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  1. 100% Agreed. A new 144hz monitor, assuming you don't already have one, will have a bigger impact than say a new KB or headset. If you want a KB still, I recommend red or brown switches. You want actuation to be smooth and relatively short so you can stutter step efficiently. People can do it just about any mechanical switch but since you're getting a brand new one might as well go for the mentioned switch types. I personally use the K70 with Cherry MX Speed switches and they're much better to use compared to my old Rosewill with Blue switches. Headset wise I'm not too knowledgeable in this department so you're going to have to wait for someone who is better equipped to answer you about whether your headset is comparable to a decent headset. In the meantime, if you are looking to get a new headset, basically budget end would be the HyperX Cloud headsets and if you're looking to spend more then I would recommend the one I'm using now the BT 770 80 Ohm, only issue is that the BT's have no in build mic so you need have another solution either by buying a standalone table mic of some sort or the modmic.
  2. My favourite player of all time across all the different platforms would be Richard "shox" Papillon from G2 Esports CSGO. For a more detailed read do proceed below. There are so many so many great players from different games. I'll just list the top 2 from each genre along with a brief statement on why. Hope its enjoyable to read! CSGO Richard "shox" Papillon Oh Shoxie, right now Shox isn't doing too hot. Ever since he picked up the IGL role in G2 his individual performance has been somewhat diminished. Its getting better and I hope he gets back to form but the magic he brings out when he's playing at this best is something to behold. Back in the glory days of the NiP vs VG rivalry, I would argue Shox was the defining factor to why VG started to take maps and then tournaments off then "untouchable" NiP. He would singlehandedly open up sites, hold his ground, clutch up against the best players and team ever in CSGO at the time. The level of his performance is just unreal and boy it was a joy to watch. Never have I seen such a versatile and calculated player at the time and that magic still hasn't worn off. In his later teams, Shox continued to become a defining factor in his teams and being able to play all roles while doing well makes it even more impressive. I continue to wait for the day G2 pick up steam because when they do, the joy of a full god mode Shox will return. Marcelo "coldzera" David Coldzera is much like Shox but without his diversity in roles. However, unlike Shox, his consistency at running at peak performance is unreal. How can someone be this good the game? I've seen coldzera get kills and play situations only the top players at their prime can pull off. The best part? He does it all the time. Never have I feared for any team playing against a full force Coldzera. Along with the skill studded SK line up, its no wonder they've become the best team in the world. Coldzera just brings that feel that a full functioning KennyS brings, you're not safe till he is dead. More often than not, 1v3? 1v4? He wins them and with stunning domination, often just instantly taking out players as they just see him. While SK hasn't been on a roll lately, I can continue to count on Coldzera as a consistent force in SK. Starcraft II First and foremost, I have not been keeping up with LOTV as much. So this will be between the WoL and HoTS period. Johan "NaNiwa" Lucchesi NaNiwa usually brings up two typical responses, one the biggest douches in SC2 or one of the greatest non-koreans to eve touch the game. A little bit of context, SC and SC2 were especially dominated by Koreans. Korean SC2 players have won more titles than any other nation and most of the time, the top 16 players are almost always Koreans. Of course as you can read, the key word is almost. One of those exceptions is NaNiwa. Already considered one of the top EU Protoss players often holding the top 5 positions in the EU Grandmaster ladder, NaNiwa looked like any other top non-korean pro. Except he wasn't. He had an uncanny ability to play strange deviations of standard builds which were slightly more optimised or quirky depending on his opponent. His immaculate microing skills meant that these strange unit compositions that were already pretty deadly on their own would now be utterly devastating. While he is well known for cheesy builds and all-ins, his questions about his macro play were silenced later on in his career as he progressed to play against opponents that would easily counter that previous playstyle. Personally, the pinnacle of his achievement came when he made it to GSL Code S. Some talent non-koreans did make it to code S so why was he so special? Because he finished top 8 and twice. That was no small feat at all for someone who wasn't as seasoned as the legendary koreans he faced. Overall, his interesting thou controversial personality made him one of my favourite players to watch ever. Lee "Life" Seung Ask anyone about Life now and you'll easily hear strong words against him. As of Jan 26 2016, Life was officially banned from competing in SC2 due to match-fixing. While many will concur his actions are horrid and a disgrace to professionals, no one can argue against his skill, legacy and sheer tenacity. Life was a very obscure player in the brutal korean scene. But when he showed up, he truly did. Life was known as a Royal Roader. A Royal Roader was a title give to a player who upon his very first seeding into Code S (Code S is considered the most prestigious tournament in SC2 at the time due to the sheer amount of skill needed to compete against the best players to ever touch the game), would win the entire tournament. He did it, in a nail biting 7 games against MVP (the best player ever to touch SC2:WoL and multiple time Code S champion) Life walked the Royal Road and cemented his legacy as one of the greatest players to ever play the game. He would go on to win a large range of prestigious tournaments and often in dominating fashion. Life didn't have much of a personality in person, he was relatively mundane in interviews and always just gave the mantra of "I just practice" when asked about he was so good or how he prepared for big tournaments. But he sure did have personality in the game. His style of Zerg was so unique, so aggressive and so efficient. Near perfect macro combined with exceptional decision making and inhuman micro. At some point people were questioning if anyone can ever topple his dynasty. While I will never see Life as he used to be when he was on his quest to dominate the world, his legacy lives on and is still one of my favourite players in Esports. Side note, CSGO and SC2 are the games where I have invested the most time into, so forgive me if the other games mentioned below have much less depth to them. I will continue to give what drew me into putting these players as my favourites but hopefully I don't mess anything up Halo Justin "Roy" Brown For any of you old school halo fans, Roy is a name you all should be familiar with and for good reason. He was one of the 4 of the Godsquad back then in Halo Reach under Instinct. Together, solidified their reputation as the best Halo team at the time of all time. Roy wasn't particularly flashy like the rest of his team mates, but when it came down to the time to perform, he was there. Very there and with nothing less than spectacular show of skill, poise and raw talent. His slaying ability was uncanny, everytime someone tries to push against a setup, Roy was always there, waiting and ready to take down 2 or 3 before he went down, by then your push is just dead. His flaring personality that pushes his team and his level headed decision making made him an instant favourite for me. Although I will admit, when he goes off, its a privilege to watch. Eric "Snip3down" Wrona As name implies, Snip3down was of course known for his use of the sniper rifle. While at times he would just disappear from the game with abysmal stats, when he turns on, you might as well just give up. Snip3down's highs are highs that the game has really never seen. If he's on fire and without a sniper rifle, your chances of winning just went down by orders of magnitude. With a sniper? Well like said earlier, you might as well just quit. His flashly plays coupled with unreal aim made him one of my favourite halo players to watch. Till this day, he is still close to the top and playing much more consistently than ever before. Go search for a montage of him, you'll see what I mean. Call of Duty Matthew "FormaL" Piper "When they look back at my legacy, I want to be known as the best FPS player in the world". That was what Formal said before him and his team, Optic gaming proceeded to win Call of Duty Champs 2017, solidifying their legacy as the best COD team to ever exist. Formal is the AR player and primary slayer for the team. His aim, game sense, decision making and dedication to the game rivals that of his other 3 extremely talented team mates. Formal consistently puts up incredible numbers against the top teams in COD and when on point would easily dominate an entire team singlehandedly. His incredible attitude and work ethic drove me towards him, on top of his already unreal talent, Formal is one of my favourite players in COD. Seth "Scump" Abner Another member of the prestigious Optic gaming squad, Scump's slaying ability is uncanny. Unlike most of the pros mentioned, while his skill is unreal, his personality is what I enjoy. Scump brings a kind of fresh passion to the game even though he has been playing at the top for a long time. Most pros once at the top have this kind of "its super serious" and "all discipline, all practice" kind of mentality. Scump does have that similar top level mentality but he flairs it with hype and just sheer investment into the emotion highs of being and winning at the top. Its refreshing and even more enjoyable when him and his team pull in big wins or big plays. And thats it for me! I would put up my favourite LoL players possibly even OW but I haven't been keeping up with those titles in a awhile.
  3. Well if there's any esport which is known or its structure and organisation, its LoL. While i would say CSGO is almost there in terms of being as organised as LoL due to the fact that community initiatives like HLTV.org and Liquipedia CSGO are getting better everyday, LoL is still much more structured and organised. That being said, the lack of a proper site similar to Liquipedia for CSGO is kind of annoying and looking for sub-tier events, teams and tournaments is very difficult. I'm aware LoLpedia exists but its quite unreliable sometimes except when it comes to the top teams and events. So yeah a little confused when it comes to tracking less than the top teams.
  4. On this link, The Surge is fantastic. If Darksouls was your thing, this is practically sci-fi Darksouls.
  5. It's a fantastic trade. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Shroud and N0thing. Shroud being so mechanically gifted and early on when I was watching his stream when he still was named meclipse to when he got on C9, it's a great story and progression of someone's career. Towards the end of his tenure at C9, he was starting to pick up a little. He did say he was giving it his all for one final push and while he never lived up to the hype of being a top 3 player in NA, he certainly played significantly better when he was motivated. He'll be back one day I'm sure, but till then his stream is picking up and honestly that is a lot of revenue that he can earn. Coupled with his lack of competitive motivation, if it's anytime to step down, he probably couldn't have picked a better time. N0thing on the other hand was benched. I didn't read much into what his comments were since he was relatively quiet throughout news of his removal. He did post an update video I have yet to watch but it did mention he knew it was coming. I'm not sure who but a respectable analyst (probably moses) mentioned that while N0thing had times where he would single handedly win matches for C9. He was very inconsistent. Which leads me nicely into why Tarik is a much better replacement for N0thing. Tarik is sort of like N0thing without his peaks, peaks meaning that it's not often he would win entire matches for you, but he brings a much needed fragging stability to the lineup. C9 have consistently been plagued by subpar performances from one or two of their players whenever big matches arrive. CS is already hard enough 5v5 against the top teams in the world and if they want to win more significant international tournaments, they need a more stable player like Tarik rather than the explosive potential of N0thing. Whether Tarik will deliver remains to be seen, I haven't really felt his impact in optic ever since eleague season 2 finals when Stan was still IGLing but his current work routine of playing a lot of CS and the new motivation of the top tier NA team should push his ability even more. Rush in optic was unreal. He would open up sites and just destroy opponents with strong aim and aggression. Unlike Tarik, Rush's impact in optic was very visible. Him and Mixwell when they were full speed, even without Stan they could take maps off teams that normally would run over them. Again in reference to eleague season 2, Rush was a very strong factor in beating Astralis, just opening up sites and making the impeccable CT side of Astralis prone to crumbling. Rush is a fantastic choice for replacing shroud. Shroud historically has been known to be the 2nd or 3rd man into the site on T side, namely your trade fragger. That leaves basically Stewie to entry considering no one else on the team can entry. You usually don't want your IGL and best player on the team entrying. No matter how good of an entry fragger you are, you will still die considerably more than everyone else especially against the top teams in the world. Thats where Rush's role fits nicely. Now they have a solid entry fragger that can really open up difficult CT sides. His great aim also translates well to CT and in effect, Stewie can now focus on his roles and further maximise his IGL ability. Overall, like mentioned at the start, trading n0thing and shroud for Rush and Tarik are great trades and I expect C9 to be a significantly more dangerous team given sometime. Whether they will win a significant international tournament remains to be seen but it's a significant upgrade that nullifies the weaknesses of C9 and further boosts their strengths.
  6. Currently waiting for CFL to come out due to the probable price drops in Kaby Lake. But I do have quite the budget to upgrade. So would you say after CFL comes out buying a Kaby lake is more worth than going straight to CFL? (p.s upgrading from a i5-2400).
  7. Thanks for the great reply and insight. I'm still looking through but the ones here seem to quite fit my needs. However, out of the 7 you posted, which one would you say best would best fit my needs? If that's a little hard, how about one you would personally use?
  8. Aren't those both open back headphones?
  9. Hi everyone! Just wanted to some help on picking a headphone for "gaming" use. This is slightly different from what other people have asked about so I decided to make a post about it. Basically, the said headphone I'm looking for need to do the following things: The "best" for competitive gaming, particularly Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Things like footsteps and being able to pinpoint positions based on audio cues. Slightly larger than usual headphone (My last headphone was the Astro A40s, and that's the kind of size I'm looking for) Closed back (noise cancelling is preferred passive or active but it is not a significant factor) Plug and play is preferable, no need to install drivers of any sort Below $400 Wired Things the headphone does not need: No need for a microphone No need for in-line controls of any sort I've looked through several reviews and headphones like the ATH-AG1, Hyper X Cloud II, Astro A10 and several others. The multitude of review sites and some of my own personal experiences give very conflicting views on what I should purchase. For example my old headset, the Astro A40s, were great to me but the latter generations of A40s just didn't sound as good or just had a multitude of issues. The Hyper X Cloud II is much too small for my big head. There are very different views on the budget Astro A10s. The ATH-AG1 also has some really good reviews but again some reviews just plain said it wasn't worth the price. Probably the biggest issue I have is that most of the reviews are tailored to gaming in general, not exactly what I'm looking for in terms of practically, pure functionality and comfort for prolonged sessions in a competitive game like Counter Strike. I am fully aware that some most "gaming" designed headsets are just plain awful, have experience with some. So hopefully some of you audiophiles can help me make the right choice!
  10. What would be a better software of benching CPU's? Rather than raw performance scores, maybe something that better represents real world performance?
  11. I feel the real debate here is not whether it is competitive, good pointers by some folks here practically cover all my reasons why OW is indeed a very skill based game at the highest level. I'd like to see an in depth response on why OW isn't competitive if there is any. The genre is not new since the concept basically stems from Team Fortress and that game is indeed competitive in every way that CSGO, LoL and Dota 2 are. However, what should be discussed is probably the direction of competitive scene. Jeff and OW team all have been working with feedback from the community and they've done some great things to the game. But I feel like Blizzard as a whole hasn't done enough for a game with OW's potential. Back then when Starcraft 2 was a thing (yes yes i know dead game memes) and was at one point THE esports title to compete in, Blizzard just shrugged and essentially left the game to fester. Sure they gave updates, but that was after many months of debates and pushes from the pros, the community and the blizzard forums. You can look up the early period when Brood Lord Infestor was the main meta and you can see how much backlash Blizzard got for essentially not caring. So where is Starcraft now? Pretty much fallen off the radar. From what I've seen, there are two main ways to push a game towards "esports". One is the Valve way where they essentially let the events run themselves and give financial support through the main "major" events and specific game updates. The other is how Riot does it with, fully controlling the ecosystem and running the competitive scene through themselves. Blizzard seems to have taken the Valve route, but a key aspect is monetary and in game support towards the events and updates to the game itself which I don't see the enough of the end result of. Look the previously mentioned games, Dota 2, CSGO, LoL, if there is a "World Championship" level tournament going on, if you had any following of the esports scene you would know about it. Names like GeT_RiGhT, F0rest, Faker, bjergsen, Dendi are all names you probably have heard of one way or another. For OW? The only real name I hear people talking about is NRG's Seagull, some don't even know he has basically stopped competing. The argument can be said OW is still a young game. I agree, it is a young game. Names like Taimou and tournaments like the OGN Apex still need time to grow and mature. But with the direction Blizzard is so far showing, I think its going to to end up like Starcraft 2 without the part where it becomes a premier esports title.
  12. Look at the date of the post buddy. This was posted after they lost to Nv on Cache where Scream went insane. If you follow the french teams enough especially back when VeryGames were playing you would know that the general trend of a top tier french shuffle would always result in the strongest team out of that shuffle going off and easily becoming a top 3 team. Look at when VG were always getting close to NiP with that lineup being with KennyS. The switched out Kenny for Shox and became the top team for months beating NiP on multiple occasions when NiP were the team to beat. Similar story when LDLC was shuffled and formed with NBK, shox, happy, kio and smithzz, they came out full force and practically instantly took the rank 2 spot in the world leading up to the DH winter Major where they eventually won. Now all this "french shuffle honeymoon period" per say has never been done with two of the best french players in one team, that being Shox and Kenny. When G2 announced that shox and kenny were in a team together, you know what everyone who has ever followed the french scene is going to expect. Maybe if the players around them were mid tier players then I would say the will not hit the ground running and performance of the team will take time. However this is clearly not the case. NBK, Apex and Body are their surrounding players, with NBK and Apex both legendary players and Body continuously getting better and better. Why would I not expect them to roll over everyone? Not only did they not do that, they lost in absurd fashion to Nv. I'm not nearly good enough to judge their style and play but a loss to Nv who is also new with so much less star firepower is quite the joke. As of right now, they are getting back into form. In fact, right now is where they should have been when just formed. Now G2 is looking incredibly scary and rightly so. It's good that they don't follow the trend of french "super teams" where when a lineup doesn't hit world no 1 status they just shuffle again.
  13. Previously it was NiP, till they crashed out and just generally fell off after ESEA S15. I didn't really have a favourite team, it was always the team that was best at the time, Fnatic, SK, LDLC/NV and so on. However, I always have a great liking for the French players, namely Shox. So I would say despite my constant jumping between favourite teams, any of the top french teams will probably be my defacto favourite, that being G2 and Nv at the moment. I def want G2 to do well, supposed god team with shox, kenny and nbk, but they are shitting the bed at the moment so I am pretty disappointed. Nv is alright but the names on there don't really appeal to me as much as G2's roster.
  14. So I guess from most of the responses here (thanks everyone) that if I have the money to choose right now between a i7-7700k and a 1800x then the obvious choice would be the i7-7700k. With less of a budget right now, I guess I'm looking towards an i5-7600k or i5-6600k? Since my time frame is 3-6 months from now, probably waiting and then taking a closer look at the R5 and R3 should allow me to make a better upgrade decision no?
  15. Since Ryzen is out, I'm planning to get an upgrade in the CPU department in the near future. A time frame of 3-6 months is probably where I am looking at. Reading through most of the benchmarks and reviews it would seem that for my special case (pushing out high frame rates for CSGO), an Intel processor (i7-7700k) would be the better choice if I'm looking at that kind of price range as compared to a 1800x. Several benchmarks seem to show a significant drop in performance for CSGO when comparing Ryzen to Intel. Linus's own review has shown that the 1800x has about a 30% drop in performance vs the i7-7700k Thoughts? It does seem like the i7-7700k is the way to go if I'm aiming for pure fps. However I was wondering: Will optimization updates for Ryzen negate the 30% performance gap? If I look at a lower price point, say the 1700x range, is there still a performance gap? What about price vs performance? CSGO is my main concern by a large margin however is there any glaring benefit I should be aware when getting either CPUs? In my upgrade time frame, are there any future upcoming announcements that might open up more choices or things I should consider before going ahead with a decision? Side info that might help give some context and what not: Running at GTX 970 and i5-3470 currently, along with a 144hz monitor. Probably am aiming to get a 240hz monitor in the future (I know difference is pretty negligible, but i'd rather buy that than another 144hz). Pushing 120-150 fps at 1080p on CSGO at the moment, all low settings. I do play CSGO competitively so as per anyone who does the same, pure frames all the way. Hope to hear some thoughts!