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  1. yeah it should support it Don't use vr myself though so I'm defitionally not an expert on it
  2. what sort of display inputs does the oculus have?
  3. yeah, I know that feeling 9had a pentium laptop at one time (around 2014-2016) If I put it under max load it was pretty loud lol
  4. yeah, laptops tend to run slower than pcs tbh I've found
  5. It has 6 cores and 12 threads and runs at 3.2ghz no worries
  6. seems right (not sure what you mean by 3.2 though)
  7. you can't get it work stably at higher frequencys at 1.2 volts
  8. did u set the voltage to 1.35 volts for dram and 3200mhz as the speed
  9. Glad you got it sorted though I wouldn't worry about the voltages btw (they do change a bit on auto I think?) Sorry wasn't on very much lately (busy with college assignments)
  10. no you generally can't add extra power headers to a board. though you could use a add on card I think
  11. links are allowed btw no worries
  12. Check the board QVL list though and try and get one that's on that though It's odd that the RAM worked on the old CPU but not the old one
  13. ah ok Thanks for that extra information
  14. Is it a new or a used cpu Is it a new or used CPU? Though btw the board should run it as it is on the compatible list for the board
  15. usually it won't cause issues if the ram speeds are slower
  16. Anyone looking for a java Hermitcraft-like PC server? -HermitCraft server datapacks -survival -1.15.2 -little server moderation -friendly community -whitelist only (you can apply anytime!!) -content creators welcome -Whitelist application is closed at the moment
  17. Get in touch with Dell and show them your proof of purchase (recipts and records etc. as Slottr said)
  18. https://www.amazon.com/DISDIM-Thunderbolt-Extension-Charging-Compatible/dp/B075MBS6JY/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=thunderbolt+3+extension&qid=1581431360&sr=8-13
  19. ah ok I'll do a bit of research though you could use a extension cable for the thunderbolt