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  1. if it lets me do everything in windows 8 shouldnt the ram be compatible it says 14gb when i look at system info
  2. i believe i pressed keep all my data with the media creation tool
  3. Hello, My brother's pc was old and the graphics card craped out on it so i decided to take some of his old parts and put them into a newer but still old pc. i took his gs600 power supply and also his ram which was the same speed as the newer pc. in total he has 14 gigs of ram combined (is it ok if i did that? let me know). The newer pc has an AMD A9-5500 apu but i had an extra rx570 to put in his build. the problem is that the newer pc is on windows 8.1 so i cant download proper drivers for the thing (also side note the hdmi ports on the card dont display but for some reason my display port male to hdmi female adapter works please help me with this as well). So after that i decided to download the media creation tool and install windows 10 but it hits me with this error message (i posted pic below) and i wanted help to know if its related to anything i said above, because i did kinda just slap some parts together for him so he can play wow later. if anyone can help that would be awesome. Thanks
  4. hello, my at&t uverse is messing up. When i play games on my xbox one my ping is 300+. I am supposed to get about 45 down and 5 up. My router is downstairs and my parents wont let me run Ethernet cord up to my room (upstairs). the router is fairly close, but there is one wall between my xbox and it. i have tried everything on youtube like using google dns settings finding the best channel, and placing the router the best i can (although its hard because the at&t guy put it in a weird corner) if you have any tips for fixing my ping without saying run a cord up to my room or buy a powerline adapter that would be great!