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  1. 16k porn? It'll be like you're really there, except you're not, and you'll begin to cry knowing that you will never experience this outside of watching a $5 million screen
  2. banned for banning someone on the basis of a previous banning
  3. Bit of an update for those still following this thread. I managed to get the ctrl+alt+del menu back to normal through the group policy editor. the only real thing that is an issue now is that google chrome is blocked from showing notifications. Should I just reinstall chrome to see if that'll change?
  4. Is it even possible to record more than 8k at this point in time? If not then the screen's probably going to be useless for quite some time.
  5. 0% internet explorer users... I'm so proud of this community
  6. You might want to back up your onedrive locally on an external hard drive or something just to be sure. (I don' mean using the onedrive software to sync it with your pc, I mean by actually downloading it.) I'm actually in a similar position right now so I'm keen to hear what happens. My guess is that once the school cancels the microsoft account associated with all of your school stuff you'll lose all access to your office programs without warning. My other guess is that your onedrive storage will be permanently lost.
  7. The software is made so that it locks me out of other software so that I can focus on taking an online exam. The issue is that it also screws up the windows install in the process. Is there no other way to repair the windows install? You can google it if you want. Its called the SACE safe exam browser. Probably should have said as well. I'm running windows 7 My biggest issue with reinstalling is that I'll have to buy a new OS key for windows 10 instead of 7, and I'll have to pay for all of my microsoft office products again.
  8. Hi guys, as the name suggests. I'm in a bit of trouble. I recently had to install a "Safe exam browser" for school, and it disabled a ton of stuff in my windows install. For example: (this is all from the log file which is attached) Chrome notifications have been disabled I'm unable to lock my laptop or switch users I'm unable to change my password I can't open task manager I no longer have sleep, log off, or hibernate buttons and the ease of access button no longer works (not a big deal) All that I can understand from the log file is all of this stuff above, and that it has used the registry to accomplish this, however I haven't been able to find the right keys to change. (also yes, the software has already been uninstalled, I'm not trying to evade all of its "safe" features) HELP sebwindowsservice.log
  9. Hey guys! I want to know if there is some sort of software that I can run that will be able to somewhat upscale some 640x480p30 footage to 1920x1080p30. For context, I've been given a bunch of footage shot on an iPhone, and I've been tasked with recreating the Brooklyn nine nine intro with these video clips, however most of these clips are only 640x480. I'm not looking for crystal-clear 1080p footage, just something that might be a bit better than 480p. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. have you tried a different cable to connect the GPU to your monitor?
  11. One last thing, turn off vsync and set the game to have a FPS cap of 70-90 fps
  12. Also, within the optifine settings in-game did you activate all of the "fast render" options?
  13. You should try turning down the Render distance until your CPU usage dips below 100%
  14. You shouldn't need to reinstall Windows, however your windows product key will most likely become deactivated due to the large hardware change. You may have to look into buying another product key, or speaking to Microsoft support about reactivating the product key on the new hardware.
  15. CS:GO, because my reaction times suck, and I'm bad at spotting enemies in the environment
  16. Parsec is a really great software to use on a Local Network. The latency is really low, and the quality is pretty good. I haven't had any experience with accessing a computer remotely from a different location though, so I'm not sure how much of a performance hit you would take.
  17. The older versions are free?
  18. Hey guys, My current phone (Samsung Core Prime) has begun to occasionally stop charging so I'm looking to upgrade. I've had my eye on a couple of phones: the Oppo AX7 and the Oppo Reno Z, although I'm not too sure which to pick. I'm open to any suggestions around my budget of AU$500 Thanks for any help!
  19. Possibly, if it is still connected to the speaker in some way (through a wire or something) it should be fine. idk what that PCB actually does though
  20. You should be able to follow the picture to re-solder the wires back on
  21. https://www.ifixit.com/Device/Corsair_Void_Pro_RGB Try using this to show where the wire needs to be reattached to
  22. They're definitely illegal. These activators usually use some sort of exploit inside windows to trick the OS into believing that it is registered, when in fact it is not.