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  1. I have 4 emails all of them linked to each other with the 2 factor authentication thingy turned on. I use them all for everything
  2. Bruh.... My s7 receives updates every 3 weeks whatcha talking about
  3. hello there! I was talking to an expressvpn support agent and I asked him if I can install the vpn to my router and he said its better to buy another router and use that as a vpn router. I really dont know how to do it all im kind of a noob my second router is D-LINK 2750U is there any tips or anything I should keep in mind while doing so? thanks
  4. thanks for the suggestion! I already have a samsung Galaxy S7 i wanted to see if this has a fix
  5. "no longer supported " that shit pisses me off
  6. yeah try asking apple that xDD I cant even activate it now lol idc what happens later
  7. yeah i tried cellular connection no help. why would they blacklist my IMEI idk my phone was working just fine before i formatted it. I already tried installing the IOS multiple times even different versions, still no luck. im starting to lose hope
  8. So I have this old Iphone 5s today I decided to format it within the phone setting. I did so and now when I turn it on it asks me to connect to the internet and activate my phone. When I try to do that, I get an error saying " your iphone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached. Try connecting your iphone to Itunes to activate it." However I get the same error on Itunes. I have not jailbroken my iphone. any tips? sorry if this is posted in the wrong section
  9. thanks guys! I decided to leave it alone i dont think it will be a good idea
  10. I really dont want to burn anything lol is there anything i should be aware of before overclocking my PC? here are the specs : CPU: AMD FX8350 8 CORE 4 GHZ Ram: 8 GB ddr3 GPU: msi 1060 3GB Vran GeForce Storage : 2 tb wd green hdd 120 gb ssd power supply 600 w bronze EVGA thanks!
  11. so it handles more instructions without slowing down u mean
  12. oh well in that case yeah thats better i know nothing about optane tbh