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  1. None of my monitors have DPP ports. Kinda disappointed that my Benq RL2455HM doesn't... But the other two? An old Dell 4:3 and some 17" samsung hdtv. Nuff said.
  2. Hi, So i'm running Ubuntu at the moment, and because AMD's linux drivers suck, i can't use my third monitor. It's connected to the igpu via HDMI, but that doesn't work. But don't worry about that. I'm using the two DVI ports on my R9 280x for my other two monitors. So can i use a displayport to hdmi connector to connect the third monitor to my discrete gpu. I recall reading about the "clocks" for each connection to the gpu, so i'm not entirely sure that this will work. Not that it matters, but here's the cable: https://www.ple.com.au/ViewItem.aspx?InventoryItemId=612920 Thanks in advance TLDR: can i connect a third monitor to my AMD gpu with a DPP to HDMI cable?
  3. I love how putting Ubuntu on it makes it a "Developer Edition" Also i'm pretty sure that touch support in Ubuntu isn't very good
  4. Wow that's great, especially considering that i've made a habit out of going sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgradea lot thanks
  5. A good point. Linux laptops is barely even a thing. Whereas Macbooks are Windows laptops, well....
  6. So i was sitting with a friend when i saw this message. I turned to them and went "this is the problem" It's not all using terminal, and you actually don't have to use terminal (except perhaps in select situations, but then the same is true for windows). But you will find that it is easier and quicker to use the terminal. I literally just press the [key above tab] type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade", and my applications update. Awesome. But there's an application (so a graphical interface) for this, if you want to use it. I wrote the above comment, and then read your comment, lol. We said the same thing.
  7. Fantastic I can't download the two files that make up the extension. the Github link is 404 https://github.com/sstent/gnome-shell-extension-stealfocus
  8. I'm on ubuntu gnome Sorry, i must've forgotten to mention that earlier Either way, the "Steal my focus" extension doesn't work on gnome 3.16 Thanks for helping me anyway, it's more just a small annoyance than anything, you've helped me with all the major problems, and that's fantastic.
  9. Metacity wasn't installed, i installed it and ran the command, but no dice, things broke. A restart did indeed fix it. By the way, thanks for helping me
  10. Ah sorry, not quite. Edit: okay, i think i know what's happening With chrome, it occurs upon opening the second instance of it. With Nautilus, it works at startup, and it seems that after opening another application it stops working and then closing all apps): no dice
  11. Awesome! those changes, along with a reboot fixed it thanks SubTract The switch to Linux has been great
  12. There was some text in there (the same as in your screenshot above) But now it's blank Spoiler But no luck, it's still happening
  13. I'll look into that. Since my games will be in Windows, i'll only have to make a few profiles So i've disabled Hibernate and Fast startup, that should do it then EDIT: I'm not sure if i'm doing it wrong. But i've setup keyboard shortcuts for nautilus and google-chrome-stable. When using the shortcut, that awful "window is ready" box appears and the window doesn't focus. This only happens with the shortcuts, i've set the focus
  14. Hi, thank you so much for your post. I'll get to those things right away. As for apps, its not as big a deal as i first thought. I've found solutions for all the apps i use often, And i'm sure a windows vm can cover the rest. Windows will stay for the games though. At the moment i'm just clearing a hard drive so i can dedicate it to storage for Linux. I'd like to avoid writing to the NTFS D drive i've got, if i can avoid it. As for mouse profiles, i recall there being some way to bind mouse buttons via terminal, but profiles don't seem to be possible
  15. Haha yeah that's often a bad idea. Bad luck mate
  16. Wow that's a lot... So how did damage still occur?
  17. If you use the linux option you won't have to use the cmdline Either way, good luck If this happens often, that perhaps a UPS, or even just a surge protector is a good idea Cloning that windows partition won't help. Saving its data will
  18. Ah okay. I think the 6700k is just more consistent when it comes to overclocking. But both are great CPUs, you can't lose. Don't forget to factor in the cost of DDR4. I'm not sure if that stuff is still very expensive.
  19. If you get the z170 deluxe, then you can't use the i7-4790k. The z170 is Skylake, LGA1151 platform, whereas the 4790k is LGA1150, Haswell. So that's z97, B85, etc
  20. Oh looks fancy. The "armour" seems totally pointless (beyond a little bit of dust protection), but it still looks like a good mobo
  21. Nice but is that r7 250x going in a pc with the 4790k?