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  1. I think thats fair....There is only 1 left in stock as you can see....Supply and Demand, bitches!
  2. It doesn't matter where you go outside, and where you exercise. Sounds like you have some problems with socializing....Which is completely fine! You don't need to be this super social human being....Just be sure to exercise and get sunlight. You are still young....Look at your life, but don't look at it like everybody else wants you to be, but find out what YOU want to be.
  3. Exactly....It sounds so cliche, but there is very clear science behind this. Getting a lot of sunlight has a huge effect on depression, and mental health in general. I literally take out time to get out just for this purpose, especially since I live in a country where there is very dark in winter.
  4. "Furthermore in Texas, where the footage could have been filmed as it is where Maggie is from, any sex act between an adult and child is considered statutory rape." And the age of consent in LA where he is from is also 18......Statutory rape. +We have no idea what she felt....Because she has made ZERO comments on the matter. Not coming to her ex boyfriends aid. And yes, it is statutory rape if he continued after she said no, which he does....."Come on"....:"DO IT!" "Act like the camera isn't there"....... Why are you assuming he stopped? You cared enough about this to make this thread, without even hearing her side at all...Like anybody else. This chick has been humiliated to the entire world..... Im not arguing that he should be charged....But there is no doubt that this is highly inappropriate and that the girl is not a willing participant. She might have been if the camera wasn't on, but she clearly was'n't there. Im going to quote an article I read..." "I’m really uncomfortable’ is not consent"
  5. Having dealt with mental illness for most parts of my life and in my family, I have a lot of expirience to comment from...: I will say the more boring things.....You need to be aware of diet, sunshine and exercise...sounds like crap, but I guarantee you that an improvement in all those three areas will do fucking wonders.
  6. There is your problem....You don't have any knowledge about this. And you clearly don't understand the word statutory.... Any sex they had is statutory rape. Trying to pressure(Asking repeately is pressure) a minor into anything sexual is staturoty rape. She is clearly not comfortable and he doesn't take no for an answer. He pulls down his boxers, and the only thing he doesn't do is forcing it into her mouth. You want this to include violence apparantly, before it can be called rape....You need to understand the basics of law apparantly. At least look up the term. "In statutory rape, overt force or threat is usually not present. Statutory rape laws presume coercion, because a minor or mentally handicapped adult is legally incapable of giving consent to the act." It is not rape...Its statutory rape.....She is a minor....Is this really so hard to understand? Whether he was filmed doing hardcore BDSM or this, it would still be a adult having sex with a minor. Tons of pedophiles have sex with their victims without violence or threats either....Coercion is much more than threats and violence. Its pressure from somebody who is the mature adult. To conclude: He is not going to get charged jhere.....This happens a lot with couples in this age group, which is one of the problems with the age of consent being 18....But this dudes "apology" shows the problem here.... He is the victim...All couples do this...bla bla bla! Sexual assault is a massive problem and sexual assault and pressure to perform sexual acts is a huge problem in many relationships. As much as 40-50 % of women will face this problem at some stage in their life.
  7. I wish this would stop. Could we just get the option of LAN again? This weekend, I was playing with 3 great friends, the entire weekend. Good old school gaming weekend. It went perfect until rockstar decided to stop us playing GTA 5 at all sunday because they had another issue. Rockstar decided to not even give us the option of playing LAN......They don't care.
  8. Nope....Im not agreeing or disagreeing with them. Im disagreeing with you that one very specific and to the outside weird case is not a justification for claiming that the definition is getting more and more broad. And yes, you are advocating with that it should be less broad when you say its too broad. Kinda obvious! Maybe you should make a thread about 13 year old tumblr chicks, instead of a thread about the definition of rape. I don't give a shit about a single case here...Especially when Im not given all the information. You are talking about the definition of rape in general. Being drunk is never an excuse for anything. Edit: Researched it a bit more. This is a 19 year old dude, who is VERY obviously and continues to pressure a 16 year old girl into participating in a sex tape with the biggest VINE star in the world. What a hero.,......Ladies and gentlemen...There is absolutely a mild case of statutory rape. She was 16.....Is this really that hard to understand? He is 19, she is 16. The age of consent in his state is 18(Something I actually disagree with...It should be lower, but the law is the law, and just because I disagree with a law, doesn't mean I can break it). .....unlawful oral copulation and sexual intercourse with a minor.....She is a minor. Case closed. It seems like your problem is that you don't understand the word "Statutory". Exactly....Short and to the point.
  9. So anybody who disagrees with you is just trying to be a smart ass.... That is really vague....Created how? Are we talking actual control, or what are you talking about? And what is it that is really happening? Be specific. They are muslims.....You might be of the opinion that they aren't practicing islam as you see it, but that doesn't matter in terms of what religion they hold. But they are still muslim. Very simple to investigate if you wanted. Those weapons deliveries were openly discussed. And it didn't happen "Suddenly"... But nobody wants to do the research before becoming conspiracy theorists. Most of the weapons were captured from the Iraq military, but tons of it comes militants from libya who were given weapons to oust Gaddafi, and from militants from Mali for the war in 2013. The US gave 25 billion to train and equip the iraq army. Look at a map of military bases in the area that ISIS originally captured and its pretty fucking easy to figure out whre the weapons came from. There were some groups during the start of the syrian civil war that was supplied by the US, and some of those groups then joined ISIS when they were really on the rise and were taking over huge parts of iraq and syria, taking the weapons with them. So what? There are plenty of people who kill people of their own religion. They have found ways of justifying those killings.....And its pretty easy to do. You just claim that those you kill aren't real muslims. Just like you claim that they aren't real muslims. What does that have to do with anything? And im pretty sure most of the fighters aren't westeners.... LOL....What a simplistic, and frankly stupid conclusion. What problems and weak how? Iraq got this way because the americans decided to only put one group in charge of everything, and pissing off a huge part of the country, making it easy for ISIS to attack.
  10. Still can't believe you basically created an account on LTT, to complain that the definitions of rape should be lessened. A offense that is already massively underreported because of the shame and fear that people won't believe you.
  11. Stop it now! You will end up at decapitations and there is no turning back after that. Was once tricked into watching a video of that and its branded into my mind We really need to make the rules really, really clear about what a volunteer militia means. :P Scotus joke.
  12. Yeah.....Isis are the basically the kids...Hope somebody is going to play the part of the gorilla at some point. There are a lot of evil forces in the word. We get a lot of bullshit from the media. But don't believe that everything is one giant conspiracy that is secrectly controlling everything. The truth is faaaaar more complex which the conspiracy theorists have problems with, because it means that we don't know who the real enemy is.....They want to make everything connected, while the real world consists of a lot of randomness and forces pushing in different directions. If you think that ISIS is some concious american or UN invention, you need to pay better attention to history. The US provides weapons to everybody at different times...They have provides weapons to both sides of countless conflicts. ...Why? Because they like to try to control shit, and because many of those attempts at control fail, so they change sides. People have a desperate need to connect things, and simplify them.... So the united states provides weapons to some groups fighting the assad regime. The US supports the UN.....=The UN and the US created ISIS as some secret masterplan. There is not any doubt that the policies of the US and the allies created this situation, but this is not some secret master plan controlled by the bilderberg group..... Trik makes a lot of great points, but his solution to this and almost every all foreign policy situation, tends to be to advocate for indicriminate bombing(often nuclear) without any considerations to civilians.....I respect him, but I rather not follow his advise when it comes to this topic.
  13. This! I just don't get how this can even be controvercial....If you are ever in a situation where you have to ask "Is this rape", then maybe you should not be in that fucking situation. There are a lot of screwed up people in this thread.
  14. I got really angry when I saw that too....Well, more very sad than angry I suppose, but thats what they were aiming for. They are going to shock and fear! They are hoping to goat us into attacking, and showing our western aggresion once more. Or start showing that we aren't better than they are. Way too simplistic. ISIS works a lot more like a gurilla army than a real one. They don't control that red area in the map..:They control some of it, but there is a lot of difference between isis controlled areas and isis attack zones. They attack, and withdraw or get pushed back a lot more than they control. They simply doesn't have the man power.
  15. lol...I love that you just bought that story without question....Might show you a little about where you are coming from in this debate
  16. Yes, and that logic is why we can't question it. I get that its to prevent it from happening in the future, but a lot of it gets used on other "crime prevention"...:And the loss of privacy rights is even worse. Many, many countries have made terrorism laws after 9/11 and later attacks....In almost all the laws I have read about from different countries use language like "Terrorism and other crimes".... The police in my country had the ability to spy on danes without court order, until the end of 2014....Almost all the times they used that ability, were with drug crimes, and other things. Almost none of it was terror related. American authorities have had a very hard time about showing documentation from the claimed results....There were loose claims about a lot of foiled attacks but a lot of them have proven to be very weak or outright false. I agree that WW3 is a lot more likely to have something to do with russia.....(And russian insecurity and delusions of grandeur) Nope....A few single crazy people who sympatise with this organisation have attack france and now british(And other) tourists.....Criminals kill tourists everyday. Stop making them special. You are giving them power.
  17. Nope..... They are certaintly not going to cause WW3..... If Isis were so strong, they would have launched major attacks against turkey....They don't have anywhere near the manpower or military strengh to come near to that..... If they can't beat turkey, they are not going to beat bigger powers... Stop being afraid of them, and realise that their goal is panic. The number of victims from terror attacks in the west are still nothing compared to everything else in life..... But we still panic and spend unreal amounts of money on fighting terrorism. I live in a very wealthy but very small country for only 5 million people. We have had one major terror attack on our soil. 3 deaths. And we spend shitloads of money on it. The flu kills about 1000 people here each year....Pretty sure we don't spend a lot of money on curing the flu. Agree! The kurds are a great people....Always appreciated how their identity as kurds came before any religion.
  18. Im buying one for my corsair 760t...It lacks a filter on the top, and those filters are just better overall and easier to clean
  19. No but the point was that if their accounting can't be trusted, we can't trust very much from them or know how much they spend on improving safety for instance. Nobody is saying toshiba causes earthquakes...But toshiba knows earthquakes will happen so will have to build accordingly. I agree, but nothing will be safe if we cant trust what they are saying. TEPCO convinced everybody that fukushima was safe, even though it wasnt't
  20. Yeah...Just find a very stupid person and change the 1 to a seven, write an x after and sell it as a 270x! You can just convince them that Nvidia makes them as well
  21. Yep. New one has been borrowed to a friend, while I bought an Corsair AX...
  22. You are right, but billions? Im laughing myself sick with that. There are 7 billion people in this world, a huge majority of them are a bit more occupied with just surviving....The 1st world is a pretty small part of the big picture. Nobody has billions of fans.
  23. There is always this. Very expensive but totally worth it. http://www.demcifilter.com/c19/HAF-912.aspx