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    Intel i7-8700k
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    Asus Strix Z370 - E gaming
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    16Gb (2x8) G Skill Trident Z RGB 3200MHz
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    NZXT H700i
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    Samsung 960 Evo PCIe M.2 500Gb, WD Blue 2TB
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    850W Seasonic Focus Plus Gold
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    Acer Xb271HU 1440p 165Hz IPS
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    Corsair H150i pro RGB
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    Razer Naga
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    Logitech G633
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    Windows 10

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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys! So far most of you are saying that when inside the house/ during flights the xm3s are predominantly used but when outside walking or working out the in ear option is preferred. Thank for all of your inputs guys! Will take this into consideration. another question i have is how long can you wear the xm3 before the pressure gets irritating/uncomfortable Since it’s used mainly inside the house for media consumption/gaming? I know there are a lot of reviews out there but i would like to know your experience with it! Thanks!
  2. Hey guys so the Sony wh1000xm4 just got announced and i’ve been wanting to get a pair of headphones however, i already own a pair of airpods. I would like to ask if is there a sense to owning both an earphone and a headphone? Or is it a waste of money and should i just stick to airpods also if u happen to own both an earphone and a headphone, can u kindly share how you use them both (eg when do u use the earphone and when do you use the headphone) thanks!
  3. Thanks for the response! I wont be gaming on it until i get a dedicated gpu! Any chances i can go 4k 120hz on web browsing or is that pushing a bit much
  4. Hey guys i have a 4k monitor coming and i just wanted to ask if the integrated gpu on the 8700k (uhd 630) will be able to ouput 4k @ 60hz or more on web browsing? I dont have a dedicated gpu yet as im waiting fr the next gen releases. Would like to know if i can use my pc without a dedicated gpu yet thanks
  5. Hi guys! im in the market for a new speaker for my setup, for 3 years ive just been using my monitor speakers (XB271HU) which is really terrible but serviceable. im planning to hook it up on both my PC and my PS4 (and PS5 soon) so what can you recommend to me? budget is anything below 300$ (also if it's worth to note that i dont have much desk space so a subwoofer may be a bit much but if the speaker is really good then might consider it! Ivee been around the net and ive come across logitech's G506 (pretty good ish reviews?) and Razer nommo but i think the local store here in my country doesnt carry the nommo\ EDIT 1: also might consider any good gaming headphones but i think i need a speaker more
  6. Their monitor is specced really high and priced really low and seems too good to be true lol but damn those specs are really sweet if they're real Really? how does that work? wont it affect the bandwidth (idk if my term is corrrect) so if i used a dp to hdmi 2.1 adaptor and connect it to the ps5 it would output at 4k 120hz? (assuming the game runs at those settings on the ps5). this was my concern if i should hold off and wait for hdmi 2.1 but if this really solves the problem then i wouldnt have to wait longer
  7. Hey guys! I've been looking at the upcoming monitor releases specifically with the 4k high refresh rate monitors and my quesiton is are there any more 4k 144hz monitors coming out this year other than the LG 27GN950 which is listed at 800 (imo a steal) and the Eve spectrum (what do you guys think about this monitor and company in general? i heard they scammed people before) ? also do you guys think it's worth waiting for a 4k high refresh monitor that supports hdmi 2.1? because if the ps5 cant output 120 hz all the time then it might be a waste waiting for one. planning on connecting my pc (gonna buy new gen gpu when they drop) and ps5 on the same monitor thanks!
  8. Im in the market for a new gpu (waiting for the 3000 series in sept hopefully) i was just curious how does the founders edition fare vs its aftermarket counterpart. I know FE run hot before (1080 line) because of the blower style but now they have a 2 fan design so how will the temps differ between them? and i guess more important for me is the resell value. Will a Founders edition gpu have better resell value than an aftermarket one? thanks for the responses
  9. Hey guys so im in the market for a new pair of headphones (my logitech G633 is breaking down) that i would use for both outdoor commutes and at night gaming. i know outdoor listening and gaming have different markets but i wanna save money buy buying one that can be used for both. For those who used the WH1000 XM3, how is it for gaming on PC and PS4? i assume it comes with a built in mic? and is it compatible with a DAC/AMP (im thinking of buying the SCHIIT FULLA). probably gonna be using it to game on the ps5 also when it comes out. Thanks for the inputs! PS: you can drop some good gaming headphones here also if ya want, ill check them out also! thanks!
  10. Hey guys! So recently my dad gave me his old speaker/amplifier system that doesnt support bluetooth. It only has an (I guess) 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB for input (see attached pics) now im using my pc Monitor (Acer XB271HU) as a screen for my PS4 via HDMI cable and my monitor has a 3.5mm audio jack behind it. my question is, are there any ways to connect the old speaker/amplifier system to my monitor for sound input? Thanks a lot for the responses PS: i was thinking if i could connect the audio jack from my monitor to the audio jack of the speakers but i dont know if that would work lol
  11. I ddu’ed them and installed the intel drivers again. As of now my pc is not experiencing the no signal. Will update if it happens again thanks! also are my ram slots 2 and 4 really dead if i put my ram there. Theres no output to the monitor
  12. I finally caught the thing i was talking about! Memtest86 was finished no errors whatsoever and when i booted up the nosignal came up again for a short while before being stable help me with this pls! Ill try to ddu igpu drivers and reinstall them IMG_0319.MP4
  13. Currently running memtest86 it’s already been 2 hours will update you on the results. will try to ddu and reinstall igpu drivers after memtest86 is done. What should i stress test in OCCT, as im currently doing memtest86 now
  14. Hey, i followed usual protocol when installing ram and installed on 2nd and 4th slot from the cpu then yesterday it suddenly wont output to my monitor but my pc turns on and everything is in order. I tried to move the RAM to the 1st and 3rd slot and it now outputs to my monitor again. Is my motherboard’s ram slot faulty and is there any way to fix this? 8700k (using igpu) Rog strix z370 e gaming gskill trident z 16Gb 3200 seasonic focus plus gold 850W Also to add to that after moving my ram to 1st and 3rd slot everything is in order however sometimes while using the PC my monitor will suddenly get NO SIGNAL for about 1 sec and then it will be back to normal for about 5-10 cycles. After that specific cycle there will be some no signal again then return to normal. I thought it was a faulty HDMI cable and i switched a new one and it still happens. Is this related to my RAM? Or is my motherboard dying? i havent caught it in video as it happens all of a sudden and resolves itself quickly
  15. Thanks for this. really having a hard time deciding but im kinda leaning towards keeping my 1440p 144Hz IPS. the only thing im curious is does a curved monitor help you get immersed in your game or is that just a gimmick? i ahvent used one myself and other people i saw on reddit said they had a hard time transitioning to one