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  1. hoiv

    GPU Not Detected

    Just the normal integrated graphics. Doesn’t show up in the device manager.
  2. hoiv

    GPU Not Detected

    Forgot to mention, I tried changing slots and still didn’t work.
  3. hoiv

    GPU Not Detected

    Here’s an update for anyone else seeing this. I have an MSI mobo in an older PC and the new PC has the z390 E Gaming. The older PC has a 970 in it. 2080- detected on MSI mobo 970- detected on MSI mobo 2080- not detected on Asus mobo 970- detected and works on Asus mobo this is where it gets confusing. The 970 works perfectly fine with both mobos but the 2080 only works with the older MSI. But when I put the 2080 into the Asus mobo, if I run CPU Z the 2080 shows up. I’m very very confused on what is going on. CPU Z detects the 2080 but it’s not up. If anyone can help, please do. My discord is hoiv#4172 . Any help would be appreciated.
  4. hoiv

    GPU Not Detected

    All power is connected correctly. For another PCIE- Express port, do you mean changing slots or cables?
  5. Hello, So I just picked up this PC from someone and it is only 4 months old. I just got it and the GPU isn't detected. I have tried full power recycle, taking it out and plugging it back in but now I have no idea what to do. The lights are on and the fans are spinning but it just won't get detected. The GPU is the EVGA 2080. If anyone has a fix please help.
  6. Just gaming, photoshop, and video editing.
  7. Not trying to spend $700+ for a gpu, when I have a perfectly good one to use.
  8. So I am planning a new build, and got some quick questions -------------------------------------------------------- Build - i7-8700k NZXT Kraken x62 Asus ROG Strix z370-F 32 GB corsair vengeance RGB (ddr4 3200) gtx 1080 Samsung 970 evo 250 gb m.2 Samsung 960 evo 500 gb ssd 2 TB seagate HDD NZXT h500i EVGA supernova 750w 80+ gold 3 corsair ll120 rgb fans --------------------------------------------------------- So I don't know if 32 gb of RAM is overkill for this build, but I am trying to build a beast of a PC. the gtx 1080 and the 960 evo is from my current build (1080 is decently new and the ssd is brand new). 1. With the h500i, I know it has a smarthub for fans for RGB, so can I connect my ll120 fans and download nzxt's software to control fan speed, and the RGB colors, or would I need the corsair control center. 2. The LED lights that come with the case, where would I connect those on the mobo? What port would I connect it to? 3. Is the RAM overkill, or would 16 gb be better? I want to fill all the RAM slots, so if I am using 32 gb I would be using 4x8gb. But if that is overkill, then I will be using 4x4gb. Thanks for the help, and will post pics of my build once its completed!
  9. hoiv

    Help please

    I got it all fixed,was a pain and very annoying but ended up fixing it. Turned out it was the DRAM light. Took out a RAM stick, and my HDD, gave it a boot, ran the bios and everything, then shut it down, put everything back in and I was good.
  10. hoiv

    Help please

    I have the msi csm h100m pro vhl, and I’ve tried all the pci-e slots I got. I now figured out there is a red light above my ram sticks, and I have no idea what that means or why it’s on. I’ve never noticed it before either.
  11. hoiv

    Help please

    All drivers were updated. I did a whole power cycle reset and nothing works still.
  12. hoiv

    Help please

    I can’t even get an error code anymore. Now it just won’t display anything, or when it does, my pre boot menu just freezes.
  13. hoiv

    Help please

    Yeah my PC wont even display anything. I turn it on, and nothing happens.
  14. hoiv

    Help please

    Hello, so I just got a gtx 1080 founders edition from one of my friends, basically brand new, and I installed it a few hours ago. I am now running into “your pc ran into a problem, collecting error data........” I am running an i5 6500 with 8gb of ram. I don’t know if it’s my CPU not being able to handle it, or the ram amount, or both. I don’t know what else to do. Please help. Thank you
  15. hoiv

    Monitor Help

    Hello, so I have to asus VG248QZ monitors, and I bought 2 Display Ports with them. Only 1 of them will work. I unplugged the second monitor, connected a HDMI, and it worked, but, I want to use this extra display port. I don't know if I can even do that, but that's why I am here. Also, on my second monitor (the one connected to the HDMI), only goes up to 75 Hz, and not 144 Hz (when both monitors are 144 Hz). It says "Out of range" on my monitor when I try and turn it up to 144 Hz. I don't know if my GPU simply can't handle it, or what the problem is. I have GTX 970. Help please.