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    Intel Core I5 2500K
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    Msi Military Grade 2
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    Corsair 8 GB
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    MSI 960 2G
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    Fractal Design Core 3000
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    WD 1 TB Blue
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    Samsung 24"
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  1. Preferably over 4 cores and at least 16 gb of ram I would say, but its not a requirement
  2. Im looking for an HDMI switch so that I can switch between outputting to the TV and my monitor. All of the switches I have looked at have several inputs and only one output, I want the opposite. Is there something similar for audio (switching between earphones and speakers)
  3. If I were to get a 1080p display, do you still think that 27 inch is the best option?
  4. I currently only have one display, a 1440p 27 inch curved one. I want to buy a second one, and I am torn between landscape and portrait view for that one. My first thought was to go with a 27 inch one so that I can choose between the two, but Im worried that a 27 inch portrait monitor will be too big. Do you have any experience of a portrait view monitor, and if so, is 27 inch too big or is it fine?
  5. I know that a 27 inch 1080p display has quite a bit of a lower ppi than regular 24 inch ones, and many people would suggest not to go that big. But as a secondary monitor, do you guys think it is worth it? I want it to fit my 27 inch 1440p monitor so thats why
  6. Ah yes, that is what I meant. It wasnt re-branded on my phone, since that required a phone update and there was none
  7. I only had awful experiences of my cheap Android way back in 2012 (I believe). It crashed, bugged and was generally slow and had very low build quality (Screen was bendable plastic). They then updated Android so that there was the Google Play Store, and the old Android Store(?) which I had on my phone wasnt supported anymore. With no phone update I could no longer install any new apps which made me furious. The fully metal and glass construction of Iphone was the biggest plus, and the speed was also incredible.
  8. That is exactly what I need. However it also acts as a converter from 75 mm to 100 mm if I understand correctly which doesnt fit my both 100 mm mounts. Thanks for the help though, I will continue looking but I will have this in mind! Edit: when looking at the reviews it might be possible to macgyver a fix with this so I might try that!
  9. So I am planning on buying two new screens, one 27 inch and one 24. They both have the same "look", meaning that the VESA mount is in the middle of both of them. The problem is that when I mount them on my mounting arm, the smaller screens bottom will not be level with the bigger screens bottom. Is there a VESA adapter that makes it possible to lower the smaller screen by about 1-2 centimeters or about an inch. Perhaps badly explained but I hope that the message is understandable anyway. Thanks!
  10. Me and my friends want to have a wall of monitors that show pictures and videos, all to have an individual screen. We use a very old computer with AMD 4000 series gpu, so it only has 3 connectors, one hdmi, one vga and one dvi. Is there a way to cheaply add more screens and still have them as individual?
  11. If I were to buy a phone today, how important would you say it is that it has type C instead of the usual? Linus mentioned in a recent video that it was almost a dealbreaker (as I interpreted it) on the 150 dollar Walmart phone. Is it really that important? I dont plan to keep it for more than 3 years anyway
  12. Hi, so here is the thing, on my work computer I loaned from the company I am not allowed to download any software, and since I currently have nothing to do I was considering refreshing my skills for an upcoming re-exam. Is there a way to program C online without having to download an IDE or anything similar? Or should I go with codeacademy and skip ahead a bit? Edit: I guess there is no C course on codeacademy, is it available on other similiar services?
  13. I currently have an iphone 6 that is pretty smashed to pieces, so I want to get a new phone and I am thinking about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. So my questions are, is there a lot of bloatware on that phone? How will the performance degrade over time on these lower end android phones? Is it a good decision to root it? (I know little to nothing on rooting, I will learn though) Thanks!
  14. I was recently thinking about Intel Optane, and how I would really like it as a product if it worked for an HDD as a secondary drive, which it does not to my knowledge. I have a boot SSD with 500 gb of storage, could I use 30 gb of it to act as a cache storage for my secondary HDD the same way that Optane works? I know that there is a way to do it on Linux, but unfortunately I use Windows on my desktop.