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    Intel® Core™ i7-8700K
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    Aorus Z370 Gaming 7(rev 1.0)
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    Aorus 1080 Ti
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    Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA RGB Mid-Tower
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  1. Woah, that is cool, looks like I will have to set up Rosetta now!
  2. Yeah, I am always looking for good (and healthy as you say) competition as well! I know, but I am building myself a new main rig (probably with Ryzen 9 3900X or AMD Ryzen 9 3950X, haven't yet decided due to higher clock speed (on cheaper CPU) which I will need for CS:GO). So that is why I am thinking about 2080 Ti, otherwise 2080 Super or even 2080 (depending on offers) would be instant choice. Also, in Serbia, 1080 Ti used are moving between 300 and 425 euro, but I knew mine was worth more due to high overclock stability, good cooling and good aesthetics (Aorus card), so I've put it up for sale at 450 euro and it sold in like 2 weeks (now I am wondering if I should have put it for 500 euro, but I do not regret it tbh).
  3. Same here for my PPD... Just sold one of my 1080 Ti. Looks like @yaboistar is gonna make a good difference between two of us until I even attempt to chase him. Oh yeah, and @LAR_Systems is gonna pass me even faster now... Tho, 450 euro for used 1080 Ti, I think I did a good trade in my favour, looking to buy 2080 Ti or 2080 Super now!
  4. For me at least, if CC is unstable, all WUs are dropping before they even hit 1%, however, on unstable MC they can sometimes finish a whole WU while other times it crashes between 20-90%, but it really depends on WU that you get.
  5. Well, it does impact my gpu folding on 1070 (I have 9400f on that pc) and it brings up temps of gpu for about 2-3 C
  6. Oh hell yeah, CPU folding affects both Folding on GPU and mining as well. I learned that hard way.
  7. I think I have asked the same question about a year ago or so. I think the reason behind your "lower" usage is atoms count and difference between WUs. Look, to simply put it, my older AMD cards (r9 380 and r9 380x) are jumping (like really spiking) between 60% and 95% on some WUs while on others they are pinned to 100% and dip down to 50-60% for split seconds (which is normal as I understand it). However, on my newer NVIDIA cards (2x1080 Ti and 1070) usage is usually sitting at 85%, 90% or 95% on smaller atom count WUs, while they are pinned at 100% (without any dips whatsoever) on bigger atom count WUs. So it should be okay as long as your PPD is in normal range.
  8. I would personally recommend that as well. Gold PSUs are golden (bad pun intended). Titanium and Platinum are currently overpriced in my opinion and they have much smaller selection (they are usually all above 800W (while some cannot be found under 1200W)). Just try to avoid Bronze and Silver (again, my opinion).
  9. Well, it had really bad environment (it was really close to my main rig and they are both between bed and table - it's really tight there tbh), also it is in quite bad case (considering airflow) - NZXT H510 with 2 default fans spining at 800 rpm (max 1200) and 2 corsair fans spining at 1000rpm (max 2000), so it didn't get quite so much "new air" and it is quite warm in my room so there's that on top of 60-70% fan curve that I didn't want to be too loud (it was sitting at 55% when it hit 91C...). Also, it is usually in neighborhood of 60-70 C but this was some extreme unit... Estimated PPD was 1.9M on it and Power was around 140%. Changing thermal paste will probably help, but I am going away from home tomorrow morning so I cannot get myself to do it today. However, I will probably do it next week. Also, I like my OC... Not really keen on lowering it .
  10. hahah, it has been! Meanwhile, sold my RX580, and noticed that my 1080 Ti (overclocked +100/+200) was hitting 91C (with fan on 70%) and dropping around 20-30% units daily (this has been happening since 7th of February on Advanced client type so I guess it has something to do with some hardcore 0x22 cores). Therefore, I was leaving a lot of points on table. Gonna throw this computer in my warehouse (where is +5 C compared to my room where is between 22-26 C). We shall see what it does to PPD and failure rate.
  11. You can check requirements for all badges for F@H and BOINC in this thread:
  12. Ay ayyy ayyy, looks like I have to go shopping. See ya in a few days! That card is completely and utterly INSANE.
  13. OY... At least I will hit 500M before you surpass me. However, I'll have to put my 1080 Ti in folding machine so you do not surpass me... EVER