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  1. Web Development

    That implies that all people do is read text. See Also: Web Apps Maybe 15 years ago using JS would having been lowering security barriers, but any browser worth a damn has patched out the security vulnerabilities that made things like NoScript popular back in the day. If you're really that paranoid about malicious JS, the problem is probably your browsing habits, not JS.
  2. Database structure

    Yes and no. Foreign keys was the word I was looking for correct, you use foreign keys to normalise a database Normal Forms are still important to know when you're working with databases, and it's a subject lengthier than I'm prepared to type for a question that wasn't worded very well from the start
  3. Does programming require a good CPU?

    Runs software worth hundreds of dollars on a potato, typical school logic there OP since you're just learning - Basically any modern-ish PC should be fine to run whatever IDE you decide to use. Whether or not you can take advantage of that i7 is going to come down to how you implement your code, but multi-threading isn't something I would think you'd be doing anytime soon. I'd roll with the i5 unless you need the i7 for something else
  4. Ryzen supports ECC memory.

    There basically has to be, Ryzen probably isn't going to cover the 4+ years of R&D from custom pcs alone - Mobile, Server and Pre-builds will need to adopt it as well for it to actually put a dent in Intels market share
  5. Database structure

    You will probably need two tables. One which contains the group, one which contains the users Here's an example Schema (If you don't know what that word means, I encourage you to do some research, and this will make more sense) GROUPS Group_Name Group_ID Group_Rights etc. USERS Username Password First Name Surname Group_ID* etc. etc. Ah, group ID appears twice, theres a good reason for that. Basically you want to avoid repeating information in the same column. Where that's likely to happen, you can split the tables so that there is an overlap between them, this is tricky to explain in a short post, but do some research on Database Normalization and it's various levels. A proper explanation of this is like, several pages long - but I hope that's a good starting point for you
  6. Which Language to learn?

    Android phones... I think I just remembered why I took a break from posting on here Personally, I don't think C++ is the language to learn straight up, it's a language that's really easy to do things you probably shouldn't, it might compile, but that doesn't make it correct. And if you're going to do down that path (Not using standard libraries) you might as well be coding in C. Which isn't a bad idea, if you can code in C, then you can understand what every other language is doing "under the hood". Ultimately concepts are more important than language specifics, otherwise it comes down to choosing the right tools for the job. Most modern software development comes down to using pre-built tools anyway. For example, one would almost never go to the effort of building a Content Management System Website from scratch when they could just use WordPress.
  7. Best Linux Distro for developing?

    Apologies, I didn't mean to de-rail your thread. However I find the disconnect between gamers/script-kiddies and industry to be infuriating, particularly considering the number of devs I know (And I mean actual devs, who make money from this stuff) and following that career path myself. Teh internetz attitude is alas, agnostic of topic, you should see some of the stuff people come up with in car discussions. Since I had to double check that survey to pull figures anyway, turns out the most popular one mentioned was Ubuntu. So, there's that. I'm still partial to Debian, but again, that's probably because my VPS runs it. I should point out that the only way I've used Debian and CentOS is via SSH on command line from my Windows desktop, so I can't really talk about the "desktop" experience
  8. Best Linux Distro for developing?

    I suspect the bulk of that comes down to Web Development. I'm only reciting Stack Overflow's developer survey, which had: Max OS X - 26.2% Windows 7 - 22.5% Linux - 21.7% Windows 10 - 20.8% Windows 8 - 8.4% XP/Vista/God knows why people use this crap Source Most Web Devs I know work from Mac, and if their employers say "Use Mac", it's not like you're given a choice
  9. Best Linux Distro for developing?

    You mean aside from it not coming with anything you need in the box for dev work? Not everything or everyone uses Windows, in fact, by this time next year Mac OSX will probably be the most common platform for developing in the industry, if the trends from the last couple of stackoverflow developer surveys are anything to go by. (mmmmm, I can taste the salt already) OP, considering most servers in the real world use Debian or CentOS, I'd recommend either of those two. I'm partial to Debian, from what I recall there's a little more info on the web about it if you get stuck
  10. Noob Friendly IDE

    I will say on that note, that Visual Studio ONLY allows you to use Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler. In most circumstances this won't be an issue, however if it's for a subject/studies, when you submit code there's usually a disclaimer mentioning your code must compile using X compiler on Y platform. OP will need to download Cygwin, since I'm assuming his course uses the GNU GCC compiler https://cygwin.com/ Also, for anyone saying use Notepad++ as an IDE, Notepad++ is not an IDE. For IDEs, my two recommendations are Eclipse and Code::Blocks for C. That said, you may like to use a separate text editor, then use the IDE to build/debug (I sometimes do this, depending on what I'm doing). Particularly helpful if you don't know how to build on command line. In which case, I'd recommend looking into Github's Atom and Microsoft's Visual Studio Code (Which isn't the same thing as Visual Studio). I mean, I usually use Vim as my text editor, but I'm weird, no judge plox

    Blade Stealth, perfect companion for university and coding
  12. Looking for programmers

    Making an OS from Scratch isn't the easiest thing to do. If you wanted to make your own Linux distro, that's a little different, but I feel like it's a case of re-inventing the wheel. You need to have some kind of tangible goal, "PM me on Skype" doesn't give me great confidence you have any kind of clear goal in mind. You can't write a full OS in C++. It's just not do-able. To my knowledge (Which I haven't studied OS Principles yet at university, and honestly I don't see the need to take that subject if I don't have to), all Kernels require some degree of assembly, which I assume is Intel x64/AMD64 Assembly to be specific. I'm willing to wager there's not not a tonne of people on here with a great deal of experience writing pure x64 assembly, particularly given how little there is on the subject online. Lastly, you should know that Linus Torvalds looked into re-writing the Linux kernel in C++ back in the 90s. He found it was very easy to modify one section and have everything else break, hence why the Linux kernel, and even the Windows kernel, is still written in C (Again, to my knowledge). You can have the user-layer written in C++ (Everything that's not the kernel basically), and Windows does this. Be aware that if you write your own kernel, there will be ZERO compatible software. Again, when you have a different kernel, much of the software you intend to use will need to be re-written, as most software, especially stuff written in low-level languages, uses some kind of platform-specific functionality which means it won't work on the wrong kernel. This was one of the big challenges ReactOS faced. In order to keep compatibility with Windows software, they've spent almost 20 years trying to reverse engineer Microsoft's kernel using legal methods to achieve that goal of an open-source "Windows"
  13. Good intro to programming?

    I hate how verbose Java is, that's one of my biggest gripes with it. I still use Eclipse for writing Java, but with a cool theme which makes it look like Sublime Text. Eclipse's C/C++ package... Not a fan, so I've also got Visual Studio 2015 Community, Atom, and Vim that I all use for different things
  14. Best language?

    And developers are happier for it, if a recent survey from Stack Overflow is anything to go by
  15. Java - How long did it take you to learn?

    This is really important. My language of choice right now is C, but everything is completely different. It's all manual memory control, but you learn so much of what happens behind the scenes in other languages. Like Strings for example