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  1. yes, my CPU usage is well below even 70% according to Task Manager and even the in-game performance measurements.
  2. I've been playing some Doom Eternal and I've been having severe performance issues and I'm not sure why. Everything is up to date but my GPU has much more issues with the game than others. I was watching this to see other users performance on the game and they're able to get much better performance than me, despite almost identical specs. I have to keep everything at the lowest possible settings to get a barely stable 60fps, while they're able to get 60+ on ultra nightmare. Anyone have any idea why this is the case ? There isn't any background processes taking up resources as far as I can tell.
  3. So if I were to OC the RAM speed to 3200MHz then Windows would report 1600MHz which would be 3200MT/s
  4. I was in task manager trying to get some performance charts when running a program and noticed my RAM's frequency was only 1500MHz. I went into bios and it's set to 3000MHz. I thought Task Manager was just reporting the wrong info but even CPU-Z has the same frequency showing. CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g (Non-OC) (GPU part manually disabled in BIOS) RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16gb 2x8gb (stock 3000MHz) M/B : Asus Prime B450-PLUS
  5. I've heard similar things from other laptops in the past, but its been becoming more frequent for me recently, where during normal web browsing, youtube, gaming, etc; a weird distorted noise plays and performance goes weird. During watching videos(YT) the audio gets messed up and a frame gets stuck for a few second(s) longer then goes back to normal. When gaming and the distorting occurs, the game audio acts like it does when watching videos, and performance goes from 110fps, to 1-2fps and then goes back to normal. I have no clue what this is, and I'm not sure if its a cooling issue(distorting happens longer during games than video streaming) or something else. Anyone else had this issue ?
  6. I'm using a CORSAIR Carbide 100R Mid-Tower Case which has a filter on the bottom, but the legs are so low that I'm not sure how well airflow would be.
  7. I wasn't sure as to keep the PSU facing downwards or upwards as the case legs were small and I'm not sure how well the airflow would be considering the graphics card fan, is facing it also. The case is a CORSAIR Carbide 100R Mid-Tower Case.
  8. So I'm still having the issue, and I've contacted Asus for this and they're working on it, but another issue, is my new Corsair PSU makes this buzzing noise when playing games or under load. its not like the previous PSU where is made the noise cause of the cable. Any clue for the PSU making noise ?
  9. I bought a new Corsair 550watt PSU and it appears to still haven't solved this issue....
  10. huh,didn't see that. Thanks ! Besides cable managing is there any reason to go for a semi modular vs the modular ? Since its a whole $10 difference.
  11. Seems like a 650 watt PSU, which for me is a bit overkill.
  12. Do you know which one on that list would be the best 400-450watt on a budget ?
  13. So my current PSU has been making some weird buzzing noise when the power cable is facing downwards, and my PC will turn on and off then on again when I turn it on. I'm pretty sure these issues are caused by the PSU so I'm considering doing a RMA or buying a new PSU. I'm currently using a EVGA 400w PSU. It isn't 80% certified and I was looking up some info about it, and someone mentioned that some non 80+ certified PSU's can be bad for the PC in the long run. Is that true, and would I be better off spending more money on a more efficient PSU ?
  14. I recently got a Sandisk 128gb 3.0 usb from Amazon and I got a TP Link USB wifi adapter(When I built my PC) . For some reason I have to use the wifi adapter on the front of my case since it doesn't work on the back. Every time that I plug in my USB, my wifi just drops. It works just fine with a USB 2.0 but it just drops on 3.0 which I'd assume means its a power issue. Anyone know how I can fix this ? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015CH1PJU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The USB
  15. Do you know where I can have it encode it with my cpu or is it do it auto in Handbreak?