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  1. Oh my god, now it worked! I swear I had tried that before, chances are I entered an incorrect path
  2. No worries, everything related to the processing is on a different code, already working That code from my post is just the button, nothing else, all I have to do is send that data.orderID through post, but I don't know how
  3. Original Paypal Implementation Disclaimer: I don't know JavaScript at all We are using Codeigniter (PHP) at work, handling the transactions through Paypal, everything is done and working. However, I had been sending the info via GET for testing purposes, but now that everything is working it has to be done through POST. What do I do to send it via POST? upon doing a quick google search I have found that it's not possible by using window.location Thank you
  4. I wouldn't be able to help but I'm pretty sure most people would want to look at the source code (in GitHub or somewhere) Here's a good discord channel for programming just in case you don't find help here: https://discord.gg/programming
  5. @Eigenvektor Thank you very much
  6. We did the following Someone created the base of the project Created a GitHub repository for it Pushed everything to Master Then I did: Cloned the repository Made a branch Worked on it (commiting and pushing) Sent pull request on GitHub The merge was successful but my branch still exists, do they not disappear or something after merge? Then I realized both my branch and the master are exactly the same (files, directory, code, everything), what...? Questions: Why do branches continue existing after merging them? Why did my branch copy everything from Master after merging? On hindsight... I do recall doing always the following: > git branch (just to double check where I am) > git checkout myBranch > git pull Does "git pull" on a branch pulls everything including master into it? should I've done "git pull origin myBranch" instead? Thank you very much, I'm confused as hell
  7. If specifically and only Windows, you can't go wrong with C#, that should be your #1 choice (but then again, you are tied to windows), however, for cross-platform there are other options available That screams both Java and Kotlin! (you should learn Java before Kotlin though) Forget about Python and C++ for this, I'm trying to save you a lot of headache and confusion, there's little android market for them compared to the former
  8. I was just watching a tutorial on Git & GitHub, so I attempted to use the merge function and got an error and I can't figure out why From Master branch From Child branch Merge Conflict I seriously don't understand where I am messing up, am I using merge incorrectly? I thought it was literally to merge code into the same file Please help, thank you
  9. That's honestly really interesting, I'm currently working in a small company (startup) and they only validate through the front-end on their web apps. My gut has been telling me to do it in both for a long time, but since I don't know any better I haven't talked to them about it. How can I learn to properly handle user input in my back-end? does that fall under security topics?
  10. Where do programmers handle user input errors? Brief example, let's say we have a simple form that asks the users for their age, said age should be between 1 and 125. Would such thing be handled in the front-end by limiting the user to input digits between 1 and 125 or do we look for such errors in the back-end? or both? Thank you
  11. Just curiosity, I work for a startup and all we do is simple CRUD web apps, and each of them has a single database (with tons of tables). Is that normal or are there cases were you need multiple databases? Thank you
  12. Is knowledge of JSP and Servlets required before jumping into Spring Framework?
  13. Say we have a Class to handle a database, and this class has 2 methods, one to INSERT and another to DELETE Do I have to create an Statement in each of these and close them after executing a query?? (short example below, ignore the empty catch) Is that how it works? Do I have to do this for any other method that has to interact with the database? Thank you
  14. Does CentOS 7 courses / tutorials easily translate into the new CentOS 8 system? or does version 8 do stuff differently? Thank you