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  1. Maybe someone knows how to get clean replay without those timeline bars ? The same as in world of tanks or in war thunder ? Also that 30 second limit is very annoying.
  2. Hi, LinusTechTips forum! I can not figure out how to watch GTA 5 replay without those timeline bars ? Is it possible to remove them how can i do that ? Another question how i can replay GTA V longer than 30 seconds ? Thanks!
  3. Through 3.5mm audio jack.
  4. It's strictly for 2.1 audio system. I'm using headsets not so much.
  5. Is it worth to upgrade from ALC892 onboard audio to Asus Strix Soar 7.1 Sound Card ? Just for better overall sound quality.
  6. Thanks for reply! So basically there will be no performance decrease. I can't put sound card in x1 slot because GPU is massive at 2.5 slots.
  7. Can i run nvme + gpu + sound card at the same time on MSI B450M Mortar mothreboard ? All slots that will be occupied. 1. First M.2 slot (NVME SSD) 2. First PCI-E x16 slot (Graphics Card) 3. Second PCI-E x16 (x4) slot (PCI-E x1 Sound Card) Sound card will not ruin Graphics Cards performance ?
  8. Prices at launch. i7-4770k - $339 GTX 970 - $329 i7-4790k - $339 GTX 1070 - $449 + 37% i7-6700k - $339 GTX 2070 - $599 + 82% i7-7700k - $350 + 3.2% GTX 980Ti - $649 i7-8700k - $359 + 6% GTX 1080Ti - $699 + 7.7% i9-9900k - $488 + 44% RTX 2080Ti - $1199 + 84.8%
  9. What can i say intel now is just catching idiots the same as nvidia "RTX 2080Ti" Just buy it!
  10. I7-9900k is only ~ 15% faster in gaming but costs 78% more than ryzen 7 2700X. I can't understand how dumb you should be to buy an intel. Even intel motherboard is more expensive thats makes the difference in price even bigger or over 80%. That's just insane.
  11. i9-9900k is like a RTX 2080 Ti costs way more than performs. Best gaming CPU that performs exactly the same as i7-8700k for 150$ more. Nobody should buy that piece of shit it is not worth it. Intel acts like there was no competition if you look at prices.
  12. i9-9900k and RTX 2080 Ti is absolute waste of money for no real performance gain. For example i7-8700k/Ryzen 7 2700X + GTX 1080Ti is only 25% slower. But i9-9900k + RTX 2080Ti costs about 80% more. It's not upgrade its straight downgrade in my opinion. (If you look at these crazy prices). Don't be like a sheep do not buy that piece of shit.
  13. i9-9900k definatley is piece of shit in terms of price/performance ratio do not buy it! Best you can buy right now is used i7-8700k or new Ryzen 7 2700x. Both will be exelent CPUs for 1440p gaming. i7-8700k is almost identical to i9-9900k in terms of gaming performance.
  14. i9-9900k is like RTX 2080Ti (piece of shit) at least for that price.