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  1. I decided to go with an ender 3, but heavily upgrade it. It gives me better print results for about the same price. I'd get this (or a geeetech a10 clone), unless you want a bigger printer. I'd get an evnovo sidewinder x1 or cr-10(s) if you want a bigger printer side note: i haven't heard about the mega-s but has great specs, it's up to you on that one.
  2. I've been looking into the creality ender 5 to replace my crap da Vinci mini w+. I was wondering if this community has any suggestions.
  3. I've seen that they get a good rep and I like warm sounding buds. If you have other suggestions at around the same price point I'm open to suggestions.
  4. I have a quick question about the connection (since I see reviews about bad connection, and I've had bad experiences in the past). Have you had any problems with audio cutting out whether it be a bad mmcx connection/bad Bluetooth connection?
  5. I'm doing to be using them in my home setting, I just want to be able to use them during a workout.
  6. Hello! So I've been looking at getting myself some tin hifi t3 IEMs for the upcoming holiday season, but I wanted a more portable wireless solution for when I workout. I was wondering what the best solution is for wireless audio with these IEMs is for an affordable price (preferably under $50). Thanks!
  7. The modmic is really picky about what audio interfaces it works with. I'd get the first party sound card. If that doesn't work, return it and it's a problem with the modmic. When I first got my modmic it had the same high pitched noise when used with on-board audio.
  8. TheNFactor

    Headphone heating up

    Alright thanks! I'd go with the hs50's razer doesn't know how to make good gaming headphones. I'd go to rtings.com if you're worried about heat, they take everything about headphones and headsets into account. I've provided a link to their headphone comparison tool, you can use it to compare other headphones too. https://www.rtings.com/headphones/tools/compare/razer-kraken-usb-vs-corsair-hs50/497/772
  9. Cpu pins work in mysterious ways. I suggest looking up cpu pin diagrams and trying to figure out what the missing pin controls. Many cpu pins have redundant tasks or are only used for grounding, it is entirely possible that that one pin is affecting your on board audio. First I'd try reinstalling your motherboard chipset drivers (use driver booster or driver easy because it makes it way easier) and then troubleshoot other related drivers. If worst comes to worst and you can't get the on board audio to work Id check on warrenty or you can just buy a cheap audio USB or a higher end dac.
  10. TheNFactor

    Headphone heating up

    Do you mean that your ears are heating or that the actual unit is heating?
  11. The mouse that you choose should really depend on your hand size because these mice are very different. Check out this video:
  12. I might just get the DT 990 pro 250 ohm's idk. But I'll still get the mx3.
  13. Yeah. I'll probably just stick to my plan as of now.