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  1. The annoying thing about Asus is their White and Black ATx boards, and STILL GOLD for MATX and lower end ATX. WHY? I was going to do a Black/White MATX build in Z170 in the Prodigy M, but cannot find a single Neutral Coloured Z170 MATX. Blue or Gold or Red.


    Well that has always been a problem. I actually just want completely one colour board. Just give me black and nothing else, and I can mix it with whatever.



    They are never going to do it. I given up hope.

  2. +1


      Although obvious/common grammar mistakes bug me, most of the time I stay quiet as the person may not be a native speaker and writing in their thirdor fourth language makes being a grammar nazi seem a bit petty. 

    Occasionally I will comment on this one though, it is so irksome.


    Especially when one is british or american considering the citizens from either nation will almost never ever speak any language outside their own except when they have a parent who speaks a different language.

  3. He did sign up with NNTC. Not sure what your talking about.


    Agreement: "and it will provide 50Mbps download speeds and 15Mbps uploads for $100 a month, he said."


    Final Result: "After this article published, Schneider learned that the package will instead be $140 a month for 25Mbps both downstream and upstream"


    I misunderstood that he ended up with NNTC......


    But they didn't even provide the right speed.

  4. Asus is the best with their new Z170 Black/Red LED boards, or White Black ones. Asrock and Gigabyte are pathetic (exception Z170X G1 Gaming), while MSI is the close second.


    Have been away for a few months....had not seen them before...

    But they are nice. Asus really needed to step up so nice to see.


    They should be better considering the price to what you actually get.


    I would still maintain that MSI had the better line up in z97, Gigabyte had the best at z87(Just because of the green boards...There is just not enough green boards for green builds)......Asus could be looking at stealing the z170 line in terms of looks.



    But its all subjective ofcourse.

  5.  Its getting worse the more I see.....Her voice is terrible.


    Cool that the captain himself actually takes time to call the young, inexpirienced hot stewadess to tell her about the flightplans...Sure thats how the procedure works in real life too.


    Edit: somebody in the comments on youtube noticed something fantastic.....Theres a cut at 3:11 when she puts it in the suitcase....It doesn't fit:P


    LOL! Thats priceless. They didn't even make the suitcase in the right size.

    The problem with MSI mobos is the RED AND BLACK. Other than the Krait, and the Z170 XPOWER (far too expensive >.>), they just don't even have a neutral colour scheme. Hell even the Rgb one has red plastic parts... Srsly.


    Nobody has a neutral scheme....Maybe asus, if gold(puke) is neutral(it kinda is...it looks equally terrible no matter what other color you match it with)


    At least MSI has something different and have taken some time to make most of their boards look pretty decent in a way that would match most peoples system.


    Yes, Im tired of red and black too but there has been some thought into how to do it.


    Look a gigabyte as a comparison...Their black and red boards look awful in comparison.

  6. Well yeah, nearly the same, just like PLS from Samsung  :)


    Hmmm are you sure? PLS was just samsungs way of saying "No no...we are special"....


    But I have always been of the impression that VA was a attempt to combine the qualities from IPS and TN....VA was the result...Have heard they had some ghosting problems in the past though.

  7. She can't even say "hardcore" in a convincing fashion.



    MSI has become my go to brand when it comes to motherboards...Really think they have been far more on the ball in terms of design etc.


    But why oh WHY?!?!?!?!? do they have to do this sexist fuck?


    Is there some marketing director who gets to screw these women after shooting or something?


    All gamers I know would despise this!

  8. monitor works perfectly!!


    Then you have a broken GPU then.


    Can you see enough of the screen to install a new driver or can't you even get past the boot?


    I would take out your gpu, and test it on another system....A buddys computer or something.


    Process of elimination.



    Could be unclean PCI-E ports....use a soft brush......Hmmm



    Wait a sec. Which port are you using here? Are you using the DVI or the HDMi on the 650?


    Some people use DVI to VGA on old monitor which can fuck shit up sometimes on higher resolutions (Yes...1080p counts as a higher resolution in this aspect)

  9. Great thread...Im from a family of utterly pathetic beard growers. I started shaving every five days or so when I was about 18....Now I have to do it every 2-3 days...But I have no ability to grow anything besides stumble that look like im 12.


    Upside: Little body hair

  10. Their was once a man who should of payed his bills; yet they're he stood, refusing to do so. He had a change of heart; he and his wife were going to, but than there phone went, and they got distracted.



    after that they goed to the store to by some drinks, but than they didn't payed because they is criminals.



    Than the Police saw them, and they runned away. Just than, they tripped, and the Police dog bited them.

    Very well done gentlemen.


    What really bothers me is that some people say "I could care less" when they actually mean "I couldn't care less", so that they end up saying the opposite of what they mean. This isn't even a grammar thing, this is basic logic.

    "Accept" and "except" are sometimes confused, when I saw that for the first time, I really struggled before I understood what the author even wanted to say.

    I know some people will disagree, but in my opinion paying attention to grammar and spelling is just a matter of courtesy, for if I post something, I want others to read my post, so I should try my best to make it pleasant to read.

    That being said, flaming someone due to his grammar isn't helping anyone and most of the time, it's done to feel superior.

    I never understood the except and accept confusion. Doesn't sound or look the same.



    I really loved that actor in that part! Terrifying in such a german fashion:P