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    Intel 5930k
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    ASUS x99 Deluxe
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    16GB DDR4 Corsar LPX
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    AMD 290
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    Corsair 900D
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    Samsung 840 EVO plus HDD's
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    Corsair 650w
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    Samsung 27" LED
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    Corsair K95 RGB
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    Razor Imperator
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    Win 8.1 64bit

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  1. I thought i would do better then this. good thing Polaris is coming soon
  2. wow mice for left handed people that rear
  3. my mum all in one pc dies and this would be a good replacement
  4. that Dimora mouse pad looks amazing
  5. no this is bad i dont want US based trademark laws they are so bad. they want companies to be able to sue the government
  6. @Dabobminable i hate the searching on this site its so bad
  7. Read more http://hexus.net/tech/news/cpu/86987-australian-researchers-build-first-two-qubit-logic-gate-silicon/ We are one step closer to a quantum chip being usable in a computer
  8. This Wireless Mouse Won't Control Your Screen, But it Sure is Cute Just imagine a world where you con control your computer with your brain. Neuroscience is a fascinating field.
  9. been using win 10 pro for a week with no problems at all. on catalyst 15.7 r9 290
  10. i agree at this point they have nothing to offer in the premium market, they should be targeting the china and india cheap phone market with simple design and they could also constructed phones like military grade rugged
  11. ip 6 adoption is slow because every ip6 is public this means that you need to do extra work to protect your internal network that means routers need to be tighter and you need to replace all of your back end
  12. my friend has a fury x and its quiet under 20% fan load and it was siting at 16% while playing games
  13. Plasma

    ISP Throttling

    no throttling in Oz