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  1. I wasn't bothered with the picture quality, I do like those black IDE cables. A bit off topic, I've ordered the parts for my upcoming build and hopefully not getting any doa parts
  2. Yeah it was, I still play it with 2 SWR Productions mods, the Shockwave and Rise of the Reds to be exact, and sometimes I play it with friends at LAN parties.
  3. Steam, duh Volvo S40 or V70
  4. Oh that is so ****ing annoying when it happens, which it does time to time :angry:
  5. Ahhh playing and completing the entire Red Alert 2 campaign which took me 8 days to finish back in the summer of 2009 if I remember it correctly. But most of my summer memories are about having vacation or having fun with friends.
  6. The well known Command & Conquer series that was made by Westwood studios, it's quite sad for me and a lot of other C&C fans how the series ended up in a money grabbing machine compared to what it previously was
  7. It will last for quite a bit especially when having a higher end system in the beginning. The last 3 years didn't deliver huge improvements in the CPU department but there were when it comes to the GPU market. My guess is around the 7 to 10 years.
  8. Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day for me! I'm ordering the PC parts from Azerty and hope that there aren't any doa parts :-O

  9. Rabbits Not many people who know you. I didn't understand the question completely :unsure: Packard Bell or Gateway?
  10. I remove them or leave them in the box them. The logo of the case manufacturer is more then enough.
  11. I started to game on an AMD Athlon based PC. I was then playing Crash Day back in 2006 when I was 7 years old. In 2011 I started to build interest in PC hardware.
  12. Holy moly but I can always be worse, like the previous Samsung Chronos Series 7 laptop that took 6 minutes to have a fully functional Win7 to work with and I'm not kidding you if I click once on the touchpad the system would instantly freeze to death and the entire process begins again <_<
  13. Well the boot time was about 4 minutes, that's just to load the logon screen of Windows 7. But the user account is password locked so I need to reset that so I can finally see how it's capable of handling the severe load of Windows 7 Ultimate.
  14. Cool! I need to install Ubuntu on it, (It has Windows 7 Ultimate on it :blink:). It's more then 10 years old, as what the previous owner told me.
  15. The collection, 2 old Epson scanner and printer. Nokia 6600 Floppy drive with IDE cable and one floppy them self. Old home PC with Pentium E2200 and 3 GB of RAM. The original PSP, I do use it time to time to play GTA games on it. Couple of tape drives. Old satellite receivers from 2004 PS2 keyboards and mice. I do use them for troubleshooting older systems. (But they are the rest of the year in the handy stuff storage box) New to the obsolete stuff collection, an old Siemens PC with Celeron D and integrated graphics
  16. I'm around 4 and 5. I love hearing fans "wooshing" in the background but I don't like getting disturbed by ticking noice of hard drives or buzzing from speakers, because that will anoy me for a bit. If it gets too annoying for me to focus on my work, I will grab my earbuds and they will cancel out most of the background noice.
  17. I was in Frankfurt am Main, Germany because of my mother side niece marrage. I've stayed there for 5 days and it was great!

    1. Simmytu


      I didn't upload any video's for the last 3 years because of copyright strike. I did solve it fortunately. I'm planning uploading unboxings of the parts and build log of me putting my upcoming build together but I don't have any video editing skills nor the required software :-(

    2. M-ursu


      Editing aint that hard when you have some time to fiqure it out, if you need any help, just ask and i will help you :)

    3. Simmytu


      Ahh thanks for your kindness. I will look for tutorials and try myself and if I fail at it (Which most likely would) I will contact you. Again thanks for your offer :-)

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  18. Mine would be a Volvo S40 from 1999, old and slow for today's standard but reliable just like my Packard Bell Easynote
  19. I don't think so. Modern PSU's do have prevention mechanism built in that power off the PSU if it gets too much load. Bad case scenario: I take the 430W Cooler Master PSU that my friend previously had as an example, it did shut down when he powered his PC with an 270X, the components did survive except his PSU, it unfortunately did blew up because of too much load. You don't have to worry much about it. @Zeals decently explained OCZ PSU's. It's certainly not the best PSU brand but it does deliver it's job fine.
  20. I love these side jokes after each tip :lol:
  21. I do like them, they are minimalistic and they have in my taste a unique design too. But didn't you make sandals for Linus?