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    Victoria, BC, Canada
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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    ASRock x370
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    Cheap RGB 3000GHz 16 GB
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    EVGA 1060 6gb
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    The cheap one
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    Like 12 TB of uhhh
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    Some ketchup cables
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    Found it on the side of the road
  1. Try them with as many devices as possible, try charging them and make sure their compatible. After that I'd say return them!
  2. If you really want a french division of LTT try translating some of the videos yourself, if their high quality, people will start to listen.
  3. I'd say if your carrying a big firm stick, you won't need to talk
  4. Hello! I want to plasma cam off a 25 inch logo to hang up in my house, but, I'm unable to find a copy of the LTT logo that doesn't have one of the edges cut off, admittedly I only look for about 5 minutes. The logo on both the LTT channel and the LTT store both have the edges damaged (cut off) making them not a perfect circle and unusable. I'm also curious if there is a reason why the LTT channel logo is damaged? Thanks for the help
  5. Box on the left is the box the bottle came in, one of the left is the one my friends came in (dark letters)
  6. The bottle was signed by every LMG staff member :D
  7. Hello there, I am looking at Micro Keyboards and found this one http://www.fosmon.com/other/portable-lightweight-mini-wireless-bluetooth-keyboard-controller-qwerty-keypad My question is if anyone thinks it would be possible to switch the Bluetooth connector/receiver to a 2.4 GHz mouse emitter/receiver.