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  1. I wouldn't mind to have panels with experts talking about something and a live Q&A for this year, instead of not doing absolutely nothing. I wouldn't mind to pay a couple of bucks (as long I find a job lol) and have a stream. Much like [Laracon Online](https://laracon.net/). But that is what I think. Dunno what others think about it.
  2. If the space exists, It would be cool to have a Escape Room (or even two!) full of old software and ancient hardware.
  3. I think LTT could make a new "Building your first PC" series with more hindsight from start to finish. I made one for me internally years ago, but after I lost my document (something that I gave to my friends when YouTube wasn't a thing) I have never saw a video series with enough content to be the first-and-last-stop to building a PC. A video series would be cool if it had the following videos: Picking the parts: Budget, Purpose and Features Explore the world of PC building before opening your wallet. See why you need a PC, for what you will use it primarily, and what additional features you may want to add. until you hit the budget. A PC purpose Talk about workstations: gaming, video/audio edition, photo darkroom, NAS, HTPC, home server & streaming, etc. Why you may want a Laptop or an iPad. Why longevity may affect your pieces upgradeability. Cases: The size matters, but the quality too. Talk about fan headers, space constraints (motherboard size, PSU size), air flow, and cooling compatibility. CPU: Differences between sockets. Cheaper vs Pricey CPUs. Cores and HT. iGPU vs no-iGPU. Why this affects your motherboard platform. Cooling: A CPU Cooler and what is for. Low profile vs behemoths. AIO advantages and disadvantages. Why sometimes the included is just fine. Additional Fans. Common thermal paste. RAM: What is for. Speed vs Latency. Cheap RAM vs High Speed RAM for different workloads. Does RAM matter for gaming? Motherboard: Sizes and features. Connectors, PCI Express and IO. RAM Support. Advanced Features to keep in mind or pass. Footnote on VRMs for overclocking. GPU: What is for. Cheap GPU vs behemoths. Power consumption. Professional grade cards vs gaming cards. What is the VRAM for. What is PCI Express for. Storage: Where your information goes. HDD vs NAND Flash. SATA Connector vs M2. PCI Express vs SATA 6Gbps. Footnote for Intel Optane. PSU: What is. 80Plus and bogus certifications. Cases with PSU included. PSU form factors. To cheap out or not to cheap out. Longevity. Places to look for pieces: PCPartPicker, LogicalIncrements, Pangoly, and others sites that recommend or pick your PC parts for you. To RGB or not RGB: How it works. Why is just visual eye-candy. Common components to use for RGB. Building the Rig: Pieces, Order and Tools Start building your PC with what you have bought: Tools to have at hand (screwdriver, anti-static wrist strap if you really unsure, patience) The recommended order to do install things. Considerations to have in mind depending type of cases of coolers. Common problems and solutions: cable management, SATA L Connector, Case headers. Why you always connect power last, not first. Testing A full length video talking about: Motherboard LED and POST messages (RTFM). BIOS CPU and RAM configuration. RAM Timings and profiles. Power On but black screen. ATX Power tester. Stress tests tools (Memtest86, HWiNFO, AIDA64, Furmark, etc). Safe temperature of components (VRM, CPU, GPU, failsafe mechanisms). Installing an OS A short video talking about Installing Windows, Ubuntu. Footnote on Hackintosh. BIOS boot order. What is a bootloader and multi-boot different OS. That should be it. The major points can be just lengthy videos that talk about the process, and the other numbers can be relatively short videos (ala techquickie) with useful information about that matter, so it doesn't make the main video interminable. I wouldn't mind if this series of videos where in a custom channel made only for that purpose. Of course, I there is an already existing series like this, post it and close the topic lol. But this is my two cents.
  4. Yeah, but there is one problem: there is only one GPU. "Can two game with only 1 GPU"?
  5. I edited the question. Basically, a user would signin a VM for himself (or even his Windows account), where he could do whatever he wanted. Basically this: But I'm planning to shove in a decommissioned Quadro and/or some sort of GPU passthrough.
  6. Long time viewer (NCIX times, holy shit time passes like a flash). I was tasked by a friend to make a Home Server. While he doesn't know about computers, he told me the only requisite is to make the server a old-terminal style for his parent's house. He basically wants to have a Monitor, Mouse+Keyboard and maybe a free USB port, directly connected to the Home Server. So you would access to it directly in your VM no matter from where you could connect: The problem is to know if it's feasible or not. I thought to have long-ass HDMI and USB cables to each terminal, but I'm not in the loop of this kind of shenanigans. And, of course, GAMES. RPC and a-like are out of the question, lag is noticeable. So, it's this configuration kind of possible?