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    Intel® Core™ i7-8700K
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    Aorus Z370 Gaming 7(rev 1.0)
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    Aorus 1080 Ti
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    Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA RGB Mid-Tower
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  1. I have two questions. First, why does https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com not like VPN? Second, is there any difference in PPD for 1080 Ti with different client-type options? As far as I know bigadv should be discontinued but what about advanced or any other that I do not know of?
  2. I am using Aorus 1080 Ti on water cooling and I haven't touched Nvidia Inspector nor Nvidia Profile Inspector and I only use MSI Afterburner to overclock and monitor. I am running +250 MHz and it reports 5258MHz while running at 58 Celsius for WU 13815. Aorus Engine is quite buggy for me but I do know that it always used to display 2x effective clock for my 1080 Ti.
  3. Thanks! This will help me tbh! Yeah, thank you for explaining everything so thoroughly, but I think I will go for some HEDT which will I probably use as my main rig and this one that I currently have will become secondary. Also, I've always used Windows, I've never had experience with Ubuntu, so that might be interesting to thing to do. Yeah, but sadly... "May not post to Serbia"
  4. Does anyone know what the performance difference is for x1, x4, x8 and x16 lanes? I know that on x1(usually with PCIe Risers) it is not worth folding, but what about x8 and x4? I plan on building folding rig(s) but I do not know if I should go for few systems or one high-end system with 3-4 GPU's. Does anyone have a perfect solution for me? Also, I'd like to know what you guys(@catawalks, @Cbwgoose, @miker07, @GOTSpectrum, @Den-Fi, @Gorgon) are using(full setups: GPU/Mobo/CPU). I'd use it for folding since I have a few PCIe slots and lanes open but I do not think it is worth for you to send it to Serbia.
  5. I am so guilty of using this as an excuse for quite a few times... Yeah, my first plan is to try and endure this as much as possible. The next phase will be replacing the PSU with one that is not corsair. If that doesn't work, I will just give up and wait for next build (probably not before 2020-2021) as it would be too much of a hassle to get a new Mobo, new cpu block for that mobo and then bend the tubes again due to little variances... Also, I've done some overclocking during the last 2 years, but I never saw PCIe power settings in BIOS. I have Gigabyte motherboard, do you know where might these settings be located?
  6. Actually tried that already. Tried almost everything (didn't replace PSU and didn't try other mobo as I do not have too much money to throw on it - already "wasted" a lot on it). Lowering CC or MC does not affect coil whine at all. Using 100% power limit is the worst. 150% with max core voltage seems to be best as I get a lot more from my GPU and weirdly coil whine is lower... And going below 100% PL does seem to lower coil whine but not enough as I still cannot fall asleep even if it is on 75%. On 60% it seems to be the most quiet but I do not think PPD on 60% is worth that much in my opinion. 50-60% PL is same on coil whine matter but it does lose 10% of power so I do not even consider going lower than 60%
  7. As far as I know 2060 is the best PPDPD(Points Per Day Per Dolar) card out there but you can check all the PPD's of cards here and I think you can find somewhere in this thread, someone compared all PPDPD's recently.
  8. I disable folding only during the night as coil whine is unbearable on my 1080Ti (even though I am on custom water loop) when everything is silent in the room. During the day, I play Faceit and Competitive MM with GPU folding always on "Full", I lose a few fps but it does not matter for me as my PC gets 150-200fps during the game but I have "only" 120Hz monitor. Tho, I do not know much about CPU folding, but since you already earning 1.3m per day, I'd recommend you to disable it as it uses too much power for little gain. And it heats up the room much more than GPU in my case at least.
  9. Do not for get Serbia! We are small, but we do participate!
  10. Thank you for the answer, it's good to hear that there will be more! Also, is there any thread here which notifies of the availability of merch or should I keep checking the lttstore.com daily?
  11. I've decided to buy Swacket and the day I was ready to pay, they sold out. Is there any estimate on when will they be back in store?
  12. Also, @Murford please get off my back, I am getting uncomfortable... Thanks in advance!
  13. Luckily I still have my QRB active... Yeah, I understand how math works. I've heard about it but I thought it wasn't up to date or something like that. But thank you! I will be using it from now on. I recently broke 1000 WUs mark so I got that one going for me. Now I just hope I am not near 200 failed ones.
  14. So I guess I shouldn't be testing my GPU stability with WUs... Should've known this. I probably have 50-100 failed ones in the last month (was testing 2 GPUs to get maximum out of them).
  15. I've read this on F@H website: The bonus is applied for users who use a passkey, have successfully returned at least 10 bonus-eligible WUs, have successfully returned 80% or more of assigned WUs, and returned the unit before its Timeout (formerly Preferred Deadline). Bonus points do not apply to partial returns. When I am trying to overclock the GPU and WU fails (due to unstable OC) do they count as unsuccessfully returned and can too many failed WUs affect my QRB?