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  1. GarytheGeek

    bought 3 tickets under the same name

    Never mind, someone showed me what to do. It has been fixed.
  2. GarytheGeek

    bought 3 tickets under the same name

    i bought 3 tickets, 1 for me, 1 for my wife, 1 for my friend. but when i was going to print them just now, i saw that all 3 were under my name. am i in trouble? is this an issue? can i fix it? please help!
  3. GarytheGeek

    computer became unstable after moving.

    So i cleared the CMOS, i was able to OC the CPU again, and play a game without any issues thank you so much lets hope it stays stable
  4. i recently moved 500 miles and had to put my computer in storage for a month, and then i moved my computer to my new home. when i plugged it in and turned it on, it would turn on and off, and on, and off, every couple of seconds. it finally let me get in the bios where i disable OC. it would then turn on just fine. (but a few of the USB ports in the back were not reliable). the computer worked just fine when i was browsing the web, but when i played a game (overwatch) i was getting terrible FPS. when i tried to restart it it would not turn back on again, but instead did the on off on off cycle every couple of seconds. I think it the motherboard got damaged durring the move, but i am not sure. it could also be the RAM or PSU. I already tried the following -making sure all the power plugs are plugged in correctly -making sure the ram is seated correctly -look for visually damaged parts (there were none) because the computer will not even post, i do not think software has anything to do with it. my specs are the following i7 4770k, 1080 TI, 2x 16GB DDR3 ram, 600W 80+ bronze power supply, MSI z87-g41 motherboard. also because of the move, i am broke. i could probably afford to buy up to $200 in parts. so my question; what is most likely the problem, and is there a way for me to test the parts without buying replacements parts? (remember, i am broke, so i do not want to buy a part on a "maybe this will fix it" unless i have no other choice) and can i maybe fix it without replacing any parts (wishful thinking, i know)
  5. GarytheGeek

    Why do i not see a WAN show?

    So last week on friday, i did not see the wan show on youtube, it was not there. But the next day it is there, and it claimed that it was live the day before. And now a week later today (it is friday again) i can once again not see it. It is not on twitch either, but snippets of it are. Is anyone else having this problem? Does someone know what is going on?
  6. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    i look at benchmarks, from cpubenchmark.net and they say that the 7820x is faster than any 8th gen i7. i do not care that much about 8 cores. i just want to future proof my computer. i am also looking at the 8086k and 8700k, which are both 6 cores.
  7. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    @nikolaizombie1 ok, that makes sense. thank you
  8. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    @nikolaizombie1 it said right here that it is 120hz. (of course it could be wrong)
  9. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    a lot of people have been telling me on the form that the 7th generation intel is too old and so should not be considered. can someone educate me on why age is important if the 7th gen i am considering has the same performance, if not better? (price set aside) i cannot find one good 8th gen i7 with 8 cores
  10. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    what about this one from amazon, here? i do not care if it is from newegg or not.
  11. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    if ryzen does not over clock very well, i might stick with the 7820x
  12. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    i would prefer something a little smaller. with at least 100 Hz refresh rate for gaming. i live in an apartment and do not have a lot of room. i currently have two 21in 1080p from acer that i plan on moving over to the new build. and i have enough room for a 25 or so inch screen
  13. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    the 7820x is only $50 more than the 8700k,
  14. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    any you would recommend for me?
  15. GarytheGeek

    help picking out a CPU

    i do not have an exact resolution. i am thinking 1440p. either regular or ultra-wide versions of it, i have not picked out a monitor yet. but it looks like everyone is saying get a 2700x, so i guess that answers that.