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  1. yeah i learned that the hard way but i have 2 gpus now what am i gonna do with that other one
  2. I have noticed something really weird and now i think there is a problem, i play gta 5 on ultra settings on 4k for as long as i can remember at about 40-60 fps so i onetime tried to record using nvidia shadow play, suddenly when i start recording i found my fps jumps from the said point to 70-90fps and when i stop the recording i found that be very weird so i launches msi afterburner i noticed both my cards when im not using the record function are about 60% and 50% when i start the recording the gpu usage jumps to 90s% both of them giving men insane FPSs i really did not know my system is capable of archiving them so how would i always make while using games the cards at 100% and not holding back although i have set the power setting from the nvidia control panel to max performance so how can i fix the because it’s so annoying to know after all this time my system was holding back lol specs: i7-7700k 32gb ram 2x GTX 1080 Ti
  3. System specs: MSI Z270 SLI Plus Intel Core i7-7700K 32Gb ram @3200hz 2x GTX 1080 Ti SLI BIOS VER:AMI BIOS 7A59v1A(latest on the support page) Hello i have a problem not really causing any trouble but I’m afraid that something would be wrong, so my pc had this specs and i did not change any part of the hardware the PC ran booted properly every time with one short beep right before the msi screen before the windows boot suddenly one time i open it the pc takes longer time than usual and the beep now is a long beep after the msi screen comes and goes a black screen with a white dash comes on the top left flashing couple of times then it boots to windows and runs normally and the pc is running good without any performance issues, i have tried restarting several times with the same problem some times the long beep change to short but the long time is still there and the black screen with the flashing dash are also always there. And 9/10 of the times it’s the long beep and the black screen. Can anybody help me or tell me what might be wrong and how to fix it because im worried that something might be wrong. Thanks.
  4. Hello, i wanted to know if i have a motherboard without sli certification can i run 20xx sires on nvlink or do i need an sli certified mb ? thanks.
  5. Hello,I have 2 zotac 1080 Ti running on SLI and both of the cards are pretty bulky so there is no absolute space between the upper card and the lower so the upper one since it has very poor airflow its temp. reaches 90 degrees so i wanted to switch the whole system to water cooling but i can't find water blocks for this card i can only find the universal block which covers only the GPU not the whole card on EK. so if anyone knows if there is a waterblock for this card or even help me with this heating problem it would be much appreciated. Thanks.