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  1. I enrolled my self in a computer science program and I've been learning the basics of python on my free time (by reading the official guide), as my first programming language. I'm well aware that I'm a complete beginner, I don't even know what's the name of the field that focus on machine learning / deep learning, I just have one question: Is Machine / Deep learning a good field to pursue in terms of employment? (years down the road, I'm not going to try and learn it right now), that field sounds pretty cool, but there are other careers that also sound cool and graduates end up flipping burgers. Thank you
  2. Hi P

    Windows 10 theme changed its color

    Would it still allow me to update windows 10?
  3. Somehow my windows theme changed itself to a purple colour... I went to check the windows theme and it's purple, but I didn't change it! I can't even change the color because I don't have a windows 10 license. Is there a way to change it to default settings? I don't even know how this happened Thank you
  4. Thank you, do you know if multi rail is safer or something? any advantage over single rail? else I would just change it to single rail if that's what people suggest
  5. 1.- I was reading a couple posts saying multi-rail was safer or something, is that not the case? 2.- Are there any disadvantages of using multi-rail mode over single-rail? 3.- Do you guys know if the PSU is on multi-rail or single-rail right now (out of the box)?
  6. PSU: Corsair RM850i When I assembled my computer 2 months ago I noticed that two of the cables included weren't on any "PC assembly tutorial" that I had seen, so I just didn't use them, the cables are: - Corsair Link Cable (4-pin) - USB Cable (9-pin) Are any of these cables needed to enable Multi Rail on my PSU? (which one?) Thank you
  7. It's just an average sunny day, no power outage and my UPS begins to work as if there was a power outage, then after 30 seconds it goes back to silent mode. This has occurred 3 times in nearly 2 months, so while clearly not often at all, I'd still like to know why does it happen Thank you
  8. Hi P

    Can't Install NVidia Driver

    Thank you, I'll try that today, and I think it had an early NVidia 3xx driver Thank you, no I haven't, I'll check that out today
  9. GPU: NVS 5200M Driver: R410 U2 (411.63) OS: Windows 10 x64 Version: 1803 - 17134.523 I have no idea what's wrong with it, just says the OS isn't compatible. Any idea on how to fix it? Thank you
  10. Hi P

    Display GPU on Laptop

    This notebook has Intel Graphics along an NVS 5200M, the display is using the Intel Graphics. Is this normal? is there a way to select the NVS 5200M as the GPU for the display? Thank you
  11. Hi P

    NVidia Driver Question

    Thank you, one last question, does it also have the NVidia Control Panel? or is that a GTX / RTX thing?
  12. Hi P

    NVidia Driver Question

    There's this notebook that has "NVS 5200M" GPU, which NVidia driver do I have to install? Do I just install the 4xx driver series that everyone is using? Thank you
  13. It keeps disconnecting, over and over again, I don't even know what is it, it makes an annoying sound as if I were removing an USB over and over again. I tried disconnecting the wireless adapter but it is not the problem, keeps happening, as if this Intel thing were an internal drive or something. How do I fix this? Images: https://gyazo.com/159af2d20812a293f4744e934870bd83 https://gyazo.com/8b5f8df69a88b48d9b7065c96b3243b0 Edit - Solution Shutting down and / or restarting weren't making a difference, but somehow after shutting down the computer then turning off and back on the Power Supply seemed to do the trick, it fixed the bug.
  14. Hi P

    Are power spikes dangerous?

    So at the moment my computer is safe from those little drops? but not from lightning strikes during a storm, right?