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  1. So my folding stopped randomly, So my folding stopped randomly, not the fist time this has happened. usually i can get it to go again by stopping it and starting it again. but this time it will not go again. i tried restarting my computer. and i also tried reinstalling the program. anyone able to help?
  2. I have a dell optiplex 9010 SFF that i opened up to blow the dust out. i put it back together and plugged it in. it turned on on its own but it does not display anything. Fans spin, Hard drive spins, lights turn on, CD drive spins (which i can also open by pressing the button) but nothing comes on the screen. i plugged the monitor and cable into another PC and it works just fine. i tried swapping the RAM, which did nothing. i tried restarting the computer multiple times and still same result. the computer does not beep any codes. i have a 2nd identical computer and i am very tempted on opening that up to see if i did something wrong but i am afraid that that computer will also stop working. is there something else i can try? i would like to keep it working if i can, but it is 4 years old.
  3. it just now also started to do this in firefox. which is new, it did not do this before. but it is only for 1/2 of a second every once in a while so not nearly as bad as minecraft. and still not on any other game. i wonder if JAVA has anything to do with it. or is the monitor acting up? should i ask for a replacement monitor?
  4. sorry for the late reply. it does not happen with HDMI, but if i use HDMI i am locked to 60hz. and i bought this monitor because it is 144 hz
  5. It does not, only on this display.
  6. 2 updates 1. It happenes only if i look at the ground, not at the sky or water 2. It happens even if i turn g-sync off.
  7. I just bought a new monitor and it started doing this in minecraft. As far as i can tell it is only in minecraft and only if i look at a specific angle in specific locations. I updated nvidia drivers and it still happens. Idk if it is relevant, but the monitor is g-sync, and i have a 1080ti
  8. i doubt i would use powerplay. i am thinking of the g305 because of how light it is. as for the size, i found myself to prefer a smaller mouse, even though i have a mid to large size hand. but even then i do not even care that much about the size. the reason why the g305 is at the top of the list for me is because it is light and wireless, and has the hero sensor. the 3 things i care about the most. i do wish it was a little more fancy/ergonomical with a few more programmable buttons, but those are less important to me
  9. thank you for the list, that was very helpfull i am thinking of the Logitech G305, with the G703 and G403 as consideration. what would you recommend?
  10. The g602 has an older sensor, not a hero. how much of a difference will that make? Other than that it looks like a good option. And are there other brands i should look at, like Razor?
  11. My current mouse is failing and it was not good to begin with. i did not know how bad it was until i went to LTX and played games on one of the free to play computers, i realized just how bad my mouse is. (i was significantly better at landing headshots) so i am looking for a replacement, but cannot pick, so i am hopping you guys can give me some recommendations. i am looking to spend arround $50 USA for one. i do need at least 4 programmable buttons for the games i currently play (not including left, right, and middle click), lightweight (or modifiable to make it lightweight) good sensor (obviously) i prefer wireless, but at that price point that is probably not going to happen i am thinking of the g502 hero. but please tell me if there are other/better options for me. i do not care what brand i buy. currently i have an AzzA that was given to me for free.
  12. Never mind, someone showed me what to do. It has been fixed.
  13. i bought 3 tickets, 1 for me, 1 for my wife, 1 for my friend. but when i was going to print them just now, i saw that all 3 were under my name. am i in trouble? is this an issue? can i fix it? please help!
  14. So i cleared the CMOS, i was able to OC the CPU again, and play a game without any issues thank you so much lets hope it stays stable
  15. i recently moved 500 miles and had to put my computer in storage for a month, and then i moved my computer to my new home. when i plugged it in and turned it on, it would turn on and off, and on, and off, every couple of seconds. it finally let me get in the bios where i disable OC. it would then turn on just fine. (but a few of the USB ports in the back were not reliable). the computer worked just fine when i was browsing the web, but when i played a game (overwatch) i was getting terrible FPS. when i tried to restart it it would not turn back on again, but instead did the on off on off cycle every couple of seconds. I think it the motherboard got damaged durring the move, but i am not sure. it could also be the RAM or PSU. I already tried the following -making sure all the power plugs are plugged in correctly -making sure the ram is seated correctly -look for visually damaged parts (there were none) because the computer will not even post, i do not think software has anything to do with it. my specs are the following i7 4770k, 1080 TI, 2x 16GB DDR3 ram, 600W 80+ bronze power supply, MSI z87-g41 motherboard. also because of the move, i am broke. i could probably afford to buy up to $200 in parts. so my question; what is most likely the problem, and is there a way for me to test the parts without buying replacements parts? (remember, i am broke, so i do not want to buy a part on a "maybe this will fix it" unless i have no other choice) and can i maybe fix it without replacing any parts (wishful thinking, i know)