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    AMD dual core processor @3.6ghz
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    Nvidia 512 vram gpu
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    A black case
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    HDD I guess
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    Ubuntu + Windows xp

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  1. 1800x I think. Running at 3.6 GHz It is gtx1080 ti But it says gp102 according to gpuz
  2. cpu first gen ryzen gpu nvidia gp102 ram 16gm - whatever os is using display 1080p
  3. according to sources the specs of ps4: 8-core Jaguar CPU Radeon HD 7850 can't find any comparison between Radeon HD 7850 and nvidia gp102.
  4. Do you mind explaining what you meant by not very optimized on pc? Now i am a bit concerned. I don't even know how to overclock my graphics card yet.
  5. I have tried the demo on my old tablet and it feels like a power point slide show if you know what i meant. hope the new graphics card can make a difference.
  6. thanks i can just try and run it after finish downloading the game. The gpu is just above minimum requirement but i am not sure about the cpu. maybe the graphics card can take some load off cpu we will see
  7. thanks I am actually new to modern pc gaming. Only bought 1 pc game in the recent two years if my memory serves me right. Not sure about the genre of nier automata but the trailer and sound track looks great. the graphics is also way superior compares to the retro games like doom 1 i used to play. not sure if my pc can run it though might be really cpu/gpu demanding
  8. quick question: planning to buy nier automata on steam, is it worth it. thanks in advance.
  9. For some reasons, my pc cannot boot when my cpu is overclocked to anything above 3.8 ghz with 1.3V.
  10. currently have a ryzen 1800x for workstation pc also will my old x370 taichi support the 3rd gen ryzen cpu? thx
  11. Currently the price of gaming capable graphics card has skyrocketed thanks to the cryptocurrency mining industry.