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  1. Hello, my pc started vibrating out of nowhere and I don't know what's causing it. I have tried pressing down the pc fans to see if it was loose or something and they weren't. I heard that is could be my hard drive disk but I don't think it is. If anyone knows what's causing this I would really appreciate it. Thank you! 659861392_PcVibrationNoise.mp4
  2. Hello, I recently got this new microphone, the blue yeti blackout. I really love the quality of this mic but there are two problems I've had when using it. The first problem being is the after every shutdown, restart, or sleep of my pc. The microphone is somehow not connected or it's undetected from Windows, so what I have to do is unplug the usb and plug it back in. The second problem is within the sound levels settings. I want the sound levels setting of my microphone to be at 40 but somehow it resets to 100 when I open a new application that uses the mic, or it just does it randomly. It mes
  3. So, It works on Microsoft Edge. I have reinstalled Chrome and it still has the same problem. Are there any other solutions you may know? Edit: I have fixed it, I just needed to delete the chrome off my taskbar and then repin it.
  4. Hello, I recently got this new monitor. The "Samsung Odyssey G9." Here's the problem. Everything works perfectly fine as before, but when I open up YouTube on Google Chrome. The website works fine until I press on a video. Once I press on it the first time, the video doesn't play, all I see is a black screen. Once I refresh the page, it seems that all the things displayed on top of the video, like the icons on the top right corner, settings icon, and everything on the bottom side seems to not be showing. Even the red bar that shows how much and the times of the video are missing. Instead of th
  5. If anyone could please help me. I just got this new monitor and I really don't know if this is the problem but. Every since using this, everything i shut down or restart my computer. My icons are are the position is started as. I have moved it and rearranged it to my liking multiple times but its goes back to the same arrangement at the beginning. So anyone know how to save the icon arrangement? If you know please let me know. Edit: I have fixed this issue. My windows user account didn't have the "Full Control" option on so I my access and to changing the icons never saved. This fi
  6. Hello, I have just got on my computer today and this counter thing just pops up out of nowhere. I don't know how it appeared on my screen but this is only when the games are up. I have the Steam fps counter which is all I need and I was wondering if anyone has something like this and could help me remove it. Thank you.