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  1. 8 hours ago, Fasauceome said:

    Are you saying that the AX860 isn't 80+ platinum? I don't see what you're getting at here.


    546 watts from the wall roughly translates to 500 watts of power delivery, based on a 92% efficiency. That's not a spec or anything, that's just some napkin math based on 80+ platinum.

    My i7 8086k at 5.1ghz uses 152 watts max. You have one so you could test it yourself.

    My EVGA uses 387 watts max. That is a bit over what it states in the bios but I posted the bios images here.


    The only bench/game that hit my CPU and GPU hard at the same time is AC:O and that is how I test real world max output. All my synthetic benches hit one or the other but none both at the same time.


    GPU Z tells me I am using 383 watts max when playing. 

    The ASUS EC sensor on my Hero board tells me the CPU power usage through HWiNFO is 132 watts when playing. 

    The power meter plug readings go well with what the software is telling me so I would like to know what is off.

    Is it GPU Z, HWiNFO or my power meter that is off. 


    Do you think the software is catching spikes in power usage that the power meter does not see?  Like on the other side of the PSU(not the wall side).

    All I want to do is figure out what is causing the discrepancy. 


  2. 3 hours ago, Driver95 said:

    @jones177 @merced175 @RAS_3885 @Fasauceome 


    Its a Prebuilt PC that came with a Blower RTX 2080 Ti from MSI that strangely you cant buy anywhere in my Country (Germany) except on Sites from the US or Turkey..?
    you can only find info on it on the Chinese MSI Website and im not happy with it anymore because its way too loud and hot, thats why im desperately looking for a replacement and something more silent, so to say, Power Limit with the blower was 100 % and it never ,,sucked“ more than 250w, shouldnt it be enough if i power limit the Gigabyte too? Im not planning on overclocking anything, i was and am satisfied with the performance but the noise under load from the blower is unbearable, i cant take it anymore.

    My other Specs are:

    32GB 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM

    i9-9900K Watercooled with Enermax LiqTech II 280mm 

    1TB Crucial NVMe M2 SSD
    2TB Seagate HDD 7200rpm

    MSI Z-370 Motherboard


    My EVGA XC is too loud overclocked if the game uses a lot of CPU(air cooled) as well.  It stays at stock most of the time. 

    The FTW3 Ultra is quite under load and I average 2040mhz in games with the stock fan curve. Unlike the XC it has a 24/7 overclock.


    Even with stock clocks on the XC I set the power limit to max to help keep things smooth while there is a lot of action on screen. Without an overclock it rarely goes over 110%. 

    according to GPU Z it uses at most 354 watts. 

    3 hours ago, Fasauceome said:

    you have an 80+ platinum PSU in your profile specs, which means the PSU is delivering close to 500 watts to your components. That would make a 600 watt PSU a-ok for this case.

     Where does it say that on the Corsair website? 

    Do you get this info from a source? If so please share it.


  3. I use 4k monitors and play at 4k,1440p and test at 1080p.

    My icons don't move.


    I play all none 4k games at full screen but I do go out of them to put "prints screens" into photoshop. 

    I use a LG OLED TV and a 32" LG VA monitor.


    I did have the issue when I used Windows 7 and fixed it by installing a monitor driver. 

  4. I have a i7 6700k gig and two GTX 1080s.


    The #1 1080 ia a EVGA SC. The second is a Gigabyte Extreme.  


    Here is a Heaven score with one 1080 and then two.



    My advice is don't get a card that is not the same height as yours.  My cards are different heights.  My fancy totally rigid bridge did not fit but the cheap one that came with my Hero X motherboard did.  It was cringy watching the PCB bend but it worked.


    I have two RTX 2080 ti gaming computers and I use the GTX 1080 SLI setup for mod testing.  A computer with a single GTX 1080 could not do the frames to make it worthwhile to me to use it.




  5. The original program for doing that is called Large Address Aware(laa_2_0_4.zip).


    I used it for Skyrim LE, Fallout 3, Fallout NV, Oblivion and Mass Effect to name a few. Without it I could not mod those old games.

    It aloud the games to use 4gb ram instead of 2.


    I used it on Skyrim in the first week it came out since some assets would load in without textures. Steam removed it with every update until Bethesda made it part of the executable. 


    GOG used it on older games as well. 



  6. Cinebench uses the Cinema 4D engine so it is basically a 3D rendering program demo.


    I had computers rending, using all the cores for years.

    My i7 2600k did it every day and some nights from 2011 to 2018.

    If Cinebench used all your CPU the computer would be unusable for anything else.

    The motherboard went before the CPU.


    The difference I get without a reboot is about 2 points in the single core test so 220 instead of 222. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, JordanLindsay said:

    I know my old gtx1080 had a better score 


    Power limit is set to 100%


    it shows at 1350mhz, how would I know if its ‘stuck’ at this?

    Run Heaven in a window at 1080p extreme with MSI afterburner running. If the card does not go over 1350mhz RMA it.


    Also look at the graph that is called power% on afterburner and see if it reaches 100%.  It has been reported on the EVGA forums that some cards get stuck at a lower percentage. This can survive a reboot and switching the computer off then on gets it back to normal. My FTW3 Ultra has done this 3 time since I bought it.


  8. 13 hours ago, TheNaitsyrk said:




    Currently have 3x Acer Predators X34P.


    I am moving and I don't have space for them.


    What would be the best display for these GPUs?


    I was thinking ultra ultra wide 49" 5120x1440 with 144Hz or something. Budget up to £1100.


    Not sure if G-Sync is a must since displays like these don't usually carry it now.


    I would go with a 38" 3840 X 1600 144hz monitor.


    For some unknown reason 1600 vertical pixels is far superior to 1440.  It looks closer to 4k. Even my modded game with 8k textures show features that are not visible at 1440.

    I now consider 1440 low res because of it.


    I have a 75hz model that is perfect for a single 2080 ti but for 144hz two would make sense. 

  9. 10 minutes ago, JordanLindsay said:

    no stock its a pny card that would have had a slightly higher clock than reference 

    Your graphic score is less than half of what my slow(EVGA XC) 2080 ti(16040)does so something is up. A water cooled card should do about 16250.


    Run MSI Afterburner and see if the card is reaching its power limit.  At stock that would be 100%.   

    Also make sure that it is not stuck at 1350mhz.  This is a none bug.


    Your CPU score looks fine. My 5gz 6 cores do around 8000.


  10. 6 minutes ago, Ph1n3aSs said:

    Since my current PC is already 6 years old, I am putting together a new PC, not just one but my personal "dream" PC! The starting point of the PC is the best possible components for a gaming PC with a budget of € 3000 to € 3500, where the entire system must be RGB compatible with Philips Hue Sync and Razer Synapse, so I have currently opted for ASUS (Aura).

    At the moment my shopping cart contains the components below where I still wonder if there are better options compared to these components where I stay within my budget. In addition, I am very curious about which memory options you would advise me ...

    Shopping cart:

    ASUS ROG Strix Helios
    ASUS ROG Aura Terminal
    ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming
    Intel Core i9 9900K
    ASUS ROG Strix LC 360
    G. Skill DDR4 Trident-Z 2x8GB 3200Mhz CL14
    Samsung EVO 970 500 GB
    Sasmung EVO 970 1 TB
    ASUS RTX 2080TI O11G Gaming

    Current total: € 3429.85

    Personally I am very curious about your ideas, I prefer to order the PC as soon as possible given the current situations ...

    For high end I would not go with a Strix motherboard. I would go with a AORUS board. If it has to be ASUS go Hero.


    An 970 EVO only benefits open world games that load as you move around the world. Only my modded games that use 4 and 8k textures or 10 X NPCs use the extra speed of the EVO. For all non modified games the SATA SSDs on my other gaming computer do just fine. That may change with games designed for the new consoles.    

    For the high end get a 2tb 970 EVO. For games now get a 4tb SATA. 

    Since I mod games I would only buy 2tb EVOs. 


    The boost clock on the ASUS RTX 2080TI O11G Gaming is too low for me to consider it high end.

    A 2080 ti it has to run at around 2040 to 2100mhz with a 24/7 overclock to be considered high end. My EVGA FTW3 Ultra can do that with the default fan curve but my EVGA XC can't come close. It also needs a power limit over 124% so it can get the power to maintain high clocks.

    A better choice wound be a EVGA Hybrid since it has a higher boost clock(1755) and would stay a lot cooler and that equals higher mhz. It is also on sale at $200 off.


    I use 3200mhz ram but I am starting to think it was a mistake. If I was buying now I would go with 3600mhz ram since if I decided to go Ryzen next gen I would have ram better suited to it.



  11. I replaced my GTX 1080 tis with RTX 2080 ti and I have been happy with the decision.  They gave me the frames I wanted.

    That was in 2018.  I would not by one now unless it was a replacement. If there was a big discount I would say yes. 


    If you still use the i7 6700k that is another good reason not to get a 2080 ti. 

    My i7 8700k stock on all cores(4.7ghz) with a EVGA FTW3 Ultra could not beet my i7 8086k at 5ghz using a EVGA XC. The FTW3 Ultra cost $300 more than the XC and runs 10c cooler. With the 2080 tis the performance drop off is like a cliff. It is not even comparable to the 1080 ti because of it(I have 3 1080 tis).

    I replaced the i7 8700k since I lost the silicon lottery with it.


    Only the 2080 tis that have a boost clock of 1635mhz or higher are worth buying. The ones with less usually only have 112% on the power limit and run too hot.  A 2080 ti needs 124 to 130% on the power limit to worth buying at all. That leaves out most of the cheap 2080 tis.

    The minimum is a card like my XC but it does run hot overclocked and if I would had known I would have gotten the Ultra version.


    Also if you still mod Fallout 4 a 2080 ti will not help much getting frames but a 5ghz 6 or 8 core upgrade transforms the game. The lows in Boston and around built up settlements are above 60fps so they don't exist. The game is smooth everywhere even with 10 time the NPCs than vanilla(60 feral ghouls).  




  12. 5 hours ago, MissAuroraKitty said:

    @jones177 can a 3700x work?

    It depends on what your 2080 ti runs at. 


    I tested between a my two gaming computers. At the time they used the same motherboard ram and SSD so the only difference was the CPUs frequency and the cooling solution of the 2080 tis


    One is an i7 8700k at 4.7ghz all cores with an EVGA FTW3 Ultra 2080 ti running at 2040mhz average overclocked.

    The other is a i7 8086k at 5ghz on all cores with an EVGA XC 2080 ti running at 1950mhz average overclocked.


    The computer with the 5ghz CPU won every test even though the 2080 ti was slower and cost $300 less. 

    It made the FTW3 Ultra pointless.


    I only noticed the difference in performance because I have 2 gaming computers.

    When they were both were running EVGA 1080 ti SC2s the difference between them was 3 to 5 frames in games and benches. The 1080 tis made the 5ghz CPU pointless.  


    I replaces the i7 8700k with another i7 8086k and now the FTW3 Ultra always wins.


    At hybrid temps and good silicon your 2080 ti should run between 2085mhz and 2115mhz overclocked. If you want all the performance get an i9 9900k and overclock it to 5ghz on laa cores or more. 


    If you don't mind losing a few frames get the R 3700x. The difference in gameplay does not exist in vanilla games.

    In building and heavily modded games it can mean the difference between smooth and stutter if taken to the limit.  



  13. If you are using a 5930k then you will have a bottleneck problem.


    The 5930k has about the same IPC as an i7 4770k or a R 3 2200G and that is not suitably at all for a 2080 ti.


    Even my i7 8700k that ran perfectly with a GTX 1080 ti had issues with a RTX 2080 ti but my i7 8680k that is a 5ghz chip did not.


    For picking a CPU for a RTX 2080 ti I use Cinebench R15 single core test and I consider any CPU with a score of less than 216 unsuitable for a 2080 ti.


    So for Ryzen a R9 3900X or a R9 3950X. For Intel an i9 9900k or better.


    I play building games like Space Engineers and modding games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 and high IPC and frequency is a must if you like to push it and stay smooth.    

  14. I like it on my OLED in movies going through the TV. 

    Through Windows it is just plain bad even on the OLED. It is literally night and day. 


    In games it is about the same on my OLED TV and my HDR 10 monitor since they go through Windows. 

  15. I would only go Intel if you were going for a i9 9900k along with a RTX 2080 ti. 

    My 2080 tis like 5hz but my GTX 1080 tis did not care less. 


    Also 6 core with no threads is a dead end so a i7-9700K is the minimum this gen. 


    I would not get a 1tb 970 EVO unless you need it for productivity.

    I have the 2tb version in one of my computers. Only my heavily modded/building games use the extra speed. A 2tb SATA would be a better choice if you don't mod games.


    The only reason I am not using my 2011 builds PSU(750 watt) is because I wanted to go modular.  Only my overclocked RTX 2080 ti uses a silly amount of power so your old 650 should be fine.

  16. My modded Fallout 4 is more fun than any vanilla game I have played. 


    Right now I am playing Space Engineer. It is fun if you like building things. 

    I am not using mods yet but I will in the future.

    Today I am setting up a server for my Son and his friends. I am hoping that my i7 6700k is up to the task since I have a motherboard for it but if not I will use an i7 8700k with a new motherboard.  I won't build on the server but I may take part in space battles as a missle sponge. 


  17. I have both and can't tell the difference but I play at 1440p 120hz, 1440p 144hz and 4k 60hz.

    The 144hz monitor is a LG 32" with a G-sync module and my LG OLED TV is G-sync compatible.


    Both are better than my Freesync monitor with a Nvidia GPU but my GPU is capable of doing the frames at the refresh rate of the monitor so I rarely have an issue.