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    Salem, OR, United States


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    Intel Core i7-6700k
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    Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
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    G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB (16GBx2)
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti SC GAMING ACX 2.0+
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    Cooler Master Centurion 590
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    Corsair Force 3 240GB, Seagate Barracuda XT 6TB (3TBx2 RAID 0), WD Blue 3TB
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    Antec TP-750C
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    Sceptre x22hg
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    Noctua NH-D14, 4x NF-A12x25
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    Seal Shield Silver Storm Medical Grade
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    logitech m510
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. First off, you have to figure out if the ram is causing a boot error by doing as Granular said. I'd pull the 8gig'er out and see if it POSTs just to make sure you didn't do anything to the system that might have caused it to not boot when you installed it. If it POSTs, then you can start playing musical chairs with the ram modules. If you have set any manual settings for your ram, you might want to set it back to auto until you get it to POST with all 3 sticks. Second... Third, your board has two dual channel banks for a total of 4 slots. You don't have to enable or disable dual channel because it will do it for you. AFAIK, with your board, each bank can be single or dual independently of the other. Just make sure you put the 2x4gb kit in on bank and the 8gb stick in the other. Oh and I have to say, mixing ram like this will slow it down.
  2. Overall, my son and I had fun, but son spent half the event in the VR line. I wanted to toss a case, but we were in the VR line. I wanted to try the 16K (or 10K?) gaming system, but we were in the VR line. He played for 2 minutes and died. After that, I pointed him to the mini golf, then hamster ball. I made him eat something, but all he wanted was a donut. Then, we were in the VR line. I couldn't take it anymore and I broke off (I mean, he didn't even know who Linus was at the time and I was missing it all) and somehow happened into a bind folded cable management competition, and he was in the VR line. I watched the Q and A and the Gamers Nexus show. He was in the VR line. I was bummed out that ticket number after our tickets won an optane ssd (I went to the guy that was in line in front of us?) and then even more bummed out to find out Louis Rossmann was there and I missed him when I was in the VR line. My son? Oh, he just finish his 2nd VR game. At this point, I made him run up and catch some free swag and he took a Dbrand Grip for a Pixel to the face. When I asked if he was ok he answered with a, "Can we get back in the VR line?" I knew he was OK. Sadly, I had to tell him no because it was after 6pm, but on our way out, he was able to hop on the Apple 2gs just in time to kill off the last person alive in the Oregon trail game who was named none other than, Linus Sebastian. Again, both of us had fun, but the lines were just too long to enjoy every both or in my son's case, play many, many games of VR. As a side note: I don't think I will get much sleep until my son has a HTC Vive and a better video card for the pc I just started building him from my old Phenom 2 x6 parts. I just hope the cpu doesn't cause too much of a bottleneck. It almost gave me a heart attack when I seen how much the Phenom slowed my 980 ti when rendering a few iray scenes after I upgraded to a newer i7.
  3. Also, what motherboard and cpu do you have. On some boards, just clearing the cmos doesn't work like the Maximus needs a the q reset to be pushed.
  4. LilCamwin, I would do some Q&D troubleshooting before doing this or calling this a bad delidding. Check all the power connectors 24 pin, 4/8 pin, reseat the cpu, etc. But if that doesn't work and if you haven't already, try striping and pull the motherboard from the case. Inspect the socket pins closely and reinstall the cpu and cooler. Install single stick of ram and use the onboard graphics if you have them. (Use a min hardware needed to POST)
  5. I drove from Salem, OR to LTX. Although it only cost me about $500 for the whole trip, I think I will fly next time. 10 hours in a car (one way) with 3 kids is a nightmare no one should have to go through. Oh, and don't buy produce on your way back into the US. My girlfriend bought them while we were at the expo and I ratted her out at the border. I had to buy her a new bag of cherries in Washington.
  6. Thanks for the upload. I missed this part. I was standing behind a wall of people and I couldn't hear a word (too bassy). edit: Oh, I just saw myself... I'm the fat guy in that one shot
  7. My son only wanted Linus' signature on his shirt. The odd thing is he doesn't watch LTT but once I said I was going. He just had to go. We spent most of our time in the VR line
  8. Yeah, I think I used my spam email address for the LTX tickets.
  9. I have been having a problem with the 3 or 4 nvidia services that run in the background keeping my CPU load above 30% at all times. They are all showing up as "NVIDIA Driver Helper Service" and I have disabled all the nvidia services to get rid of them. My system now idles at 2-3%, but this seems a little odd. System specs: Win 10 build 15063 i7-6700k <stock speed> Asus z170 pro gaming 32GB of value ram <stock speed> Evga geforce gtx 980 ti sc <stock speed> driver version: I'm sure the dust in the case needs to be cleaned out (if not a whole new case at this point), but the card is dust free. Any ideas?
  10. My brother gave me a his mac when he chipped the screen and I was able to replace it by buying a monitor that used the same lcd. I wonder if the Dell Ultra HD 5K Monitor UP2715K uses the same panel? Although, $1,500 doesn't make for a cheap repair. As a side note, "You are not allowed to change your display name right now as you have changed it recently. You are only permitted to make 1 change in a 179-day period." sucks since I just signed up to post this idea and my non-rgb, non-backlit keyboard makes me prone to typos at 5am in the morning.