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  1. LordElites

    Monitor Problems

    Just bought a monitor recently and its 1440p 144hz. I want to connect it to my laptop. but my laptop does not have a display port on it. I'm right now using an HDMI port and I know i'm not using my monitor to its fullest potential. So, how can I use my monitor in 1440p 144hz on my laptop? Or is it just not possible? Also another thing is that YouTube videos look really weird and i'm not talking about the video quality but more about the fps. It looks like the videos are like in 30 fps or something, its really slow and it also seems out of sync. Also also the reason why I bought my monitor is for my gaming PC that i'm going to build later in the future. I'm just temporally using my laptop until I get my PC.
  2. What would be the best white colored coolant that glows with rgb lights?
  3. LordElites

    Whats the best Earbuds below $300

    ok I changed it.
  4. LordElites

    Whats the best Earbuds below $300

    I SAID $300 DOLLARS OR BELOW!! lol that's too much money
  5. LordElites

    Whats the best Earbuds below $300

    So, I have a lot of money and I am tired of buying cheap earbuds that would break every 3 months. I want earbuds to listen to music and watch youtube. There are lots of different options and I'm not sure which one is best for me. I don't really care how much it costs, but as long as it's not like 300 plus dollars then it should be fine. I also don't care if it's wired or wireless, but as long as it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack then it's fine or it could be Bluetooth.
  6. So you would not recommend me to get this pc because of the CPU right?
  7. I know that the GPU is really good and so as everything else but I'm not so sure about the CPU. I'm not sure so correct me if I'm wrong but inst that CPU for server usage? Also, It would be nice if you give me advice on what questions I should ask the seller about the pc. The super cheap gaming pc: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/sys/d/custom-gaming-pc-3ghz-8gb-ram/6761663399.html Oh and also one more thing is this pc a scam? To me it does not really look like a scam I think Its a really good pc for the price, plus I can always upgrade the pc later and even buy a new case and transfer the stuff there in the future but for now ill let it be.
  8. LordElites

    Best $150 dollar video card

    I'm on a strict budget on getting a gaming pc and that budget is $650 and I only have 150 dollars left for the GPU. Here is the build so far: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/6NVMKB Keep in mind this is my first gaming pc so I need the monitor and the keyboard. I can always upgrade those later. My goal right now is to be able to game in 1080p max/high setting in graphics 60 fps. I'm also going to buy a cheap hard drive because I know I can upgrade that later and I'm also using one 8 GB stick ram. Again I can always get another one later in the future but for now, this will do. If you can somehow improve this build please do so I need your help lol. Thank you very much.
  9. I want a laptop that I can draw on and also play games on it to. I would like a laptop that could run the new cod 4 but I don't thats possible under the price point of $600 so maybe a laptop that could run gta and rainbow six siege. So if you know of any that can do that please tell me.
  10. LordElites

    GPU for 1440p and also 1080p?

    Yes I have and I conclude on getting a 1070 ti but now I'm trying to find something with the almost similar performance but cost a little less.
  11. yeah but whats the point of getting a better CPU cooler. I only want something that can cool the CPU and looks nice. I don't want to have the ugly stock cooler or have a simple looking cooler too.
  12. LordElites

    GPU for 1440p and also 1080p?

    Yes your right but maybe is there a different card from lets say a different company like AMD that has a card that has almost similar performance for a lower price
  13. LordElites

    GPU for 1440p and also 1080p?

    Are there any video cards that have a very reasonable price and it can play modern and future games at maximum graphic in 1440p and also 1080p?