cable has one end being 1x 8-Pin and the other end being two 1x 8-pin (daisy chained I believe it's the name?), so I have the single end into my PSU, and the daisy chain end on my GPU The PSU came with like 3 PCIe cables, so am I okay with a single one?
  11. Hi P

    NVME VS SATA III M.2 booting X58

    Just three or four days ago I installed Windows 10 on both an NVMe (970 EVO) and on a SSD, honestly I couldn't tell the difference, I'd go as for to say it was either similar or the NVMe being just 2 seconds faster.
  12. GPU: Asus Dual GeForce RTX 2080 Ti OC PSU: Corsair RM850i My PCIe cable is setup like this (single cable) - 1x 8-pin - Power Supply - 2x 8-pin - Graphics Card I just got told on the NVidia GeForce forums that I should do dual cable: - 2x 8-pin - Power Supply - 2x 8-pin - Graphics Card (with the other end of both cables just being left unused) I'm not overclocking the GPU, but it's likely to be stressed during GPU rendering. Should I do the dual cable setup or am I okay on a single one? Mainly asking because while I do have enough cables to do the dual thing, I'd honestly rather not fit in more cables into the case if I can avoid doing so. Thank you
  13. I emailed ASUS about it, hopefully everything goes well with RMA if my GPU is among the faulty ones.
  14. Yup, I will try that suggestion once this crashes again, because since the system is working properly now, I would get video output from the motherboard, right? (let me know if this isn't the case, I'm bad at troubleshooting) (CPU: R5 2600)
  15. Ryzen system, I restarted the PC by holding down the power button when that happened, booted normally and I haven't had any issues so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if that happened again knowing that RTX been failing since launch. Do you know if my problem sounds like the GPU crashed?