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  1. I wouldn't mind to have panels with experts talking about something and a live Q&A for this year, instead of not doing absolutely nothing. I wouldn't mind to pay a couple of bucks (as long I find a job lol) and have a stream. Much like [Laracon Online](https://laracon.net/). But that is what I think. Dunno what others think about it.
  2. If the space exists, It would be cool to have a Escape Room (or even two!) full of old software and ancient hardware.
  3. I think LTT could make a new "Building your first PC" series with more hindsight from start to finish. I made one for me internally years ago, but after I lost my document (something that I gave to my friends when YouTube wasn't a thing) I have never saw a video series with enough content to be the first-and-last-stop to building a PC. A video series would be cool if it had the following videos: Picking the parts: Budget, Purpose and Features Explore the world of PC building before opening your wallet. See why you need a PC, for what you will use it primarily, and what add
  4. Yeah, but there is one problem: there is only one GPU. "Can two game with only 1 GPU"?
  5. I edited the question. Basically, a user would signin a VM for himself (or even his Windows account), where he could do whatever he wanted. Basically this: But I'm planning to shove in a decommissioned Quadro and/or some sort of GPU passthrough.
  6. Long time viewer (NCIX times, holy shit time passes like a flash). I was tasked by a friend to make a Home Server. While he doesn't know about computers, he told me the only requisite is to make the server a old-terminal style for his parent's house. He basically wants to have a Monitor, Mouse+Keyboard and maybe a free USB port, directly connected to the Home Server. So you would access to it directly in your VM no matter from where you could connect: The problem is to know if it's feasible or not. I thought to have long-ass HDMI