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  1. @Envit0 yes, this is happening when u choose 100hz.
  2. Hi, i wanted to buy wireless speaker for my granny, because she has quite bad hearing - but issue is, WhatsApp doesnt use bluetooth speaker if it doesnt have mic. Do any of u know good speaker with microphone that might work for this situation? Thanks a lot. Best regards, neyoneit EDIT: any bluetooth repro has these days handsfree and works for example: LAMAX Beat Street ST-1, Niceboy RAZE, Yenkee YSP 3100SG, etc..
  3. well i figured it out, when i turn on overclocking for higher than 60hz refresh rate, this happens......... this is so SO shitty, christ when i buy new monitor where is written this information when i set advertised HZ that colors will look like ass :(?
  4. Hi, ï have made photo of two monitors on the top is DEL U2412M and at the bottom of the picture is ROQ PG348Q - colors are off or however do u properly call this issue. Please, can anyone tell me how to fix it? Thanks a lot, neyoneit
  5. Hi, does anyone know how to turn off specific monitor but leaving other active? Situation is i have on my pc 2 monitors and 1 projector and when i am using projector i would love option that i can easily on/off other two monitors i dont use in the moment. Or is there a function that can apply separate inactivity time for each monitor - windows can set that but only for whole system not specific monitors as far as i know. Thanks for help.
  6. Hi, when i play these video files in windows whichever program they appear just fine, but when i import them to premiere and scrub though it it looks like in this picture. Screen is showing on left side video playing in windows player and how the video looks like when i play via premiere on the right side. Please could anyone help me with this issue? Thanks, Neyoneit
  7. Hi, i would love to know what video is Luke talking about in latest Wan Show - i wasnt been able to find it Thanks a lot, neyoneit
  8. Hi,Projector will be from projection screen roughly 3,8mSpectator will be from projection screen 3,7mRoom has proper rolets on windows so almost full darkness will be possible.I am currently thinking about these three: Optoma UHD51A, BenQ TK800, VIEWSONIC PX747-4K Which one would you recomend or suggest different one ? Does it mater how big projection screen is for rainbow effect of DLP projectors ? or its noticible no mater how big or small projection screen ? - someone in forum mentioned that it matters, its kinda confusing to me thats why i am asking.
  9. Orly, i thought if pc handles 4K video then netflix 4K shouldnt be issue, no ? O_o
  10. Thank you both for replies !! Should i go for VEGA 11 or VEGA 8 will be fine ?
  11. Hi,i am in need of asistance with building PC for projector Optoma UHD51A.Currently i am using raspberry pi 3, but its not enough for new projector, thats why i wanna build silent small PC. PC will run mainly KODI, nothing else pretty much.I am mainly interested in knowledge about ryzen integrated VEGA graphics. AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with RX VEGA 8 / 5 2400G with RX VEGA 11 will it handle 4K movie, or 3D 1080p ? or i will need external GPU for that ?The rest is fairly simple... noctua cooler, 4gb ram, mini mb, 128gb ssd (doesnt need more cuz i have NAS) and small case.Thank you for advice.
  12. deez nuty clap clap